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Useful Projects: Masterplanning for Energy Performance


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On Wednesday evening, Carrie Behar, Senior Sustainability Consultant at Useful Projects, took part in a Pecha Kucha event organised by the CIBSE Young Energy Performance Group (YEPG). In precisely 6 minutes and 20 seconds she presented 8 key themes which need to be addressed at the masterplanning stage, to deliver good energy performance.

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Useful Projects: Masterplanning for Energy Performance

  1. 1. Dr Carrie Behar CIBSE YEPG Pecha Kucha | 2nd November 2016 Energy Performance in the context of Masterplanning Sustainable Cities
  3. 3. Energy Performance is … … doing more with fewer Resources
  4. 4. UCL New Student Centre 4Efficient use of Resources: Stripped back finishes and exposed thermal mass
  5. 5. … creating a healthy and comfortable Environment Energy Performance is …
  6. 6. Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation 6 Environmental Analysis: Assessing daylight provision in buildings and outdoor areas Summer Facade Irradiance Outdoor Sunlight Analysis
  7. 7. … digital and physical Connectivity Energy Performance is …
  8. 8. Euston Station Development Strategy 8Staying connected: Improving public transport access around the UK
  9. 9. … lower heating and cooling costs - it’s good Economics Energy Performance is …
  10. 10. Hartlepool Affordable Housing 10Affordable warmth: Low cost housing for older people and armed forces veterans
  11. 11. … celebrating energy infrastructure when creating new Places Energy Performance is …
  12. 12. London 2012 Olympics 12 London 2012 Energy Centre, John Lyall ArchitectsLondon Olympics Substation. NORD Celebrating Infrastructure: Utility spaces can be great places too
  13. 13. … structured and effective Governance Energy Performance is …
  14. 14. Grosvenor Living Cities 14Good governance: Acting as custodians of place and taking a long term view
  15. 15. … Empowering Communities to use buildings effectively Energy Performance is …
  16. 16. The Clove Creative Workspace 16Building performance: Soft Landings and POE help users get the most out of a space
  17. 17. … Future-proofing and Resilience Energy Performance is …
  18. 18. The Restorative Neighbourhood 18Giving back more than we take: Cities could be planned to replenish and restore environments
  19. 19. … Empowering Communities to use buildings effectively Energy Performance is … … Something to do with Resilience… A Holistic Approach to Design
  20. 20. Thank you. The Clove Building 4 Maguire Street London, SE1 2NQ +44 (0)20 7307 8880 @Carrie_Behar @Useful_Projects