Mainstreet Inc Capabilities Overview


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Mainstreet Inc Capabilities Overview

  1. 1. Capabilities Overview For Mainstreet Inc. December 2011
  2. 2. Table of Contents  Mainstreet Key Differentiators  Mainstreet Vitals  Mainstreet At A Glance  Leading Partnerships  Products Supported  Service Portfolio – Store on Demand: Integration Center – Service Express: Maintenance & Repair – Life Cycle Management Programs  digitalMainstreet  Mainstreet Information Management System (MIMS)  Mainstreet Contact Information Mainstreet Confidential 2
  3. 3. Mainstreet Key DifferentiatorsValue Add Services  Mainstreet Attributes: nimble, responsive, creative, flexible, ethical, accountable, resourceful, respected, quality-centric  Focused on maximizing the ROI of our customers’ IT assets  Supports the retail environment throughout the entire life cycle for all store systems – Multi-vendor, multi-generational store systems – Refurbishment & Upgrades – Remarketing of Surplus Equipment, as approved by our clients – Environmentally Responsible & Secure eDisposal Programs  Diversity of product capabilities – Seamless support of increasingly complex store environments  Mainstreet Information Management System (MIMS) delivers superior accountability and serial number tracking for managing inventory and service activities – Easily customized to specific client requirements – Easily integrated with client systems – Client Portal provides real-time, anytime access to vital client data – Enables allocation of inventory between business as usual (BAU) activities , special projects, specific client departments or cost centers Mainstreet Confidential 3
  4. 4. Mainstreet Vitals Retail Technology Support Specialists  Specializing in the support of in-store systems including POS, self- Diversity Supplier: checkout, wireless, payment terminals, kiosks & digital signage  Woman-Owned Business (NWBOC  Focus is to effectively cut costs from Client operations and protect Certificate their investment in IT assets #RCSW8160)  Proven track record of on-time, in-budget implementations  Certified Texas HUB Certificate  Consistently delivers high quality, high value client solutions #1721551312200  4 members of Mainstreet’s senior management team have a  Privately-held, Texas- combined 80+ years experience in the POS industry based corporation   Head-quartered in Integration Center Grand Prairie (Dallas) – Staging & Integration; Warehousing, Pick & Ship; Asset Management  60,000 ft2 facility  Maintenance & Repair Center includes 35,000 ft2 – Board-level repairs; Advanced Exchange Programs; Asset & Warranty Management; Parts/Spares warehouse; 20,000 ft2 Sourcing & Kitting repair center  Life Cycle Management  Clients include Fujitsu, – Environmentally Responsible Disposal Programs; Remarketing Surplus Equipment; Refurbishment & PETCO, STAGE, Upgrades Container Store, IBM Mainstreet Confidential 4
  5. 5. Mainstreet At A Glance Solutions & Target MarketsGeographies Industries Products Services US Retail POS & Peripherals Board Level Repair Canada Manufacturing/CPG Self-Checkout Depot Advanced Exchange Scanners On-Site Maintenance Mexico Scanner/Scales Staging & Integration & Banking Payment Terminals Asset Management & WarehousingLatin America Government Back-Office Systems Warranty Recovery & Management(consolidation Health Care Wireless Devices Order Fulfillment & freight PCs Deployment & On-Site Installation forwarding) Kiosks Sourcing including Parts Kitting Digital Signage Refurbishment & Upgrades Reverse Logistics EOL Disposal & Reclamation Mainstreet Confidential 5
  6. 6. Mainstreet At A GlanceCore Competencies & Competitive Differentiators Superior Quality, Board-Level Repairs Cost Efficiencies & Investment Protection  Significantly extends product life beyond OEM  withdrawal from service Extending equipment life  Reduces total cost of service  Remarketing programs for client-owned surplus equipment  Reduces scrap costs and environmental exposure  Optimized service programs with coverage, delivery, spares ownership Responsiveness  Creative financing programs including sale and  Highly nimble team leaseback of existing equipment; spares financing  Efficiently run company  Able to ramp up for most engagements within 30 to 60 days Accountability  Readily able to take on new products  We deliver superior accountability to our partners through internal controls, bar-code scanning and service management systems Multi-Vendor, Multi-Platform Expertise  Key benefit when spares are consigned  POS, self checkout and store systems  Clients have continued visibility to their  Current generation through to legacy models inventory  Secure e-Disposal of surplus equipment Mainstreet Confidential 6
