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PR + Social Media - Carri Bugbee at Engage Conference 2019



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PR + Social Media - Carri Bugbee at Engage Conference 2019

  1. 1. Public Relations + Social Media Five Things To Know Right Now @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  2. 2. 1. CRISIS PLANNING ISN’T OPTIONAL @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  3. 3. Social media crises can damage your brand @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 #MeNeither
  4. 4. Plan for it! • Anticipate types of crises you might face • Prepare sites & assets • Social media policies already posted • Dark sites & boilerplate content created • Prepare executives & personnel • Approval processes & triage protocol • Back-up personnel for social media & PR people • Platform training & passwords—include execs! • Plan for access outside of HQ (VPN, firewall, physical building) • Know your biggest social supporters (Twitter lists, email, targeted fans) • Build a brand narrative via search results in advance (ideal for SEO pros) • Cultivate media relationships in advance so you can reach out fast • Dive in deeper with this smart crisis planning guide from CoSchedule @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  5. 5. 2. WE’VE ARRIVED: PEAK INFLUENCER ERA @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  6. 6. Everyone’s an influencer now @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  7. 7. Influencers offer authentic vibes & good value @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 PR News/Meltwater Survey (3/5/19): • Top reasons PR pros use influencers: • 40% say they have an “authentic voice” • 38% say they offer “third-party” credibility • 80% say influencers important to their success • 70% said use of influencers yielded positive or break-even ROI (only break even?!) • 95% said spending plans for influencers will rise (43%) or remain steady (52%) in the year ahead
  8. 8. Many are already fed up with influencers @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  9. 9. Top issue: influencer fraud Fake followers, interactions, even fake clients! @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  10. 10. Other influencer issues • Violations of FTC guidelines—influencers screw up, but you’re still responsible • Lack of follow-through & accountability • Backlash from spurned influencers • Some try to steal clients (faux marketers) • Quantity of followers often doesn’t correlate to influence • Widely varied creative executions (may require lots of hand-holding & monitoring) • Managing influencer campaigns can be extremely time consuming @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  11. 11. Best practices for influencer marketing • Find actual industry experts, ideally those who already like/use your brand • Cultivate influencers organically—with care & feeding over time • Engage in consistent outreach, RTs, shares, blog comments, etc. • Create “insider” opportunities for influencers with your brand • Request content contributions (UGC) from influencers • Participate in related topical online communities • Contribute to influencer blogs (editorial or ads) • Don’t be fooled by large follower numbers • Vet influencers rigorously—research their histories (several years back) • Know the difference between influencer marketing & influencer advertising • Bake in accountability—contracts are a must • Figure out how to measure success in advance (can be a challenge) • Know FTC guidelines & learn what FTC has said to Instagram influencers @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  12. 12. Consider monikers with less baggage @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 • Brand ambassadors • Thought leaders • Advocates • Super-users • Trend spotters • Gurus • Fashionistas • Mavens • Experts • Bloggers • Evangelists • Creators • Makers • Curators • Instigators • Mentors
  13. 13. 3. MORE WAYS TO REACH JOURNALISTS! 😊 MORE WAYS TO ANNOY THEM. 😠 @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  14. 14. @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 2017 A majority of journalist say Twitter is their most valuable network
  15. 15. Find out how journalists in your category use social media for news gathering/dissemination @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 2017 Muck Rack Survey of journos: • 70% say Twitter is their most valuable social network • 86% like it when PR pros follow them • 78% don’t like pitches with emojis • 22% cite lack of personalization for rejecting pitches • 72% wish PR pros would stop calling them to pitch 2018 Muck Rack Survey of journos: • Over 41% consider shareability when choosing story topics • 63% track how many times their stories are shared (USA) • 53% view relationship between PR and journalists as "mutually beneficial” (almost half do not!)
