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Visuals for pitch


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Visuals for pitch

  1. 1. Final Major Project
  2. 2. My IdeaFor my idea I am going to be taking pictures of differentlandscapes, these pictures may include ducks, swans and trees.I will be aiming to make my photographs seem vibrant andbright but also at the same time I am hoping to keep thecolours natural.
  3. 3. Frank BlackburnIn his work he uses mostly naturalvibrant colours and doesn’t overedit them this where I took myinspiration for natural colours from.
  4. 4. Chris Herring
  5. 5. Adam BurtonOne of my biggestinspirations when it comes totaking my photographs isAdam Burton.
  6. 6. My Target Audience?My target audience will be middle aged/older people. As I feel like they enjoythis type of photography more than younger people. Also hikers and walkers asthey obviously appreciate this type of scenery so will therefore like this type ofphotography. Also most hikers are middle aged.