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Analysis of Judas video presentation 2


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Published in: Spiritual, Business
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Analysis of Judas video presentation 2

  1. 1. At the beginning of the video the colours have been edited so that everything apart from Lady Gaga is in black and white. This effect has been used to make Lady Gaga stand out and to make it clear to the audience that she is the main subject in the video. At the start of the video the shot transitions are quite slow, then they speed up as the music starts and become faster and faster as the song reaches its climax.
  2. 2. This high angle shot shows amotorcyclist riding his bike withthe name ‘Judas’ on his leatherjacket with a skull andcrossbones, suggesting this shot istrying to make us look down onhim as he is seen as a rebel.This mid shot allows us to see thatthere are religious connotations inthis video as the man on the bikehas a crown on his head made ofspikes like Jesus was forced towear on the cross and the midshot highlights this as it allows usto see what he is wearing.
  3. 3. This extreme long shot suggeststhat the video will be adventurousand high budget as from the angleof the shot implies it had to betaken from a moving vehicle. It alsoallows us to focus on the darkclothing they are wearing and thedark trees in the background,suggesting a rebellious theme tothe music video.This close up allows us to see thatthe colour of her nails are black andred which are the main coloursassociated with violence and hellwhich connotes the name of themusic video ‘Judas’. This is alsosupported by the fact that her nailsare pointed and look sharp.
  4. 4. This over the shoulder shot showsGaga with the individual with thepower as she has the gun in herhand and the main focus on thegun in the middle of the shotshows this.Seconds later in this close up wesee that the gun in fact isn’tdangerous at all and is filled withlipstick, showing that shedoesn’t want to harm Judas andthis adds comedic value to thevideo, whilst portraying such aserious message.
  5. 5. This long shot shows theindividual as important as he hasa bodyguard protecting himfrom the crowd and the fact thatthey are beneath him with onlytheir hands showing supportsthis.This long shot tells us a lot aboutthe three main characters as itseems like Gaga is stuck in themiddle and can’t choosebetween Jesus and Judas. Judasis seen as the more rebelliousone as he has hold of a 6 pack ofbeer, whereas Jesus is simplysitting there with his crown on.
  6. 6. This shot is shown at the beginning of thevideo. Diegetic sound is used for thesound of motorbikes driving past. This is used incorrespondence to the image shown on thescreen when this sound effect is played inthe video. However, 35 seconds into the videothis sound begins to dissolve and the actual songbegins to play.In this scene the word “Judas” is repeatedseveral times. Again, this is correspondence tothe image shown as she is on a motorbike withJesus, however she keeps looking back at Judaswho the song is currently about. Therefore, thesound is used effectively throughout this video.This repetitive sound is used several timesthroughout the video.
  7. 7. At this point, the music begins to get fasterand more upbeat which helps to representthe fact that it is a pop/dance genre. At this point, the music begins to get calmer this is due to the fact they are dancing and it is used as an instrumental. However, it is still a little upbeat.
  8. 8. At this point, Diegetic sound is used for the sound of the waves which represents the water that is being used to wash Jesus’ feet.Again, Diegetic sound has been used ofthe water pouring from a glass into a poolof water. Again this has been added foreffect to represent the fact that she iswashing Jesus’ feet.