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Interview for mag

  1. 1. We caught up with new and upcoming pop duo Ashleigh DD and Cesca who are currentlytouring with Kelly Clarkson and are about to take the world by storm…..The Mexican duostaying true to their Mexican roots say they love nothing more than a burrito and are still ashumble as before, so let’s see if there telling the truth..1) Hello girls it’s great to meet you both! How are you both coping with this sudden riseto fame?Ashleigh- Hello thanks for having us haha! Erm yeah well it’s a lot to adjust to butwere loving every minute of it, I don’t think we’ll ever get use to the craziness of it allthough!!Cesca- Yes it definitely a big change from back home! But were just soaking it all Imean who wouldn’t love this life style? But on a serious note were just trying toenjoy this experience and take each day as it comes.2) So as you’ve said in previous interviews you have a lot of inspirations and otherpeople in this business that you look up to?Ashleigh- Yes definitely! Were on tour with one of our biggest inspirations at the moment,Kelly Clarkson!Cesca- Kelly Clarkson has definitely inspired us to do what we do,she’s such a great personto! Also Pink she puts on a great show it would be an honour to meet her one day and lether know how much shes inspired us.3) Have you both always wanted to sing?Ashleigh- Yes I used to always get on the karaoke at family parties!Its only when I turned 10though that I realised that I could actually sing. And that’s when I decided I wanted to singfor a career.Cesca- I used to be very nervous but Ashleigh definitely helped me come out of my shell andexpress myself through music. In high school I use to always want to join in on the schooltalent shows but was always too nervous of what my class mates would think of me, that’sdefinitely one of my regrets.4) Who would your dream collaboration be with?
  2. 2. Ashleigh- Pink!! She’s released some great songs this past decade! And it would be anhonour to work with her on one of them.Cesca- I’m also going to say Pink but also our good tour buddy Kelly Clarkson she’s releasedsome wicked tunes. But also One direction I have a bit of a secret obsession with them Ithink there so cute and amazing! I think Harry Styles voice would sound great on one of ourtracks.5) Cesca how is working with Ashleigh I heard she’s quite difficult to work with attimes..? *An awkward atmosphere forms in the room.*Cesca- Well..Yes but she is forever my best friend, she has her difficulty’s like any othernormal person and im here to help her through them. Music and singing definitely helpskeep her calm.6) Explain to us what inspired you to write the songs on your debut album ‘ThirstyPlanet’?Ashleigh- I’ll probably just have to say life experiences, I put all of my thoughts andemotions into my music and I hope people appreciate that. We got the album name fromwhat we think of this planet. Everyone is thirsty for money and success.Cesca- Just things we’ve been through really, we have been very open about a lot of stuff.7) Ashleigh do you wish to comment on your alleged summer fling with Simon Cowell,(we saw the pictures)?Ashleigh- Erm no how is that even relevant?! Whatever went on between me andSimon is completely our business.8) Ok so anyway..Are you looking forward to touring with Kelly Clarkson?Ashleigh- Yes as I said earlier she is definitely and inspiration to us and touring with her willjust be out of this world! And seeing different parts of Europe will be amazing I’ve alwayswanted to see different parts of the world. And just letting different people hear our musicthat we’ve been working on for so long will be such a good amazing feeling.Cesca- She is such a good and supportive friend to us, if you learn from the best you canonly go up!And to be able to finally play our music will be great.