1924 December LCHS Messenger newsletter


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1924 December LCHS Messenger newsletter

  1. 1. THE MESSEN6ER Vol. XXVIII. Published by the Lutheran Orphan Home of the South. No. 12Salem, Va., December, 1924 THE MESSENGER "SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME" Published monthly by THE LUTHERAN ORPHAN HOME Salem. Virginia. RATE OF SUnSCRIPTION Single subserlptlon, one yenr 25e To one address. ten copies or more. 10c ·each. All subscriptions' must be paid in advance. Entered at the post office in Salem. Virginia. as second class matter. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103. Act of October 3. 1917. authorized October 20. 1920. HOME DIRECTORY President of the Boatd- Rev. J. Luther Sieber, D. D. Secretary and Treasurer- R. W. Kime, Esq. Superintendent- G. R. Santmiers Physician- G. A. L. Kolmer, M. D. Matron- Mrs. L. B. Spracher Housekeeper- Miss Elizabeth Stegar Teachers and Supervisors- Mrs. G. V. Ruhl Miss M. McSherry Miss Myrtle Cutshawl Mrs. Janie Bailey Mrs. Cora Wheeler Mrs. E. W. Leslie Farm Manager- J. S. Critselous Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees Rev. J. Luther Sieber, D. D. G. W. Tompkins G. B. Morehead C. Markley R. W. Kime, Esq. BOARD OF TRUSTEES J. A. Alexander, Esq. Rev. S. C. Ballentine Hon. W. H. Beckerdite A. M. Bowman W. A. Burckard George I. Derrick J. Henry Dreyer Rev, W. J. Finck, D. D. Rev. J. A. Huffard, D. D. George W. Hunt E. L. Keiser R. W. Kime, Esq. Rev. J. W. Link W. F. Lopp C. Markley E. M. Minnick G. B. Morehead Rev. G. H. C. Park Rev. Paul L. Royer Rev. J. J. Scherer, J r. D. D. Rev. J. Luther Sieber, D. D. Rev. J. W. Shuey G. W. Tompkins D. A. Yoder Rev. J. L. Yost
  2. 2. '.'LET US RISE UP AND BUILD" General Plan of Proposed Group of New Buildings it URING the past two months the readers of the Messenger -f have seen and heard much about the proposed new Orphan Home, the picture of which is shown above. You have read of the need of the new buildings, of the tragic fact that scores of children have been refused admission to the Home in recent months. . You have learned that the I-Iome is a going concern; that during the .past thirty-six years, without a general appeal to the Church, one 'hundred and eighty thousand dollars of assets have been accumu- .lated. You realize that during these thirty-six years, hundreds of children have come and been cared for in this great institution of the church. And now you know that the time has come. when the . Church must either provide a home sufficiently large and suitably . equipped, or else admit that it cannot properly care for its orphaned a"ndworse than orphaned children. Now the campaign is on. The APPEAL comes to you. What are you going TO DO about it? According to the plans, approximately one thousand dollars 'will provide the accornmoda- tions for "one of these little ones." How about it? What are YOU going to do about it? Could you, by a little SACRIFICE, provide accommodation PERMANENTLY for one of these little ones in this home of the Church? The appeal comes to YOU and carries its own RESPONSIBILITY. If this is impossible, could you by a little sacrifice give five hundred dollars? Realize that in addition to numerous sacrificial gifts of lesser amounts, such gifts are necessary to the success of this cause. It will take a great many one hundred dollar gifts, a large number of five hundred dollar gifts, and a num- ber of gifts of one thousand dollars and more from those who are able to give them. Such gifts should come in large numbers because payments are spread over a period of two years. If we all sacrifice, we can do it. And who can fail to sacrifice in such a cause? Who can sit at a table spread with an abundance of food, in a home com- fortable and happy in enjoyment, realizing that a hungry homeless child is being turned away from his own Church's house of mercy? "- - there was no room for them in the inn."
  3. 3. 4 THE MESSENGER First Report on Progress of the earnpaign HOW THE VIRGINIA CONFERENCES STAND ON A COMPARATIVE BASIS In Thoroughness of Organization- I. KNOXVILLE CONFERENCE 2. WINCHESTER CONFERENCE 3. MARION CONFERENCE 4. ROANOKE CONFERENCE 5. STAUNTON CONFERENCE Bulletins will be issued as the reports come in. Most of the Churches in Virginia and Mississippi are having their can- vass during the first part of December. May we urge every Committee to report promptly. Do not wait till the canvass is completed, but report every time you have a check-up. The Conference Chairmen are: Mr. A. C. Machir, Strasburg, Va., (Win- chester Conference); Rev. P. E. Shealy, Rural Retreat, Va., (Marion Con- ference); J. A. Alexander, Esq., Staunton, Va., (Staunton Conference); Rev. J. A. Shealy, Greeneville, Tenn., (Knoxville Conference); Mr. F. B. Waiters, Roanoke" Va., (Roanoke Conference). Rev. J. I. Coiner is the Chairman in the Synod of Mississippi. The Synods of South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina plan to. conduct the intensive canvass after New Year's. South Carolina reports the following organizations: Rev. P. D. Brown, Synodical Chairman; Rev. J. M. Senter, D. D., Chairman Central Conference; Rev. Chas. J. Shealy, Chairman Southern Conference; Rev. S. P. Koon, Chairman Newberry Conference; Rev. J. L. Smith, Chairman Piedmont Con- ference. Georgia reports Mr. George W. Hunt, Synodical Chairman. ) I Certainly there is not a Lutheran family in all the South that would not gladly, if it were possible, set aside in their home sufficient space for one homeless child. This is impossible, of course. But do you realize that One Thousand Dollars will provide the space and equipment for making a home for one child in perpetuity? A bronze tablet, suitably inscribed, will be erected for each gift providing accommoda- tions for one child or more in the new Home. How many homeless children will YOU provide for? How many will YOUR CHURCH make provision for? "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these-"