  7. 7. Mainstreet At A GlanceLeading Partnerships Client Scope Services PETCO Animal 1,050 stores Board-Level Repair Supplies US Nationwide Depot Advanced Exchange Field Service, On Demand Warranty Recovery & Management Asset Management & Secure Warehousing Staging & Integration Project Support Equipment Sales EOL Remarketing & Secure e-Disposal STAGE Stores, Inc. 900 stores Board-Level Repair US Nationwide Depot Advanced Exchange Field Service, On Demand Warranty Recovery & Management Asset Management & Secure Warehousing Staging & Integration Project Support including deployment & installation Equipment Sales Equipment Reclamation Fujitsu 10,000 Self-Checkout Primary Repair Vendor Lanes plus 3rd Party Specializing in Self-Checkout and Third- Equipment Party Systems US & Canada Includes cash-handling equipment EOL Refurbishment & Repatriation Other Clients include OEMs, 3rd-party service organizations, self-maintaining retailers Mainstreet Confidential 7
  8. 8. Products Supported (current and legacy models) POS Terminals: IBM, Fujitsu, NCR, Wincor, PC Cash Drawer, Casio Self-Checkout: Fujitsu (Optimal/U-SCAN), IBM (PSI), NCR Scanners: Datalogic (PSC), Honeywell (Metrologic), NCR, Symbol Scanner/Scales: Fujitsu, Datalogic, Honeywell, NCR, Shekel, Toledo Kiosks: Custom, IBM, NCR, Fujitsu Printers: Axiohm, Citizen, Eltron, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Ithaca, Lexmark, NCR, Okidata, Pertech, Star, TPG, Zebra Payment Terminals: Hypercom, ID Tek, Ingenico, Magtek, VeriFone Signature Capture: Magtek, Topaz, Verifone, @pos Touch Screens, LCD & Monitors: ELO, IBM, MicroTouch, NCR, Preh, Wincor, Generic, Dell, Viewsonic, Customer (Pole) Displays Bill Acceptors & Dispensers: Cash Code, Diebold, G&D, MEI (Mars), Talaris (DeLaRue) Coin Acceptors & Dispensers: Talaris, Telequip, MEI, CoinCo Authorized Service Center: ELO, Epson,Wincor, ATX-Based Computers: Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu, Datalogic, Dell, Talaris, TPG, Cash Code, Fujitsu & Telequip Mainstreet Confidential 8
  9. 9. Mainstreet ServicesSupport Service Portfolio Integration Center Hardware Maintenance  Staging & Integration  Board-Level Depot Repairs  Warehousing, Pick & Ship  Advanced Exchange Programs   On-Site Maintenance Warranty Management  Asset Management  Asset Management  Warranty Management  Deployment including On-Site Installation  Parts/Spares Sourcing & Kitting  Hardware Refurbishment &  Remarketing Surplus Equipment Upgrades  EOL Secure Disposal  Remarketing Surplus equipment  EOL Secure Disposal  Reverse Logistics Mainstreet Confidential 9
  10. 10. Mainstreet ServicesStore-On-DemandTM:Integration Center & Deployment Services Client Benefits:  Delivers maximum simplification in technology deployments – national chain-wide refreshes to single  Optimizes device or single store deployments Clients’ Assets – Multi-vendor, best-of-breed in-store systems Update  Project – Full store system builds from POS, peripherals to back-office images Scalability and kiosk systems  Rapid Ramp-Up – Replicable, documented processes & consistent high quality,  Complete ensures easy on-time, in-budget installations at store-level – Accountability & some clients even leverage their own in-store staff to Visibility for perform installations clients – Coupled with Mainstreet superior Asset Management, our  Consistently on- clients benefit from volume discounts with their preferred time, in budget suppliers with the flexibility of our Just-in-Time deployments  Staging & Integration  Project Mgmt  Asset & Warranty Mgmt  Deployment & Logistics  Warehousing & Order Fulfillment  On-Site Install/De-Install  Reverse Logistics Mainstreet Confidential 10
