Lucouzade label attractor evaluation


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Lucouzade label attractor evaluation

  1. 1. Lucouzade Label Attractor EvaluationFor this assignment I had to research into three different websites, Brook, Young Minds andFRANK. I then did some research into Lucouzade so I could then create three imagesadvertising these three different websites. I then created three moods about the differentwebsites this involved me researching into the three websites and finding out what they doetc so I could add some information about that on to my mood boards. If I was to go backand do this again I would add more information on to the mood boards and I would oflooked into these three websites better and got more information and a more valuableinsight into what they actually do to help people.I then created a mood board for lucouzade to find out what type of drinks they do and whotheir main target audience is I found this task quite easy as I already know about lucouzadeso this didn’t take me very long to create, although I did look at their website to see whatkind of designs they used this helped me gain a wider insight into who their targetaudiences are.For the next task I had to go on the internet and find some manipulated images and photosthat had been edited using photo shop and illustrator. I had to pick out the ones that Ithought were interesting and put them into a mood board I found this good because it gaveme a widen insight on what you can create using photo shop and illustrator.I then went on the software mind genius where I mapped out my three ideas for my threelabels using a mind map. I created three branches on there and wrote a brief description onwhat I would include in my three images. To do this task I had to really think about what Iwanted to include in my images to do this I looked back at my mood board to give meinspiration on what to do my images like.I then created my images and edited them on photo shop I didn’t add many effects to themas I didn’t feel like they needed it and I didn’t want them to look over edited. I stuck to myideas that I mapped out on mind genius and I think they turned out pretty well. I then had toadd them to the three labels and I think they fitted into it quite well and I used the clonetool to make them fit and blend into the label templates more. I feel like this assignmentwent well as I stuck to my plan and I think my labels advertise the three websites clearly. Ithink I could have done better by putting more research in to my mood boards and findingout more about the three companies.