1924 November LCHS Messenger newsletter


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1924 November LCHS Messenger newsletter

  1. 1. THE MESSENOER Vol. XXVIII. Published by the Lutheran Orphan Home of the South. No. IISalem, Va., November, I924 THANKSGIVING "SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME" The Virginia and Mississippi Synods are rapidly organizing for "Pure religion and undefiled the Campaign. The other Synods before God and the Father is this, will follow soon after Christmas. to visit the fatherless and the Most of the churches are organ- widows in their affliction." ized with splendid committees. May we all give thanks this A s~ries of Campaign ~eetings b hari blessi are being held. There will be noyear y . s anng our essmgs I with these needy "little ones." I The early settlers in this coun- try, whose patient labors finally were rewarded with a bountiful harvest, were spiritually-minded folk, and turned quite naturally to sing praises for His bounty. They gave thanks. They gave thanks because their hearts were overflowing with gratitude as their barns were overflowing with provisions. They had enough to eat and to spare. With few exceptions, the Luth- erans in the South in this year of our Lord, 1924, have plenty to cat. All of these will give thanks. There are many ways of giving thanks. There are many ways of celebrating Thanksgiving. Per- haps the most successful and sat- isfying way is to share our bless- ings with the unfortunate ones. The Orphan Home affords an opportunity for this kind of ef- fectual thanksgi viqg .. A HOME MAYBE BROKEN BUT A FAMILY NEED NOT BE BROKEN UP ONE "F AllIL Y" There are thirty families of brothers and sisters now in the Home. THE ORGANIZATION PROGRESSES (Continued on Page 2)
  2. 2. THE MESSENGER THE MESSENGER BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2 Published monthly by THE LUTHERAN ORPHAN HOME Salem, Virginia. RA'l'E OF sun SCRIPTION Single sultscrilltion, one "cur 25c To one address. ten copies or more, 10c each. All subscriptions must be paid in advance. Entered at the post office in Salem, Virginia, as second class matter. Acceptance for mail ing at special Irate of postag-e provided for in Section 1103. Act of October 3. 1917, authorized October 20, 1920. HOME DIRECTORY President of the Board- Rev. ]. Luther Sieber, D. D. Secretary and Treasurer- R. W. Kime, Esq. Superintendent- Rev. E. W. Leslie Superinte+dent-elect-e- G. R. Santmiers Physician- G. A. L. Kolmer, M. 'D. Matron- Mrs. L. B. Spra cher Housekeeper- Miss Elizabeth Stegar Teachers and Supervisors- Mrs. G. V. Ruhl Miss M. McSherry Miss Myrtle Cutshawl Mrs. Janie Bailey Mrs. Cora Wheel(,r Mrs. E. W. Leslie Farm Manager- ]. S. Critselous Office Secretary- Miss Mabel Leslie ]. A. Alexander, Esq. Rev. S. C. Ballen tine Hon. W. H. Beckerdite A. M. Bowman W. A. Burckard George I. Derrick ]. Henry Dreyer Rev. W. ]. Finck, D. D. Rev. ]. A. Huffard, D. D. George W. Hunt E. L. Keiser R. W. Kime, Esq. Rev. J. W. Link W. F. Lopp C. Markley E. M. Minnick G. B. Morehead Rev. G. H. C. Park Rev. Pai.d L. Royer Rev. ]. J. Scherer, Jr., D. D. Rev. ]. Luther Sieber, D. D. Rev. ]. W. Shuey G. W. Tompkins D. A. Yoder Rev. ]. L. Yost THE ORGANIZATION PROGRESSES (Continued from Page r ) solicitation at these meetings, but the entire Campaign plan will be discussed. Whether you are on a committee or not, pick the meet- ing nearest to you, and attend without further invitation. The meetings are: St. Matthew's Church, Jew Market, 7 :30 P. M., November 12. Christ's Church, Staunton, 7 :30 P. M., November rjth. Grace, Winchester, 2 :30 P. M., November roth. St. Mark's, Roanoke, 7 :30 P. M., November 24th.Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees Redeemer, Bristol, 7 :30 P. M., Rev. ]. Luther Sieber, D. D. November zoth. G. W. Tompkins G. B. Morehead C. Markley R. W. Kirne, Esq. Meetings will be held at other places on later dates.
  3. 3. THE MESSENGER 3 . A RESPONSIVE READING FOR THE SUNDAY SCHOOL -Supt.: What is the Orphan Home? .School : A home at Salem, Virginia, conducted in the Master's name for some of His children; the only home of our church in the South. Supt.: How many children live there? School: There are ninety-six there now. Supt.: When was it founded, and by whom? .School : The Home was founded in 1888, by Rev. W. S. McClanahan, a Lutheran pastor, who took several orphan children into his own home. Supt. : Does the Home have its own school? School: Yes, the Home conducts its own school. .Supt. : Are the children at the Home given religious training? School: Yes, daily. Twenty-two from the Home family were con- firmed at the College Luthe 'an Church last Palm Sunday. The pastor of the College Church is the pastor of the Home. .Supt.: Why does the Church maintain an Orphan Home? .School : In obedience to Jesus' comrriand, "Feed My Lambs." Su pt. : Did Jesus love little children? .School : Yes. He said, "Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." When He was asked who should be greatest in His King- dom, He picked up a little child and pointed to him. .Supt.: Is there plenty of room at the Home? School: No. There are many applications for admittance which cannot be granted. Supt. : What is being done to improve these conditions? .School : Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees of the Home, the five Synods of the South are uniting in a financial campaign to secure $200,000. Supt.: When will this campaign be held? .School : Between the dates- ovember 21 to December 14-in Virginia, shortly after that in the other Synods of the South.
  4. 4. 4 THE MESSENGER Supt.: What will be done with this money? School: A group of new building will be erected on a beautiful site near Salem, Virginia, on land adjoining the present farm of the Home. Supt.: What is meant by a' cottage-dormitory? School: Each of our cottage-dormitories will be a house large: enough to accommodate about forty children. Five such cottages will provide a home for two hundred children. A. Christian house-mother will be in charge of each cottage. Supt: Why build for so many children? School: Because so many children have to be refused each year.. Our great Lutheran Church cannot turn these children away. Supt. : Are five cottages sufficient? School: They double the present capacity of the Home. More cot- tages can be erected as needed. Supt. : How much is expected of our Church? School: As much as the members and friends feel able and willing to give. There will be five payments, six months apart. Certainly there is not a Lutheran family in all the South that would not gladly, if it were possible, set aside in their home sufficient space for one homeless child. This is impossible, of course. But do you realize that One Thousand Dollars will provide the space ancL equipment for making a home for one child in perpetuity? A bronze tablet, suitably inscribed, will be erected for each gift providing accommoda- tions for one child or more in the new Home. How many homeless children will YOU provide for? How many will YOUR CHURCH make provision for? "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these-'"