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UpStart's Culture Deck

  1. 1 CULTURE CODE Bring Bold Jewish Ideas to Light JANUARY 2019
  2. 2 UpStart partners with the Jewish community’s boldest leaders to expand the picture of how Jews find meaning and how we come together.
  3. Whether someone is starting a new Jewish venture or reimagining what an existing one has to offer...
  4. UpStart provides them with the entrepreneurial tools and network they need to build the Jewish community of the future.
  5. THIS DECK IS ABOUT UPSTART’S CULTURE The behaviors, systems, and practices that make us who we are. WHAT WE DO HOW WE ORGANIZE HOW WE ACTIVATE OUR VALUES
  6. Organizations can ignore, dictate, or pray for positive culture. Or it can be intentionally co-created and owned by the team. We opt for the latter.
  7. UpStart’s culture is what brings our bold Jewish ideas to light.
  8. It’s about how we partner with each other to do our best and brightest work.
  10. Our culture rests on three things: 1.  Values 2.  Team Philosophy 3.  Culture Code OUR CULTURE RESTS ON THREE THINGS: • Values • Team Philosophy • Culture Code Let’s go through each of them.
  11. 11 VALUES
  12. Vision and mission define where your company’s going…the values define how we get there. —MEDIUM.COM An organization’s shared beliefs
  13. Empathy Optimism Collaboration Risk-taking OUR VALUES
  14. Empathy We tap into the hearts and minds of those we serve, inspiring breakthrough solutions rooted in the needs of our community.
  15. Optimism We view the world through the frame of possibility, transforming challenges into opportunities to create a better path forward.
  16. Collaboration We imagine, together. We believe that the collective wisdom, vision and hard work of our network will lead us to a thriving Jewish future.
  17. Risk-taking We take bold, intentional risks, encourage experimentation, and embrace failure as a learning opportunity.
  19. We’re not talking about a whole megillah (scroll) — just a few words that describe how we work together to bring bold Jewish ideas to light. Who we are, who we strive to be, and what we value as a team
  20. TEAM PHILOSOPHY • Dream with purpose • Build the ‘what might be’ • Grow the good
  22. MOVE BOLDLY FROM VISION TO REALITY. Build the ‘what might be’
  24. CULTURE CODE How we activate our values and philosophy CULTURE CODES ARE ASPIRATIONAL
  25. AT UPSTART, WE: 1.  Believe in the power of Jewish traditions and communities 2. Strive to model our vision of a just, vibrant, and inclusive future 3. Hold ourselves accountable to high standards, even when failure is possible and iteration is essential 4. Value and respect one another’s time 5. Lead with both playfulness and professionalism 6. Stay at the cutting edge by perpetually investing in our own learning 7. Remain agile and entrepreneurial, supporting each other and our network as we take bold steps toward the future we want to see
  26. We create space to connect our work to Judaism’s diverse textual, ritual, philosophical, and communal traditions. ONE We believe in the power of Jewish traditions and communities.
  27. Our offices close on Jewish holidays, but we make sure to celebrate some of them at work — UpStart style. EXAMPLE:
  28. We engage in deep and honest self-reflection and fuel our own evolution towards our highest aspirations for Jewish life. TWO We strive to model our vision of a just, vibrant, and inclusive future.
  29. The UpStart Venture Alumni Network represents some of our community’s boldest organizations pursuing this future. EXAMPLE: Honest moment of self-reflection: We are exploring how to best reflect that future internally.
  30. We push ourselves to step outside our comfort zone, celebrate our successes, and act on our missed opportunities. THREE We hold ourselves accountable to high standards, even when we know failure is possible and iteration is essential.
  31. Our quarterly planning process (OKRs) encourages team members to set aspirational goals that are ambitious and actionable. EXAMPLE:
  32. We develop work and communication systems that prioritize autonomy, efficiency, and respect for each other’s personal and professional needs. That’s why we tried to make this deck ½ the size of many of its counterparts! FOUR We value and respect one another’s time.
  33. We don’t count hours — your performance is judged by the quality of your work, your productivity, and your relationships. EXAMPLE: And did we mention we have an open vacation policy?
  34. We infuse our work with humor, levity, and imagination. And we respect professional boundaries of communication. FIVE We lead with both playfulness and professionalism.
  35. Team email threads often include dog photos, gifs, and punning contests. EXAMPLE: There’s even a #PupStart Slack channel for dog lovers.
  36. We put the time and dollars towards our growth as entrepreneurial leaders. SIX We stay at the cutting edge by perpetually investing in our own learning.
  37. Here are just a few examples: •  PD funds •  Book club •  Tiny teaches •  Customer discovery •  Staff retreat •  In-house trainings
  38. We dare to blaze new trails and to evolve with the needs of those we serve. And, we support each other when it gets hard. SEVEN We remain agile and entrepreneurial, supporting each other and our network as we take bold steps towards the future we want to see.
  39. A STORY OF EVOLUTION AND RISK •  Starting a new organization focused on fueling Jewish entrepreneurship. •  Broadening our focus from ventures to include institutions and the larger field. •  UpStart, Bikkurim, Joshua Venture Group, and PresenTense U.S. merged into a single organization (UpStart) so we could serve the field better. •  Embarking on a 3-year strategic plan with a bold expansion, program, and fundraising strategy.
  40. And every day, we’re taking small but equally bold steps to create and adapt - and yes, even scrap - our approaches to the work. We’re building our story of evolution every day.
  42. CULTURE IS OWNED BY Everyone, everywhere, all the time.
  43. The goal is to live and breathe it.
  44. BUT WE WANT TO EMPOWER PEOPLE TO GO DEEPER. So we built the UpStart Culture Crews.
  45. A group of team members who prototype new ways to activate our culture. WHAT IS A CULTURE CREW?
  46. Who are the FY 19 Culture Crews…
  47. 1. PEOPLE PROJECT Make meaningful milestones across the happiness spectrum, Jewish holidays, and other celebratory and relationship- building activities. Related Codes: #1, #4 and #5
  48. 2. DIVERSITY, EQUITY, & INCLUSION Explore standards and accountability around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Related Codes: #1 and #2
  49. 3. STAFF LEARNING Provide learning opportunities on relevant topics (i.e: nonprofit management, entrepreneurship, Jewish wisdom) to support achievement of organizational goals. Related Codes: #1, #3, #6 and #7
  50. AND REMEMBER, Culture is owned by everyone, everywhere, all the time, so — let’s bring bold Jewish ideas to light!
  51. Bring Bold Jewish Ideas to Light 51