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#Vint-Ology A Google Glass App


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Thom Burnham and Carolyn Jannetti have developed an app for Google Glass called VintOlogy.
VintOlogy is an app that has the ability to show you what a building looked like in the old days! Think of it has for buildings.
It has been presented to a panel of experts in the Newhouse School at Syracuse University. The panel included Sean Branagan @sean_branagan, Director for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Newhouse, Dan Pacheco @pachecod, innovator in startups and innovation in journalism and digital media, Dan Shultz @slifty, Knight-Mozilla Fellow, and Kent Sutherland @ksuther, Co-Founder Flexibits and creator of Fantastical for Mac.
Thom and I love discovering old photography, so we thought of a way to make it fun and easy to explore. So let us know what you think. Feedback from the public is the most important part!

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#Vint-Ology A Google Glass App

  1. 1. A Google Glass App Presented by: Thomas Burnham & Carolyn Jannetti
  2. 2. Our Story • Tom- Photography enthusiast • Carolyn- Old photo lover • Combined = Vint-ology
  3. 3. Overview • • • • • Ancestry of your buildings Logistics Target Competitors The Future
  4. 4. Opportunity • • • • “Just for fun” Nostalgia market Plethora of old photos Google Glass platform
  5. 5. Advantages • Existing blogs • New technology • “Wearable history lesson.”
  6. 6. Demo
  7. 7. Target • The “Insta-generation” • App integration features • Nostalgia • Accurate reminiscence
  8. 8. Competition • • iPhone capability • Google Maps • Wearable tech?
  9. 9. Forecast • The Top 5 • Free • Department of Records • Google Glass Market
  10. 10. The Plan- The Future • • • • 20% Glass saturation Only vintage wearable photo app: Launch Investors Sponsors: Sleek integration
  11. 11. The End • Questions?