  16. 16. Twitter can be a great tool to find & connect with journalists • Find & follow journalists on Twitter—put them on lists, RT & fave frequently (don’t wait until you need to pitch a story) • Focus on developing name familiarity (don’t have high expectations out of the gate) • Your bio should indicate you’re a pro—no fluff or snark • Look at who reporters tweet, follow and put on lists • Use Twitter search to find PR opportunities; try #JournoRequest, #PRrequest and other industry category hashtags • Read stories by the journalists/media you want to pitch @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  17. 17. You can even pitch journalists on Twitter • Pitch via DMs (not public tweets), but be judicious • Keep it short and personalized; know (and maybe reference) what a journo writes about • Don’t contact journalists on a breaking news day • No attachments—link to an online press room for press releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, photos, etc. • Don’t be transactional or presumptuous—journalsts serve readers, not PR people • Email is still the top choice of most—your subject line will likely determine whether your pitch is ever opened • Go easy on the phone calls @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  18. 18. Journalists have individual preferences They may not be clear, but try to suss them out “Almost every journalist preferred to be pitched via anything other than the phone…Twitter was the most popular method, as @gastrognome (Naomi Tomky) joked.” — Businesswire event @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 Mixed Messages
  19. 19. 4. SO MANY MARTECH TOOLS! @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 Yikes! 6,829 MarTech tools on the list. Get the graphic & Excel file from ChiefMartec.
  20. 20. Dozens of digital PR & influencer tools (148) @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  21. 21. Even more social media tools (1,325) @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  22. 22. Categories of digital PR tools to explore • Press databases (lists of journalists, media & contact info) • Social CRM (use to create your own database of journalists) • Press release distribution (aka wire services) • Journalist query services (such as HARO & ProfNet) • Influencer identification, networks, databases, & management • News monitoring & clip services • Social media measurement & analytics • Online press (news) rooms • Hosted on your website • Hosted on a third-party site • Hybrid tools (combination of the above) • #PRStack list of tools (h/t @Wadds): @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  23. 23. 5. DIMINISHING TRUST IN MEDIA & MARKETING HURTS ALL OF US @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  24. 24. Social media can obscure fact from fiction @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 • More than 90% of PR execs believe the distribution of #FakeNews & purposeful distortion of truth are the biggest ethical threats we face • 64% of PR pros think that in 5 years the average person won’t be able to distinguish if information comes from paid, earned, shared or owned sources • Get the 2019 Relevance Report from the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism
  25. 25. It may get worse before it gets better 😟 @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 "When something generates this much conversation, media coverage, and responses from people in positions of authority…brands have to sit up and take it seriously.” - Jeff Beringer, global head of digital at Golin ”Years ago, trust in brands started eroding, but now it’s the actual platforms their messages live on that aren’t trusted...It’s two levels of distrust that brands have to grapple with when they’re on social media.” - Victor Pineiro, SVP at Big Spaceship
  26. 26. Ignoring (or contributing to) distrust is bad for our industry & careers @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  27. 27. Encourage & follow a code of ethics • Follow FTC Guidelines o Track social posts by internal team members & marketing vendors o Track influencers • Offer transparency about customer data usage • Respect copyrights & trademarks • Competitors—have a policy about when/how to reference them • Tone—be careful with snark • Slander—not everyone knows where the line is • See Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) code of ethics. @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  28. 28. Do what you can to stop fraud & fakery This is largely (though not entirely) our problem to fix @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19
  29. 29. ABOUT CARRI BUGBEE @CarriBugbee PR + Social Media Marketing #EngagePDX 03.07.19 • PR pro, marketing/communications and content strategist, writer, Agile marketing advocate • Former adjunct professor of Social Media Marketing at Portland State University, • Instructor at Miami Ad School • Contributing author: “The Big Book of Social Media Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives” • Co-founder of Agile Marketing Portland meetup • Bio and links to social profiles: • Contact: • Links about social media for marketers at: (including many related to this presentation) @CarriBugbee