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Micro Grants for Carpet Collection/Reuse: Pilot Program Intro


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Description of micro grant program from California Carpet Stewardship Program to promote the collection and Promote the Collection and Reuse of post-consumer carpet (PCC)

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Micro Grants for Carpet Collection/Reuse: Pilot Program Intro

  1. 1. Cycle 1M Micro Grants for Collec2on/Reuse Pilot Program: Introduc2on & Input April 27, 2017 California Carpet Stewardship Program
  2. 2. Presenta2on to JPA •  Promote the Collec2on and Reuse of post- consumer carpet (PCC) – Projects that can quan2fy and support an es2mated increase in collec2on or reuse are preferred •  Funds Targeted for Infrastructure Projects and Equipment that support collec2ons and reuse opera2ons Grant Cycle 1M Micro Grants for Collec2ons and Reuse Purpose
  3. 3. Presenta2on to JPA •  First Cycle of Available Funding – Up to $50,000 Total Funding Cycle 1M – Up to $10K Maximum per Grant Award Grant Cycle 1M Micro Grants for Collec2on and Reuse Available Funding
  4. 4. Presenta2on to JPA •  Projects that establish, increase or improve collec2on/reuse of CA-generated PCC. •  Equipment/infrastructure for implementa2on of new or improvements to exis2ng collec2on or reuse programs. •  Minor improvements to exis2ng collec2on or reuse facili2es, such as trailer ramps, coverings and/or cement pads to keep PCC clean and dry, water-2ght cargo bins/ containers. 1M: Eligible Collec2on/ Reuse Projects
  5. 5. Presenta2on to JPA •  Public en22es which include: California ci2es, coun2es, public school districts, public colleges and universi2es, special districts, park or recrea2onal districts, and state agencies (including offices, departments, bureaus and boards). •  JPAs that include solid waste responsibili2es. •  Public or private businesses such as recycling centers, transfer sta2ons or disposal sites. •  CARE drop-off sites and Collectors, Sorters, Entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply. •  Nonprofit en22es such as reuse stores. Who Is Eligible?
  6. 6. Presenta2on to JPA Project Requirements •  Only one applica2on per applicant accepted. •  Applicants must quan2fy pounds of verified CA-generated PCC to be collected for diversion to recycling or remanufacturing, or diverted directly to reuse, as a result of the project. •  Projects must document improvements to collec2on or reuse programs. Preference will be given to projects that increase the total number of CA-generated PCC pounds collected or reused during the grant term. •  Applicants are encouraged to, but not required to, provide matching project funds.
  7. 7. Presenta2on to JPA •  Costs incurred prior to the No2ce to Proceed le[er or aer the end of the Grant Term. •  Costs associated with incinera2on. Projects must adhere to the California waste hierarchy. •  Costs exceeding 20 percent of the total amount requested for public educa2on and outreach. •  Excessive taxes and shipping fees. •  Administra2ve costs, overhead and salaries. •  Purchase of offsets. •  Projects installed outside of CA. •  Costs deemed unreasonable by CARE or unrelated to the grant project. 1M: Ineligible Costs
  8. 8. Presenta2on to JPA •  Applica2on form provided •  Key project contacts •  Applicant/Team Qualifica2ons and Experience •  Project Narra2ve (Concept Proposal) –  Project descrip2on and impact –  Project need •  Project Work Plan, Milestones and Deliverables •  Proposed Budget •  No2fica2on of any pending or outstanding judgments or enforcement ac2ons against the company or its products. Applica2on Proposal Requirements
  9. 9. Presenta2on to JPA Evalua2on Criteria •  10% Applicant Qualifica2on and Experience •  30% Project Descrip2on and Impact •  15% Work Plan •  20% Need •  25% Budget and Cost Effec2veness •  10 Bonus Points: Specialized cer2fica2ons, new jobs created, disadvantaged community served, joint proposal from regional jurisdic2on
  10. 10. Key Dates KEY DATES KEY ACTION April 7, 2017 Release Dra Solicita2on April 28, 2017 Feedback /Comments Due May 1, 2017 Final Solicita7on Released May 5, 2017 Ques2on & Answer Period – All Ques2ons Due May 10, 2017 Q&A Responses June 2, 2017 Applica7on Due Date June 2017 Evalua2on of grant proposals by CARE Technical Commi[ee June 30 (tenta7ve) No7ce of Awards July 2017 Grant Agreements Executed, Term Begins
  11. 11. Presenta2on to JPA Deadline: Friday, June 2, 2017, 5pm Pacific. No2ce of awards: June 30, 2017 Applica2on Deadline
  12. 12. Presenta2on to JPA Please send all further comments on these dra no2ces by COB on Friday, April 28, 2017. Submit to: Deadline for Comments
  13. 13. Your par2cipa2on and input are vital – thank you! Thank You!
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