South Carolina: One Of The Top States to Move To


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Are you looking for a place to move to? Whether you're moving for a new job or simply because you'd like a change in scenery, South Carolina is a great place to move to. In fact, it frequently ranks high for the best states to move to. With its natural beauty, low cost of living, and other great features it's easy to see why so many people have been flocking to this state in recent years. This SlideShare presentation will explain in more depth why South Carolina is one of the top states people choose to move to.

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South Carolina: One Of The Top States to Move To

  1. 1. South Carolina One of the Top States to Move To
  2. 2. Determining Which State to Move To • Moving to another state is often seen as a daunting task • Many people choose to locate for a new job or simply a different atmosphere • With 50 states it can be hard to choose which state is the best one to move to
  3. 3. South Carolina: One of the Top States to Move To • According to the 2013 United Van Line’s Annual Migration study, South Carolina ranked as the second most popular state to move to • In 2013, 60% of all moves in the United States were made to South Carolina • Oregon topped the list with 61% of all moves • North Carolina and Nevada also ranked very highly
  4. 4. Why Are People Moving to South Carolina? • Lower cost of living • More career opportunities • More affordable real estate • The overall lifestyle that the climate promotes
  5. 5. A Lower Cost of Living • The South Carolina tax average is lower than the national average for property, sales, and individual and corporate income • According to the South Carolina Department of Commerce, in 2012 South Carolina had a lower cost of living than its neighboring states Image Credits: Jeremy & Stephanie
  6. 6. More Career Opportunities • South Carolina is a great state to move to for those that are looking for jobs with more opportunity for growth and economic development • ranked Charleston-North Charleston- Summerville, SC as one of the top 10 best midsized cities for jobs in 2013
  7. 7. More Affordable Real Estate • According to the Census Bureau, South Carolina is ranked as the fourth best state for home ownership • The price of homes in South Carolina is significantly lower than that of the national average • In 2012, data from the South Carolina association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors found that the average price in South Carolina was an estimated $25,000 lower than the national average
  8. 8. The Lifestyle • South Carolina has a lot to offer to those of all walks and stages of life • A few benefits include year- round beauty and friendly people • The lifestyle tends to be more laid back than other states • South Carolina borders the Atlantic Ocean with beautiful beaches to visit in the summer making it a popular vacation spot Image Credits: peet-astn
  9. 9. Make Your Move! • If you’re looking for a great, beautiful, and relaxing state to move to, South Carolina is the perfect choice • You can always find a wide selection of Homes for sale in Charleston SC and the surrounding areas