1924 October LCHS Messenger newsletter


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1924 October LCHS Messenger newsletter

  1. 1. THE MESSENGERPublisped by the Lutheran Orphan Home of the South. Vol. XXVIII. Salem, Va., October, 1924 No. 10 "SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME" THE FOSTER MOTHER College students and alumni throughout America, in song and anecdote, speak affectionately of their school as their Alma Mater. Just how far back in to the dim past this custom extends we do not know. It may be of compara- tively recent origin. In this much, however, the observation of our readers no doubt is sub- stantially the same as our own; college men and women almost universally employ the words Alma M~ter in a manner that sig- .nifies a remarkable affection. It would seem, also, that the longer these alumni and alumnae have been away from college, the greater their attachment to their Alma Mater. Alma Mater is a Latin expres- ion, meaning Foster Mother. If the expres ion is appropriately applied to an institution of learn- ing and of training which replaces mother's care only during the school year and then usually at an age when character already is formed and the mind much less impressionable than 111 earlier (Continued on Page 4) "TIle Ds-eu'm of the llother ess Doy" Copyrighted by Life Publishing Co.
  2. 2. THE MESSENGER THE MESSENGER BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2 Published monthly by THE LUTHERAN ORPHAN HOME Salem, Virginia. RA'l'E OF sun SCRIPTION Single subscri()tion, one year ... 2:JC To one address, ten copies or more, 10c each. All subscriptions must be paid in advance. Entered at the post office in Salem, Virginia. as second class matter. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of. postag-e provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized October 20, 1920. HOME DIRECTORY President of the Board- Rev. J. Luther Sieber, D. D. Secretary and Treasurer- R. W. Kime, Esq. Superintendent- Rev. E. W. Leslie Superintendent-elect- G. R. Santmiers Physician- G. A. L. Kolmer, M. D. Matron- Mrs. L. B. Spracher Housekeeper- Miss Elizabeth Stegar Teachers and .Supervisors- Mrs. G. V. Ruhl Miss M. McSherry Miss Myrtle Cutshawl Mrs. [an ie Bailey Mrs. Cora Wheeler Mrs. E. W. Leslie Farm Manager- J. S. Critselous Office Secretary- Miss Mabel Leslie' Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees Rev. J. Luther Sieber, D. D. G. »: Tompkins G. B. Morehead C. Markley R. W. Kime, Esq. J. A. Alexander, Esq.' Rev. S. C. Ballentine Hon. W. H. Beckerdite A. M. Bowman W. A. Burckard George 1. Derrick J. Henry Dreyer Rev. W. J. Finck, D. D. Rev. J. A. Huffard, D. D. George W. Hunt E. L. Keiser R. W. Kime, Esq. Rev. J. W. Link W. F. Lo pp C. Markley E. M. Minnick G. B. Morehead Rev. G. H. C. Park Rev. Paul L. Royer Rev. J. J. Scherer, D. D. Rev. J. Luther Sieber, D. D. Rev. J. W. Shuey G. W. Tompkins D. A. Yoder Rev. J. L. Yost L. O. H. S. NOTES Mr. G. R. Santmires, Superin- tendent-elect, is mourning the death of his beloved mother. The Messenger, in behalf of its readers, extends an assurance of profound sympathy. The Board of Trustees held a special meeting at the Home, Tuesday, October 7. At this meet- ing attention was given to a detailed study of the plan of the campaign for new buildings, and much enthusiasm was expressed. The President of the Board, Rev. J. Luther Sieber, D. D., presided. ' Mr. Bayard M. Hedrick spoke in behalf of the campaign, and Mr. George C. Baum, architect, exhib- ited sketches and floor plans of the proposed group of new build- ings. Much emphasis was placed upon the necessity of providing every facility for a thorough training of all children accepted in the Home.
