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WOD magazine Sept 2015

  1. 1. 10 Women of Distinction Carolyn M. Rubin is the Vice President of Revenue Cycle Innovations for Anthelio Healthcare. Her role is to grow revenue cycle offerings within the company and provide assessments for potential clients with opportunities for improvement and recommendations based on best practice. Once a client signs with Anthelio, her role is that of a consultant, where she partners with the client to ensure they receive the support for implementing the recommended changes and best practices. It all started for Carolyn in 1991 when she took a job as a pharmacy technician at Keystone Pharmacy and really liked the healthcare opportunities. “I went on to become an AAPC-Certified Medical Assistant in 1999 and then moved on to Coding, Compliance, and Revenue Cycle (where I am today). Ensuring that patients can receive quality medical care and that providers/facilities can get paid for providing it is my passion.” Growing up in a family of eight, Carolyn learned at an early age to be independent and dependable. Carolyn M. RubinHealthcare Vice President of Revenue Cycle Innovations for Anthelio Healthcare Dallas, TX “I attribute much of my success to the lessons I learned during this time, as well as being a mom to two wonderful daughters. However, the advice my grandfather gave me when he found out I was going to work in healthcare was invaluable: ‘Each day you go to work, you walk through the doors with the eyes of a patient. If you do that, you’ll always be successful.’ I have a passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. There’s no greater reward than to watch others excel in their professional career and to know you had a small part in their success.” She tries to surround herself with successful people and literature that help her stop and think before she reacts, help her understand that her success comes from helping others become successful, and that success is due to what’s within her and her desire to succeed.
  2. 2. 11 Women of Distinction “There are a few individuals whom I have a great deal of respect for, cherish their advice, and admire their success, compassion for what they do, and willingness to trust in my knowledge and expertise; even though I didn’t have an MBA. Those people are Asif Ahmad (CEO of Anthelio Healthcare), Chuck Dowling (CEO of Diabetes America); and most importantly, my husband of one year, Ron Rubin (Executive Director of Information Technology at Texas Oncology), who was my colleague, friend, and mentor for seven years before we were married. Together, we have five wonderful children; my two daughters (Bobbi and April) and Ron’s three sons (Aaron, Jason, and Adam). We also have seven grandchildren; Maggie, Bradley, Danielle, Malachi, Xzavier, Lillianna, Kayleigh, and two new granddaughters, Arabella and Azayla.” Carolyn has made successful contributions to her field, including her own column, ‘Ask Carolyn’, where she provided guidance and support for coding and revenue cycle questions. She’s also authored an instructor’s manual for reimbursement and written several articles on coding, reimbursement, and revenue cycle. However, Carolyn takes great pride in one particular contribution: “I had the opportunity to be an instructor not only at the college where I earned my degree in medical assisting, but also the opportunity to be the sole instructor for a new medical assisting program and then go on to have my own coding program at the community college. It helped me to understand how sharing my knowledge not only helped others succeed, but provided my framework and desire for continued growth within myself and the success I desired.” Without a master’s degree, Carolyn had to (and still has to) work harder and smarter to demonstrate that she has the skills and knowledge to handle any role, challenge, or project that comes her way. “Never give up or let anyone tell you you’re not going to be successful. Always partner with your team, lead by example, and help others be successful. Surround yourself with success and those who wish to mentor to help you succeed. And above all, remember your success is a reflection of others’ teaching and others’ success is a reflection of you.” When she’s not working, Carolyn loves spending time with her husband and family, and supporting the arts; attending symphonies, operas, and plays whenever they can. She also loves to go dancing, travel, and cruise. Carolyn wants to be remembered as someone with compassion, respect, and success in both her personal and professional life; known for her drive to help others succeed in business and with their professional goals, and never afraid to have others ‘pass her up’ as a result of the mentoring she was able to provide.
  3. 3. 12 Women of Distinction
  4. 4. 13 Women of Distinction Q&A Q: Why do you feel your role is relevant in today’s world? A: With the continual changes and challenges with today’s reimbursement, providers and facilities need assistance in managing their revenue cycle and ensuring they’re able to continue to provide care to their patients. Q: What can your company offer clients that others cannot? A: Anthelio Healthcare focuses on providing support to the healthcare industry. We offer a practice, facility, and providers with support in every area necessary to run a successful business. Whether the need is coding, health information management, revenue cycle, or IT, we have it, can provide it, and it’s specific to the healthcare market. Q: What do you bring to the table that would make clients choose you over others? A: I have over 24 years of experience in healthcare and understand the impact that government regulation may have. With my varied background in clinical, pharmacy, coding, billing, revenue cycle, and education, I’m able to provide support in a multitude of ways. Q: What are some of the challenges facing your industry today? A: Regulatory changes have been ongoing for the last several years. There’s a continual decrease in reimbursement and an increase in regulations that make it hard for providers to keep up with the changes. Q: What advice can you give practices/providers/facilities today? A: Changes are happening daily; and just when you think you have it figured out, it’ll change again. Pay attention to your processes and ensure you have a strong business office to collect on your receivables and advise of changes before they impact you. Q: When a potential client reaches out to request assistance, what can they expect to recieve? A: I would first understand what their need is; then I would perform an assessment to include review of their processes, personnel, and revenue cycle. Once the assessment is complete, I would schedule a follow-up to discuss findings and next steps. Q: Why should I go with Anthelio Healthcare Solutions? A: We are the largest single source solution for practices/ providers and facilities. Whether they need to outsource all or part of coding, IT, HIM, revenue cycle, analytics, or they just need assistance realigning their processes, we can support their request. Q: How do you keep up with all the changes? A: I follow the news from Capitol Hill, belong to multiple list serves, participate in conferences and round table discussions, and always listen. Q: What advice would you offer to the practices/providers/ facilities today? A: Implement best practices, monitor your metrics, and stay on top of your insurance contracts. You should understand your cost to collect and where your accounts receivable is at, in addition to how your contracts are performing against the services being provided. Q: What would your recommendation be for those who aren’t sure of the next steps? A: Call me and I’ll be happy to perform an assessment, make recommendations, and provide any assistance you need, as we have an entire team at Anthelio available to help you be successful.