1924 August LCHS Messenger newsletter


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1924 August LCHS Messenger newsletter

  1. 1. PUBLISHEl) By THE LUTHERAN ORPHAN HOME. VOLUME XXVIII. SALEM, VIRGINIA. AUG. 1924. NUMBER 8, Home Directory ffThe l'~putation fo~ b~in~ truthful I!!'one of the most valu- PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD Rev. able assets R young man can have, II remarks a buslnses ex-J. L. Sieber, Roenoke, vs. SlECRETARY AND TREASURER pert C 'and it can be obtained R. W. Kime, Esq" Salem, Va. only by hpln~ truthful hBbitw SUPERINTENDENT uallv, Ii The hey who tells the Rev. E. W Leslie, Salem Va, truth from t}l.< tim@ he ill old MATRON Mrs. L. B, Spracher, HOUSEKl~EPER. Mia!; Eltzabllth eneuah to know truth from Steger. falseheod ilii th@ bey who§t! word TEACHERS Mril. G. V. Ruhl. Mliul M. is trusted even in a orllis bv all McSherry. MiilS, Myrtle Cutilhawl. around him. Tht' }i:oll' is JU8peetw SEWING TEACHER Mvg, Janie Bailey ed even when he t"llB tt'le truth, J'l.SSISTANTS Mril. Cora Wheeler. Mrl! ", "'__ E. W. L(lillie , ~~- ••• fARM MANAGER J, S. Crltseloue, The Allgust {ss"•• of th@M I· nOOK.KEEPER AND STENOGRAP. senger is a little late due to one HER ••••Mlilii MftbflJ Leslie of the nrinter boys having h d PHYSICIAN Dl'. G. A. L. Kolmer the mumnEl,and Je.tel' to I breaka •.- ~ ;;;:;m.':tilt! 0 : i i = down in the motor which runs ·If vou fear God and believe the l'rees, The motpr had to be that; he is with you, Godwfll taken to Roanoke forreI' fr. prosper your p11118 ilnd labor: "Des~ise ~notth;-;:dtnances b It never make thl~an exeuse of religion. It is easy to have for saying in your own heart, the form of Kodllneas without like Jacob, IIGod intends that I the tl0W91', but very few who should have these good things: have neglected the ordinances of. therefore I may tak~ them fol'- the,8'ospel "show Its power in tnysel£ by unfair means. i1 . The thmr liv~e~!I!.~ _ bit'thright is YOUffl. But do not We are having questionl a· make that an excuse forrobbing bout how to build a "spite f nee" and che! tin~ Esau. to k Gl'Illhol"ribleneln'hbol's"out -~,Chal'les Kiflr;Hlcy, of ightl Cooperation I b tter,
  2. 2. 2 THE MESSENGER The Messenger Gas & Oil for Tractor . Electric Lamps . •sma••· _ Smithing . Farm Supplies . Farm Fencing . House Furnishings . ----------- Annual Board Meeting BALD I ; I : J VIRGINIA Expenses.................. 2.4.0 ------- ....••..•..••.--- Printing Department..... 30.00 RATS OJ' SVDSCRlPTION Petty Cash.................. 120.00 81--1 S 1.._.-1 ~ ••• Total for month l,505.13•••• U_'PNOD, on. ,.r...."II' To OD, .ddr •••, tea copi•• or more, HONEST NOW tin ceDtI ••• Am I really and truly interest All lublCriptiolll mutt be paid ill ed in my ehureh-dn helping it adv.lICI. achieve its objects and ideals-or Entered at the POlt O1Ic. hs do I just think I am? What do I SALEK, :VA..,., lecondeIu, matte,. do to prove mv tnterest ••that it's Acceptance for maiUq at Ipecial half as vital, for example, as I rate of po,ta,l proTided for in Sec. think it is? 1108, Act' of Oct. 3, 191'1, autboriled How do I look t·) the man on Oct. 10, 19J9. the outside? Could he telJ I am interested by what I do? How do _. ---- .•.•••.