Change agility for leaders


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Our new offering – a fresh transformation management suite which focuses on your inner power and resources as a leader of change, to deliver workplace changes that yield returns, increase morale and reduce costs. This workplace transformation solution was created from our 20 years of global research, coaching systems, Neurolinguistic Programming, leadership development theory and neuroscience brain optimisation principles. It contains practical, time and effort saving as well as scalable rich change management concepts, tools and resources. A must for leading amid turbulence!

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Change agility for leaders

  1. 1. ONTARGET Boost your change agility A leadership process for creating lasting and impactful workplace change
  2. 2. ONTARGET Common change frustrations...
  3. 3. Poor change management is everywhere... Australians are getting fatter. The National Health and Medical Research Council says if current trends continue, 83 per cent of men and 75 per cent of women will be obese in ten years About 60 per cent of those in custody in Australia have been imprisoned before (Australian Institute of Criminology) Worldwide CO2 emissions rose by 1.4 percent to 31.6 billion tons (IEA, 2013) In Australia, the annual number of new HIV diagnoses has gradually increased since 1999 (Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations) 85% of corporate change efforts fail (J Kotter, Leading Change, 1996)
  4. 4. ONTARGET Motivation does not align with the required action & behaviour The highest leverage shifts are lost in complicated and one- size-fits all plans The change destination is fuzzy for all parties The true measures & indicators of success are vague or irrelevant How our program will help you: Become and help others become more change agile Inspire individuals Affect teams through leverage Transform your environment into your ally Optimise your influence with less effort and greater clarity Scale our diverse tools, concepts and strategies to personal, team and organisational behavioural change Use our universal code of human change motivation & engagement Why 85% of changes fail:
  5. 5. ONTARGET A change influence approach empowers your team to develop a richer motivation to succeed Why influence is the key Every encounter offers the possibility to influence others. How can you optimise this free resource to exponentially increase the success of your change efforts? There is never one cause or one solution – successful change management case studies continually show that diversifying your efforts yield greater results and longevity in behavioural change Influence can help you and others: • Develop deliberate and better aligned behaviours • Implement change with accountability • Achieve the business agenda without damaging people • Transform your organisational culture Change influence strategies hold the key to successful and lasting workplace change and continual renewal within an ever changing world. Stopmanagingchange,bealeaderofchange
  6. 6. ONTARGET Several managers achieve business results after a demanding restructure and request the change leader coach them on leading respectful change! A large senior management group’s engagement in a cultural change process revolutionises client service delivery, ensures greater staff retention and reduces poor performance A government committee overturns 5 years of disengagement and frustration and achieves challenging national targets Operations staff’s renewed focus and commitment result in over $500K savings per annum in resource management 93% of surplus staff during a government corporation service delivery redevelopment are placed; when comparable change initiatives show 40% placement rates!
  7. 7. ONTARGET How we can support you with your next workplace change:
  8. 8. ONTARGET You can achieve your business goals and build an adaptive workforce at the same time, starting today. Contact us for a complimentary discussion Email: Phone: 0412 131 894 Carole V.