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Carolyn Rubin Article

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Carolyn Rubin Article

  1. 1. Page 8 Talk Nation Live February 2016 By Jackie Lowery Carolyn Rubin of Fort Worth, Texas is the national go-to expert in the revenue cycle management market, an industry that is now valued at more than $20 billion -- and growing -- due to the great demand for technological solutions required to manage patient information, care and financial transactions. In her position as Vice President of Revenue Cycle Innovations of Anthelio Healthcare Solutions, she is responsible for end-to-end revenue cycle assessments for clients. Carolyn and her team evaluate every aspect of her clients’ offices -- from the moment a patient arrives until the insurance claim is paid. Ultimately, recommendations are made to improve workflow and efficiency. By streamlining the office’s revenue cycle, she ensures that patients are receiving the very best care. While many professionals in the field take a rigid analytical approach, Carolyn is known for her unique ability to put her clients at ease and for her approach to assessing an office’s workflow, and recommending the right type of technological solutions. When healthcare providers have access to complete and accurate information, such as electronic medical records, patients receive better care from their physicians. The right mix of cutting edge technologies can help improve profitability and reduce medical errors. Carolyn is truly customer-focused and concerned about the well-being of every patient that enters her clients’ doors -- and it is from this vantage point that she approaches her work. She recently stated during a radio interview on Breaking It Down with Frank MacKay, “A patient who is ill needs to know that the person at the other end of the counter in their physician’s office wants to provide the best service for them. How they perform their work truly impacts each patient’s experience.” Carolyn has more than twenty-four years of experience and has cultivated a tremendous body of knowledge that she can pass on to her clients. Her passion for work in the healthcare field truly began to emerge when she began caring for her grandfather who was suffering from cancer. Carolyn was born in Lincoln, Nebraska and then moved to Rock Port, Missouri where she spent her childhood as part of a large family of six children. Rock Port is a very small town eight miles east of the Missouri River in the Loess Hills bluffs. It’s a place where people extend a warm Midwestern welcome to neighbors and strangers alike. Undoubtedly, growing up in a small town with a lot of community spirit and hospitality gave Carolyn a strong foundation for caring for
  2. 2. Page 9 Talk Nation Live February 2016 others. After graduation from high school, she worked at a local pharmacy for four years. She also pursued her education and studied medical assisting at the Omaha College of Health Careers. As she reflects back on this time period, she credits her grandfather with having the greatest impact on her decision to pursue a career in healthcare. “I was able to be the caretaker for my grandparents and help them understand what they were going through.” He was very supportive of her decision and she knew from that point forward that this was her calling. After graduation, Carolyn went on to become an Adjunct Professor at the Omaha College of Health Careers, and began building a career in healthcare revenue management at numerous oncology medical practices. She also went on to have a family of her own, and worked throughout her life to balance the development of her career with the priorities involved in raising two children. Motherhood gave her even more perspective on caring for others, and helped to hone her management skills. Over time, she became certified in numerous highly specialized areas of healthcare management and earned her ICD-10 certification as an instructor from the American Academy of Professional Coders. She is now a well-known public speaker and educator in the field of revenue cycle optimization in the healthcare field. Her children are now grown – and with the love of her life, her husband Ron, they share in the joy of their combined family of five children and nine grandchildren. As a consultant in a field of work experiencing tremendous growth, her services are in high demand. The need for revenue cycle assessment has been driven by dramatic changes in the healthcare industry over the last decade. Hospitals and healthcare practitioners are ever more mindful of the need to increase insurance reimbursements while optimizing patient care. A recent study by the Baltimore- based Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that staff who underreport medical conditions during reimbursement coding can have devastating effects on hospitals' economic health and reimbursement rates. As Vice-President of Revenue Cycle Innovations of Anthelio Healthcare, Carolyn is responsible for completing end-to-end revenue cycle assessments for clients and implementing dashboard reporting technological solutions for high-level executives. She also provides educational support for clinical and business staff in the area of coding and revenue cycle efficiencies. In addition, she performs clinical documentation assessments. Anthelio Healthcare is the nation’s largest independent provider of technology and services to hospitals, physicians and medical private practice groups. Carolyn is a member of several professional societies, including the American Academy of Professional Coders, the Healthcare Financial Management Association, the Medical Group Management Association and the American Health Information Management Association. She is also a speaker for SOAP, AHIMA and HAHIMA. Contact Information: and