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Published in: Design, Business
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  1. 1. THE PROJECTDRAFT PROFESSIONAL INSPIRATIONSNAMES:Angélica DomínguezAstrid Carolina TéllezDATE:February 23th 2013TOPIC: Parallel between students of Marketing and Graphic Design1. JUSTIFICATION:We want to explore the experiences from our careers: Marketing and Graphic Design; becausewe have dissimilar schedules (night and morning), ages (nineteen and twenty nine) andknowledge areas. Then, we want to compare them with our different experiences through thesemesters.1. OBJECTIVES:To show at the audience the relation of our professional majors from our points of view asstudents of marketing and graphic design in Unitec
  2. 2. METHODOLOGY:We will expose some of our most important experiences earned along our major careerswith images and evidences shown by a digital presentation.By an interlocution on front of the audience telling about the most important topicslearned along the careers in the academic, personal and labor aspects, and creates aparallel.ADVANCES:SECOND ADVANCE:For the second advance, there will be a little research related to the projects made careerof the classmate.FINAL PRESENTATION:Plan and design a strategy for future joint efforts to create our own company.RESOURCES:SlidesPhysical evidences:PhotographsDrawings, illustrations, designs
  3. 3. THE PROJECTDRAFT PROFESSIONAL INSPIRATIONS2NDADVANCENAMES:AngélicaDomínguezAstrid Carolina TéllezDATE:April 6th 2013TOPIC: Parallel between students of Marketing and Graphic DesignSECOND ADVANCEWe will explain the reason because we select this project’s topic, and what we want to do:Angélica was born on Bogotá, she is 29 years old, she lives in Zarzamora’s neighborhood, she isstudying Marketing in the night schedule; she stills living with her parents and she have anofficer work, in a company named Estrategia de Investigación.Carolina was born in Bogotá, but she grow up in Pacho Cundinamarca, she is 19 years old; shelives inChapinero Alto’s locality, she is studying Graphic Design in the day schedule; she lives ina student residence with another unknown people, and she have done some works relatedwith her career, -it wasn’t on-site works-first, as the designer for a music band of Trip hop’sgenre called Anticitera, for this project, she made an artistic CD booklet that represents thechaos order;thenshe worked doing the illustrations of a children’s book calledCasimiroCaracol;next after that she does some posters to a bar near the Lourdes square,called Mitierra bar; and finally, her artistic work related to the chaos order is going to bepublished on Vestigium, a Unitec´s newsletter.The only one common point in this parallel between two students of Marketing, and GraphicDesign is that they meet in English IV, and they both are studying fifth semester.