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  1. 1. Angélica Domínguez and Carolina Téllez
  2. 2. ObjetivesJustificationMethodologyAdvancesObjetivesJustificationMethodologyAdvances
  3. 3. Justification051015202530Carolina AngélicaAges
  4. 4. ObjetivesJustificationMethodologyAdvancesObjetivesJustificationMethodologyAdvances
  5. 5. Objetives
  6. 6. ObjetivesJustificationMethodologyAdvancesObjetivesJustificationMethodologyAdvances
  7. 7. MethodologyWe will expose some of our most important experiencesearned along our major careers, with images andevidences shown by a digital presentation.By an interlocution on front of the audience telling aboutthe most important topics learned along the careers inthe academic, personal and labor aspects, and creates aparallel.
  8. 8. ObjetivesJustificationMethodologyAdvancesObjetivesJustificationMethodologyAdvances
  9. 9. Advances• Second advance: For the second advance, there will bea little research related to the projects made in thecareer of the classmate. Final presentation: Plan and design a strategy forfuture joint efforts to create our own company.
  10. 10. RESOURCES Slides Physical evidences Photographs Drawings, illustrations, designs
  11. 11. THANK YOU