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Policies and Procedures (P&P) SIG
. Access to published material including our newsletter and other
articles, book reviews...
* Email listserv:
* Social community: http://stcsinglesourc...
Jennifer O Neill
Manager, Europe SIG
Brussels, Belgium
Benefits and activities: Usability and User Experience SIG
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STC Policies and Procedures SIG - SIGs on Parade


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Presentation of the STC Policies & Procedures SIG, as part of the Carolina Chapter's SIGs on Parade webinar. See for details.

Published in: Technology
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STC Policies and Procedures SIG - SIGs on Parade

  1. 1. Policies and Procedures (P&P) SIG . Access to published material including our newsletter and other articles, book reviews, case studies, and research, etc. . Access to online SIG resources, including our SIG Website, archived of P&P articles and other resources. . Access to P&P SIG Sponsored webinars at a reduced rate for our members. . Opportunities to join a dialog that is unique to our area of practice, to publish articles and research and to share your work experience, to vet your questions and read responses from your peers on our discussion list. . Opportunities present on your experiences to your peers at the STC Annual Conference and access to occasional discounts or stipends. . Opportunities to volunteer and contribute to the P&P SIG and to our growing body of knowledge. . Opportunities to develop and grow your leadership and management skill within the SIG and in Policies and Procedures Communication. Usability and User eXperience UUX Community - Take an opportunity to to learn about usability testing practices, user-centered design techniques, interface design, and other aspects of user experience design from recognized experts in the field; with special emphasis on applying the techniques and practices to communication products. - Read the award-winning newsletter and write articles about your user experience work. - Participate in an email group that discusses usability in the broader sense but with a focus on usability, user experience, and technical communication. - Take part in lively and personal UX book club discussions, often on books written by UUX community members, and often with the author in attendance. - Make use of the resource-rich website. - Take the opportunity to join international volunteer groups redesigning the website or learning user-centered design techniques by doing them for other UUX Community projects. - Learn about and use the latest in virtual collaboration tools, including advanced meeting planning for global teams. Alice Preston Manager, STC Usability and User eXperience Community coming to you from Princeton, NJ USA Please add the following for the Single Sourcing SIG:
  2. 2. * Email listserv: sourcing-l * Social community: * Twitter presence: International Technical Communication (ITC) SIG/Community: --Gain access and comradery within a community of experts in international technical communication, translation, and localization issues. --Join our members-only email discussion list to tap and contribute to member expertise. --Present papers, panels, or progression topics related to international technical communication at the STC Summit yearly. --View our online newsletter, Global Talk, at, which announces conferences, news, events, and articles of interest to ITC members. --Become part of the editorial board or contributor set for ITC's Global Talk. Review a book, write a case study, craft a short article of interest to our audience. --Join the leadership of ITC! As a global group, the more perspectives we have, the stronger we are. >>Thanks, Pam!<< Traci Nathans-Kelly International Technical Communication SIG Manager, Society for Technical Communication Europe SIG We’re the SIG with a regional focus – Europe! Bien sûr internationalisation and localisation are hot topics for us as well as news and events about European technical communication. The blog on our Web site covers such topics as legal issues related to documentation and localization. We’ve active on Twitter with news and info on technical communication in Europe as well as European-based job notifications. • Web site • Twitter: • Member discussion list Let's discuss European technical communication. Join our team to share your knowledge and international experience with our members. Vive l’Europe !
  3. 3. Jennifer O Neill Manager, Europe SIG Brussels, Belgium Benefits and activities: Usability and User Experience SIG • • Participate in an active book club – discuss UX books with other professionals • • Practice usability techniques in SIG projects o Example: Website redesign and maintenance - Personas - Surveys and interviews - Wireframing - Information architecture - Content strategy - Usability testing - Evaluating collaboration tools o Build your UX skills even if your current paid position isn’t providing that opportunity • • Award-winning newsletter