1924 September LCHS Messenger newsletter


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1924 September LCHS Messenger newsletter

  1. 1. Vol. XXVIII. Salem, Va., September, 1924 NO·9 THE MESSENGERPublished by the Lutheran Orphan Home of the South. "SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME." Building Campaign Announcement ofthe Lutheran Orphan Home ofthe South The Home, for the first time in its thirty-six years, is making a general appeal throughout the Lutheran Church in the South for funds for building purposes. The friends of the Home have realized for many years the need for new buildings and improved equipment. At each meeting of the Trustees the necessity for new buildings becomes more apparent. Each year the general conditions of the place grow worse. Noone who visits the present edifice fails to realize how urgent is the neces- sity for new and sanitary buildings and equipment. Each Parish in the South which will co-operate in providing funds for suitable buildings for our foster children is requested to observe one Week during the period between November 21 andt December 14, for subscribing an amount which they will consider as their share of the total required. The Pastor of each Parish is asked to appoint a committee to take charge of the campaign. Literature and supplies will be sent to these Parish Committees by the Campaign Chairman, J. Luther Sieber, D. D., and all possible help will be rendered them in getting this touching appeal before the hearts of the people. Almost every week needy children have been turned away from the Home because of lack of facilities. The Board of Trustees now has decided to relieve this distressing situation without delay. During recent month's the matter has been brought to the atten- tion of church bodies in all the Synods of the South and action favor- able to the cause has resulted. (Continued on Page 3) The Board has therefore authorized the Executive Committee
  2. 2. 2 THE MESSENGER THE MESSENGER Published monthly by THE LUTHERAN ORPHAN HOME Salem, Virginia. RA'l'E OF sun SCRIPTION Single subscril)tion, one year 25c To one address, ten copies or more, 10c each. All. subscriptions must be paid in advance. Entered at the post office in Salem, Virginia, as second class matter. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of. postag-e provided for 111 SectIOn 1103. Act of October 3, 1917, a.uthorized October 20, 1920. HOME DIRECTORY President cf the Board- ]. Luther Sieber, D. D. Secretary and Treasurer- R. W. Kime, Esq. Superintendent- Rev. E. VV. Leslie Superintendent-e1ect- G. R. Santmiers Physician- G. A. L. Kolmer, M. D. Matron- Mrs. L. B. Spracher Housekeeper- Miss Elizabeth Stegar Teachers and Supervisors- Mrs. G. V. Ruhl Miss M. McSherry Miss Myrtle Cutshawl Mrs. Janie Bailey Mrs. Cora 'Vheeler Mrs. E. W. Leslie Farm Manager- ]. S. Cri tselous Office Secretary- Miss Mabel Leslie Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees ]. Luther Sieber, D. D. G. W. Tompkins C. Markley G. B. Morehead R. W. Kirne BOARD OF TRUSTEES Synod of Georgia George W. Hunt Synod of Mississippi George 1. Derrick Synod of North Carolina W. H. Beckerdite W. r. Fink, D. D. W. F. Lopp E. :M. Minnich Rev. G. H. C. Park D. A. Yoder Rev. ]. L. Yost Synod of South Carolina ]. Henry Dreyer Synod of Virginia ]. A. Alexander Rev. S. C. Ballentine A. M. Bowman W. A. Buckhar t ]. A. Huffard, D. D. E. L. Keiser R. W. Kime Rev. ]. W. Link C. Markley G. B. Morehead Rev. Paul Royer ]. ]. Scherer, D. D. ]. Luther Sieber, D. D. Rev. ]. W. Shuey G. W. Tompkins SUPERINTENDENT -ELECT Since the resignation last June of Rev. E. W. Leslie as Superin- tendent of the Home, the Execu- tive Committee, charged with en- gaging a new superintendent, has be'en giving this matter most careful consideration. The Committee is very happy indeed to be able to announce at this time, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, that Mr. G. R. San tmiers has accepted this call. Mr. Santmiers brings to the Lutheran Orphan Home of the South a wealth of experience in administrative and Christian ser- vice. His success in his business marks him as an executive of abil- ity. His deep spiritual experience has found expression in a wide range of Christian activity. He' loves children. Mr. Santmiers new work as December first, enters upon his superintendent