  11. 11. Mainstreet ServicesService ExpressTM:Maintenance & Repair Programs Lower Parts Sourcing & Kitting cost ofDepot Repair: Board Level Repairs &  Global sourcing network service Advanced Exchange Programs  Mainstreet’s heritage in the Board level repairs extend equipment life aftermarket can drive and lower the cost of service. efficiencies in the support of Extends Superior quality & quick turnaround legacy systems until the retailer is ready to move to equipment Ensures equipment is fixed right the 1st newer systems life time, less downtime and higher level of customer satisfaction.  Provides a further source for legacy or proprietary Multi-vendor, multi-generational support of products that are no longer Reduces POS, self-checkout, wireless, scanners, available through the scrap payment terminals & back-office equipment manufacturerWarranty Management Client-Directed Service Maximizes warranty recovery and lowers Programs: Support cost of support  Personalized to each client’s beyond Triage minimizes warranty repairs sent to unique environment & needs OEM OEM, reduces cycle time and reduces  Flexible options deliver withdrawal spares investment optimized, hybrid support Mainstreet Confidential 11
  12. 12. Mainstreet ServicesLife Cycle Management Programs Environmentally Responsible, Secure e-Waste Disposal  Custom designed, integrated system incorporating proven recycling components  Strategically configured to optimize recovery of recyclable components & precious metals Environmentally  Benefits: diversion from landfill; secure destruction; maximum Responsible e-Waste recovery of recyclable materials; removal of safe & hazardous Disposal & Recovery components; no offshore processing  Full destruction of hard drives and any other privileged Remarketing information  Mainstreet globally Refurbishment & Upgrades remarkets surplus equipment on  POS, self-checkout, peripherals, hand held client’s behalf  Expertise in current & legacy systems assures clients  Shared proceeds of a creative and cost-effective approach delivering sale superior investment protection  Maximizes return on Reverse Logistics investment Equipment Repatriation & Reclamation  Diversion from landfill Mainstreet Confidential 12
  13. 13. Mainstreet ProductsdigitalMAINSTREET We develop and deliver innovative digital in-store marketing solutions that better connect retailers and brands to shoppers We are a proven ‘go-to’ source that fuses strategy, design and retail-hardened technologies backed by our comprehensive portfolio of support services Rugged, Retail-Hardened technology components Custom designed enclosures, integrated with client brand image and marketing programs Purpose-built, best-in-class solutions with depth & breadth of Fully customized to each technologies ranging from traditional touch screens to tablets unique client environment Services Include: Branding/Design, Local Customization, Retail hardened Project Management, Implementation & Rollout, Field Service technologies for on-site installation & ongoing support Maximized uptime & Digital Signage throughput Custom Kiosks/Smart Fixtures End-Cap Solutions or Integrated with merchandising fixture Backed by full on-site ~ protects valuable in-store real estate service and design services Digital Destinations for Special Events Mainstreet Confidential 13
  14. 14. Systems Accountability Client PortalMainstreet Information Flexibility & ease Management System (MIMS)  Anywhere, anytime access of use enables us to: to develop custom Enterprise Product Information System – Place, manage and reports to each search service calls client’s unique Completely automates – Manage and track requirements management of the service inventory levels Easily interfaced process  Back bone is Mainstreet’s with client systems At any point in time, we can established, stable & flexible without excessive identify where a part or SQL service management costs or wait times component is and track the system Real-time, units service history  Flexible, ease of anytime access to Provides superior management customization vital inventory and of customer-owned inventory  Drop down lists keep data service activity and enables us to consistently integrity and minimize input information monitor our repair quality errors Serial number including DOAs and MTBFs  Security levels – client accountability Open system architecture specific Enables using industry standard SQL  Audit checks – i.e. validate inventory ticket #, serial #, store info, allocation between Ease of integration with our etc BAU and clients’ service management individual project systems  Extensive reporting & search capabilities activities Mainstreet Confidential 14
  15. 15. Mainstreet Contact Information Debbie Simurda, VP Partner Alliances Mainstreet Inc. 2510 West Main Street, Suite 100 Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 Office 866-767-6472 Cell 214-536-5028 Email Company web site Mainstreet Confidential 15