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Ruby Media Group Intern Program (2) (1)


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Ruby Media Group Intern Program (2) (1)

  1. 1. Summer Associate Program
  2. 2. “Remember... Your worth is not measured in likes, comment, notes, or follower count.”
  3. 3. About Us Ruby Media Group has been a pioneer in the digital PR Revolution for over five years. Our reputation for corporate communicatoins in Westchester, Fairfield and Manhattan is unsurpassed. Ruby Media’s insight into corporate communications has led to our award-winning reputation in the region. Ruby Media has a stellar track record of securing press placements in local, national and trade outlets across traditional and digital media channels. We pride ourselves in our ability to extract our clients’ strengths, develop story ideas, and create compelling news angles to ensure that journalists use our clients as story sources and topic thought leaders. Ruby Media Group utilizes social media to share press placements, connect with bloggers, and get on the radar of editors while executing multi-platform campaigns.
  4. 4. RMG Summer Associate Program Associates will have a unique opportunity to hone their skills in PR and social media that directly impacts company growth and new business development. Challenges are given weekly in order to advance associates’ skills and training as future publicists and corporate communication professionals. Our associate program also includes weekly networking opportunities, webinars and events to mingle with some of the top industry professionals. By the end of the summer, associates will have a wide range of real world work experience in the field to add to their resumes! Warning: this does not involve getting coffee, organizing files, or making copies.
  5. 5. Let Us Help You During the program, we want to help associates advance their long- term career goals and develop skills that they would never have the opportunity to recieve anywhere else. Associates will gain the following: • RMG Summer Associate Alumni Networking • Increased technical knowledge of PR and Social Media education programs • Weekly webinars to increase your knowledge of the industry • Media list development training • PR writing: press releases, PR, fact sheets and strategic planning • Event execution • Portfolio development
  6. 6. A Glimpse Into the Ruby Life Associates will receive daily schedules via email the night before with assignments for the next day. Deliverables will be included with a creative brief on each project assigned. Weekly meetings are held to ensure that each team member is on the right track with assignments and to answer any questions the team may have. At the end of the week, there will be a weekly update held by the associates with their supervisor to present their progress on deliverables completed.
  7. 7. Challenges to Hone Your Skills The weekly challenge program will test associates with high-level strategic communications projects that will impact the company’s future growth strategy. Details: • Associates will be given weekly challenges, which will enable them to get strong work experience in the primary areas of: public relations, strategic planning, research and measurement. The challenges will provide opportunities to learn and soak up information through engaging in technical work in associates’ majors. • The company CEO, Kris Ruby, will hold open discussions where valuable feedback will be provided on all challenge work after it is reviewed. Orientation Overview: During the orientation, associates get to know each other, the company, the clients and formal internal procedures. Associates will be given access to an online server that will store all the information that will be needed for the duration of the internship. “The challenges gave me a chance to explore the areas of public relations that I would have never had the chance to work on if I worked at a larger firm.” - Rachel Robbins, University of Delaware
  8. 8. Who is Eligible? The Summer Associate Program seeks rising seniors who have a passion in developing a career in public relations and social media. Many applicants have little to no prior experience in the industry. Candidates with recent degrees are also welcome to apply. This is a highly selective and prestigious program with a four percent acceptance rate. Program Dates The Summer Associate Program starts in June and ends in August. We accept applicants on a rolling basis from January through the end of March. Application Requirements Make sure to submit the following items to • Resume • Cover Letter • One writing sample (blog post or article submission • A sample PR or Social Media strategy that best exemplifies your strategic thought process • A sample pitch on a new product launch to an editor OR sample social media posts on a new product launch Be sure to review your application and submit! Good luck!
  9. 9. Summer Research Project One month into your program, you will have the opportunity to choose a research project that you will work on daily that aligns with your career goals. At the end of the summer, you will have the opportunity to present your key findings in front of senior-level executives. The goal is for each of the associates to become an expert in their desired field of study and have relevant course work to add to their resume at the end of the internship. Program Description At Ruby Media Group, we want to invest in our associates education. Every week, you will have the unique opportunity to listen to a webinar from a PR professional in the field. These webinars are part of the Bulldog Reporter PR University Passport program, a highly coveted training program for top- level senior PR executives. Additionally, Ruby Media Group prides itself in presenting a well-rounded associates program where you can experience some of the top social networking activities-both online and off! It is our goal for you to leave the internship with new contacts in the PR Industry from your time at Ruby Media Group. Throughout the summer, we will email you the top event roundups and networking opportunities to help build your database. “One of the most significant things I’ve taken away from this internship is that at the end of the day, you have to find your own place in this field and know your strengths and weaknesses to flourish.” - Maya Seshadri, Boston University
  10. 10. End of Summer Review At the end of the summer, each associate will have the rare opportunity meet with senior-level executives at Ruby Media Group for one hour. In the review, the following will be covered: • How the agency utilized the work created throughout the summer • A thorough review of the associates’ strengths and recommended path of study for next steps • How work was used to further new business development goals for company • Resume & cover letter review • Career recommendations The summer associate program will conclude with an awards night for the internship challenge program and a formal goodbye dinner. “I really enjoyed learning such a diverse array of skills during my time with Ruby Media Group. I learned a lot about how to secure media placements and where to find relevant queries for clients, as well as how to blog and maintain a consistent voice within the blog that reflects the company or person that you are writing for.” -Aurora Stromberg, Ohio State University
  11. 11. Events
  12. 12. Events Over the course of the summer, associates will have the opportunity to organize and execute high-level events for the company. You will be able to coordinate event logistics with vendors and your direct work on each event will help make it a success. Additionally, this will give the opportunity to understand event targeting and buyer personas. This will give associates the opportunity to break out their creativity, and show off what they can contribute to the company. Each associate will create a proposed theme and plan of execution. The event theme will be chosen by senior-level management and the associate team will work together to bring the theme to life by executing a real life event for the company.
  13. 13. Send Applications to: 17 State St. Suite 4000 New York, NY 10004