  3. 3. THE MESSENGER 3 At a special meeting of the Board in Salem, October 7th, the following general plans were approved: To undertake to raise a sum of $200,000.00 to meet the most The Home is a g01l1g concern pressing needs. and as such is rendering a valua- To conduct the intensive cam-. ble service to the Church in the paign during the last week of South. M~ny c?i~dren have been November and the first two blessed by Its ministry. weeks of December. I . . Every Parish in the Sou!h wi.ll To provide accommodation for be requested to take part 111this an increased number of children. effort. Pastors will be asked to appoint committees and report their names to Campaign Head- quarters, 321 Terry Building, Roanoke, Virginia. The com- mittee should include the pastor, and at least one man and one woman in each congregation. To provide vocational training for the children. ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE BUILDING CAMPAIGN (Continued from Page I) of the Board to conduct the cam- paign. There is nothing before the Church at present that has greater claim upon our sympathy and our time than the cause of these help- less little children. The responsi- bility for the care of these little ones is not on the Board alone. Every Lutheran of the South has a definite responsibility to do every thing he can. Weare count- ing on every reader of this paper to be a helper. Can we depend on you? The Plan To erect buildings on the cot- tage plan, not to exceed forty children to each cottage. To provide for the care and placement of babies. The campaign is now being or- ganized. Everybody will want to help. All will be called upon. Do not hesitate when you are called upon. The Home children are appre- ciative. If each member of our church could visit the Home and have a little hand put into his in trusting search of the love for which a small heart is hungering there would be no campaign. Their goodness and their affec- tion make the heart and the pocket book overflow. The Board of Trustees after careful deliberation has decided to build on the site formerly occu- pied by Elizabeth College. The present property will be sold as advantageously as possible. The lands, buildings, and endowment of the Home are conservatively estimately to be worth $180,000. The funds being sought in this campaign will be added to the real assets of the Home as there is no indebtedness. That so much value should be developed in the thirty-six years of the Home's history without a general appeal is a surprise to all who know the facts. No soliciting should be done un- til instructions from Headquar- ters are received. These will be sent as soon as names of Parish Committees are received at the Campaign Headquarters.
  4. 4. 4 THE MESSENGER [!JIIIIIII.IIII ••••••••••• I•••• IIIIIIIIIII ••• II'II.' •••• 1111111 ••• ,11.,111111.11 ••• 1111.11 •••••• 111111111111111I'IIIIII"IIIII'I'III"I.II'I'II'III'I'III'II~ I ORPHAN HOME CATECHISM I[!)111I111I11I111I11I1I1 •• 11I11I1I11I1I1I11I11I1I1I11I111111111111111111111111111IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ••• IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIIIIIIIII[!] What is the Orphan Home? A Home in the Master's name for some of His children; the only Home of our church in the South. , Where is it located? It is located at Salem, Virginia. How many children live there? There are ninety-six there now. When was it founded? The Home was founded in 1888. Is there a farm at the Home? Yes. One hundred and fifty acres altogether right at the edge of Salem, seven miles from Roanoke. The location is ideal. The church and school facilities are excellent. The children have all the advantages of both city and country life. Do they have their own cows? Yes, ten of them, which the older boys milk. Last year the children drank over 3,600 gallons of milk. Does the Home have its own school? Yes, the Home conducts its own schools. Are the children at the Home given religious training? Yes, daily. Twenty-two from the Home family were confirmed at the College Lutheran Church last. Palm Sunday. The pastor of the College Church is the pastor of the Home. Why does the Church maintain an Orphan Home? In obedience to Jesus' command, "Feed My lambs." Did Jesus love little children? Yes. He said, "Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." When He was asked who should be greatest in His Kingdom, He picked up a little child and pointed to him. Is the building at the Home suitable? No. It was not designed for. its present use and is over-crowded. New buildings designed to meet the requirements of such a home are MOST URGENTLY needed. For how long has the building been unsuitable? It was never quite suitable and as long as ten years ago was called "A reproach to our great church." Is there plenty of room at the Home? No. There are many applications for admission which cannot be granted. Some of the conditions under which the children have to live are deplorable. What is being done to improve these conditions? Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees of the Home, the five Synods of the South are uniting in a financial campaign to secure $200,000.00 with which to build at once an administration and school building and four cottages. "INASMUCH AS YE HAVE DONE IT UNrO {)NE OF THE LEAST OF THESE-."