  3. 3. THE MESSENGER 3 Miss Mabel Leslie, Office Sec- retary and Registrar, is compiling historical data regarding the L. O. H. S. It is earnestly hoped that the present post office addresses .and occupation of each former resident of the Home may be secured for the records within the briefest possible delay. Will all readers of The Messenger kindly co-operate by sending to Miss Mabel Leslie, Salem, Va., any item of interest about those who, on leaving, have gone forth to bring credit to their Foster .Mother, the Lutheran Orphan Home of the South. LOCAL PARISH CAMPAIGN COMMITTEES The organization for the Build- ing Fund Campaign is well under way in a great many or the par- ishes, and, it is hoped, will soon be completed in all. In each parish in the entire :South, local parish campaign com- mittees are being formed under the chairmanship of the Pastor. These committees are going to af- ford many loyal workers of each congregation an opportunity to .serve Christ in a very practical way through helping "these little -ories" of' His Kingdom. Our great Church in the South has but one orphan home, and the Board of Trustees, representing each Synod by official appointment, .are determined that the Lutheran Orphan Home of the South shall 'have the necessary equipment to render efficient service to our borne less children. All members who .receive appointment as Orphan Home Campaign W ork- ers are to be congratulated on the large part they will have in bring- ing loving care to the broken hearts of little children. "Inas- much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these-" WHY BUILD A MEMORIAL? Why build a memorial now in the Lutheran Orphan Home of the South? In the first place, it will relieve human distress now and through- out the years to come. In the sec- ond place, it will provide a train- ing school for church workers. Material that otherwise might be lost to the work of the Kingdom will be saved and trained. Those who give such memorials will have the exceeding great privilege of seeing, during their lifetime, their gifts bear fruit in actual every day service. Is there a loved one who has answered the Lord's "well done," whose memory you would like to perpetuate in a continuing service to "these little ones;" or would you like to establish for yourself, while you live, a monument which will go right on through all the years being a blessing to "little children" ? Then consider the opportunity presented in the cam- paign plans of the Lutheran Orphan Home of the South . Here is an opportunity to take the hands of little children and lead them into a "home" and hap- piness .•
  4. 4. THE FOSTER MOTHER THE MESSE GER4 (Continued" from Page I) years, how much more fittingly may it be applied to a training school which throughout the en- tire year and from childhood takes the place of mother and of home, and of all the sacred influence of a Christian family. Where is there a mature man or woman who has known the ten- der care of a Christian mother and who does not revere her memory? What is more sacred? An institution which succeeds in bringing, through its Christian ministration, the loving care and atmosphere of home to homeless "little children" is truly a foster mother. The Lutheran Orphan Home of the South is such an Alma Mater, provided by a loving church, 'for ':little ones" whom God would have grow up into useful workers in His kingdom. ORPHAN HOME WEEK It has been officially decided to have the intensive period of the campaign from ovember 21 to December 14, as announced in the last issue of The Messenger. This does not mean that in anyone parish the campaign will extend over a period of three weeks. On the other hand, it is urgently recommended that each parish limit the campaign to one week, anyone of the three weeks fall- ing within these dates, according to the convenience of ea h ari h. "SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCE BE FORGOT" Miss Agnes Riley, L. O. H. S.~ 1912-1923, took a course in the National Business College in Roanoke. During the summer she was employed as secretary in the law office of Col. R. K. Spiller. Roanoke. At present she is assist- ing on the Lutheran Orphan Home Campaign at Campaign Headquarters, 321 Terry Build- ing, Roanoke. Miss Laura Petrea, L. O. H. S-r 1914-1920, graduated in nursing at the Jefferson Hosiptal in 1924- She is now engaged as a superin- tendent in a hospital in Ohio. Walter U. Brown, L. O. H. S.• 19IO-1924, graduated from Roan- oke College in the class of 1924 and this 'year is studying in the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Columbia, South Carolina. Susan E. Goodwin, L. O. H. S., 1900-191 I, graduated from Roan- oke College in 1915, after work- ing her way through college. She is married and continuing in her profession as teacher. Mrytle Lee Burk, L. O. H. S.• I90I-I9I3, has been teaching" music since her graduation from Elizabeth College. She now lives. in Columbia, South Carolina. Maggie Cline, L. O. H. S., I902- 19I4, graudated in nursing at Chestnut Hill Hospital, Philadel- phia, served in the American Red Cross in France during the war. Since her return she has changed her name to Mrs. Oscar Dabney and resides in Hazard, Kentucky, Her husband is a successful elec-- trician.