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How to use recruiter for talent market mapping to identify more right fit candidates


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Studies have shown that having a ready pipeline of top quality candidates can improve quality of hire, time to fill, and in some cases even cut cost per hire. Defining your talent landscape ahead of time and not taking a shotgun approach to candidate sourcing can make or break your ability to attract and ultimately hire the right people in to your business. In these slides, we examine the scenarios in which we can use LinkedIn Recruiter to map the talent market, allowing you to effectively guide your business on hiring strategy and plans with data.

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How to use recruiter for talent market mapping to identify more right fit candidates

  1. 1. How to Use Recruiter for Talent Market Mapping to Identify More Right-fit Candidates LinkedIn Recruiter Webinar
  2. 2. Caroline McDonald Customer Success Manager LinkedIn Talent Solutions Sara Ramirez Morales Customer Success Manager LinkedIn Talent Solutions Your Hosts
  3. 3. Why Map the Market? Your Senior Leadership Your Hiring Managers Your Team You
  4. 4. Why Map the Market? Help your senior leaders to understand who your true talent competitors are in the market to assist with the creation of robust talent attraction and retention strategies. Help your hiring managers to make data driven decisions thus reducing business disruption, time to fill, and increase quality of hire. Improve your team’s readiness to source talent across critical skills by identifying the size, experience and location of talent pools in your industry. Add greater value to the business by showing that you have your finger on the pulse, elevating your position as a trusted advisor and true business partner.
  5. 5. Build Awareness About Your Target Talent Pools Using Search Insights By using LinkedIn Recruiter’s Search Insights, you can increase your own understanding of your target talent, provide your team with insights about the market for talent, and be a strategic advisor for your company.
  6. 6. Scenario 1 – Internal Market Mapping You’d like to map your internal talent as you have a project need coming up and you want to know who you can reach out for expertise and assistance. Current company Location Skills LinkedIn Sydney OR Melbourne OR Singapore OR Hong Kong Project Management
  7. 7. Scenario 2 – External Market Mapping Job Title Location Skills Sales manager Perth New Business Development By working with your business leaders, you’ve identified a demand for experienced sales managers to meet growth plans in a new region, Perth. Years of experience +10 years of experience
  8. 8. Scenario 3 – Follower Segmentation You want to assess the follower base that you’ve built aligns to your hiring needs Company Followers Location LinkedIn Australia OR New Zealand
  9. 9. Scenario 4 – Alumni Analysis Companies: Past Not Current Skills Tags LinkedIn Project Management Contingent Worker You want to re-engage project managers who have worked for your company previously
  10. 10. Additional Resources  Video: Get a high level overview and tour of Recruiter’s Search Insights experience here (3 mins)  Tip Sheet: Get Quick Insights into Your Target Talent Pools (download)  Tutorial: Meet the New Search Insights Experience (3 mins)  Find out more here: (download)  To learn more: Q&A