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Maverick (1)


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Maverick (1)

  1. 1. The biggest benefit to a Maverick client is our company’s ability to cater to our clients’ requirements. Our job is not just to facilitate the buying, leasing, and selling of real estate but to solve customer needs arising from these transactions.
  2. 2. Maverick the broker Caroline Lynch •Graduated from Michigan State University •Worked as a Facilities Manager and Operations Manager •Former VP at a Commercial Real Estate Company •Previous Associate Broker with Keller Williams •Started Maverick Partners in 2006 •Didn’t want to work with just anyone •Believed there was a better way of selling real estate and servicing clients
  3. 3. Maverick the idea 1. To make a referral only concierge brokerage 2. To provide a variety of services not offered by the larger companies 3. To cultivate long term, repeat clients
  4. 4. •Unlimited phone access for any client real estate concerns in perpetuity •Use of a moving truck •Special discounts on home sales and services •Individual, immediate attention •Guarantee* Clients may cancel agency relationship if unhappy with service. Maverick the perks
  5. 5. Maverick the company Licensed in three states including: Michigan Wisconsin Florida
  6. 6. A member of 2 Real Estate Boards Maverick the company Registered to work with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac & HUD ..and 3MLS services!
  7. 7. Cooperates with all popular internet sites for maximum listing exposure! Maverick the company
  8. 8. Qualified contractors are on call for needs like: • Clean outs • Drywall repair • Plumbing repairs • Painting • Landscaping services • Electrical and HVAC services • Concrete and siding repairs Maverick the services Maverick will even provide referrals for other exceptional professionals, such as: • Mortgage brokers • Title companies • Moving companies • Inspection services • Legal services
  9. 9. Maverick listings are: 1. Staged for maximum impact. 2. Priced realistically to reflect current market trends. 3. Not under priced as a strategy. Maverick the services Maverick will guarantee it’s fiduciary responsibility to it’s clients! Sellers will receive a CMA as well as estimated sales costs. Sellers will get real time feedback on showings. Buyers will receive a property price analysis prior to making an offer.
  10. 10. Maverick the clients But don’t get too excited just yet! Not everyone can be a Maverick… Maverick services are only available to clients who are hand selected and referred! Maverick client prospects are subject to a rigorous screening. Clients need to: •Be of sound mind •Be decisive •Be preapproved •Be referred After the initial screening, prospects will be retained or referred to another company.
  11. 11. Maverick the clients Who loves Maverick services? Investors Landlords Working peopleRetirees Even kids?First Time Buyers
  12. 12. Providing exemplary real estate services for clients only. Not everyone can be a Maverick! Phone 517-375-0630 Fax 888-375-0630 Maverick Partners Real Estate
  13. 13. By Caroline Lynch For Realtor University REMM590 Real Estate Tools and Practices Dr. Margot Weinstein 4/9/15 Maverick Partners Real Estate LLC