---~- I look to him? Take Speeial Netie. of ft•••Ship. Am 1 a good example for anys piac Direetie•• : body to follow? or do I just There are DOWDO:reduced rata to think Iam? or do I thin k about our Home, eithu b7 bei8llt Ol'0- my responsibility, in this con. PRlI. Please mark your .hJpmeuti nectton, at all ? »JaiDly to LUTHERAN ORPHAN Do I attend church servic HOME, SALEK, VIRGINIA. Pre. as often as I think Ido? paid beilht •• d txpl'8I. 1I.0t peat How would the minister class aI.lltance to our Home. ify me? As interested? indiffer- ent? cold? as a friend and help. EXPENSE ACCOUNT FOR er, or just aa-on e of the con- JULY gregation? Would he be justified Salaries $ 492.50 by what I do? Interest on bequests...... 80.00 Do I really give as the Lord Dental work......... ... ..... 10.00 hath prospered me, or do I just Groceries & Provisions.. 489.67 thind I do? If I should add up Dry Goods &: Clothing... 67.80 my contributions to local church Hardwal' 91.08 support and to missions, would Medical services............ 4.50 they represent as large.8 part Water & Lights............ 88 45 of my total income as I think Plumbing..................... 6.64 - _ Rep irs ,....... 6.76 (Oontinued on pagJ seven) 21.~8 6.00 9.95 17,60 23.33 42.73 Publish. MODWy B7 THE LUTHERAN OIlPBAN BOllE
  3. 3. THE M}1,j~SE~_~~R__ __.~ . a A SIX-YEAR-OLD BOY without which guests and books Recently when the superinten- and flowers only emphasize the dent preached for one of our fact that the house is not a neigboring pastors, he was asked home. I mean the warm light in to take dinner with a family of the rooms that comes from kind the congregation. During the Ieyes. from quick unconscious conversation the care of children smiles, from gentleness in tones, was mentioned, and especially Ifrom habits, of fore thoughtful- the care of such who have lost mess for one another,--all that one or both their parents. A lit- happy illumination which, in the tIe six-year-old boy, without inside of a house, corresponds t;Q saying much, appeared very morning sunlight outside falling much interested in the boys and on quite dewy fields. W. C. G. girls who are without their •• ----- •• =r:':-. fathers and mothers. The little The place to be happy I.B here; boy. who is blessed with kind The time to be happy 1~now; christian parents later in the' The way to he happy IS to • .' . 1make others so." day asked his good parents the . ••• privilege- of sending a little gift "That man may last, but never to the boys and girls at Topton. lives, The parents readily consented Who much receives, but and he at once expressed a desire nothing gives." to. send the money which his A WELL-KNOWN piano manufaa- "'grand dad," as he called him, -'turer warns us not to leave the piano had given to him. The gift in closed and untouched, with the idea itself was small, but the heart, that it is preserved thereby. It should the spirit of the giver and his be opened daily and regularly uses. love for the childrea was I ~e also warns ag~illBt the use o! an . arge. otlcloth cover, which we sometimes The value of the gift does not see placed over the piano with the depend on the size uf the gift as mistaken idea that it will protect the much as uj.on the spirit of the instrament f•.om dampness gi ~~.r. The boy,. cheerfully and - wARNmGs wil mgly, . of ,hiS own accord, I The last words said were: gave all his 'grand dad" had "I wonder if it's Ioadrd I'll given hi~. !lis kindly spirit led. look down the barrel flT1d'~N)." us to thinking. We know how I "Oh listen' That's the train ·h littl b I th hinzs ' ' .mu~ I e oys va ue e t mgs :whistle! Step on the accelerator, Which. the? can call the~r own. Iand we'll try to get across be- If this, httle b?~ of SIX could 'I fore it comes." ~ake such f sacrifice, h?w much "They say these thinas can't i~ for us 0 matu~er minds and Ipossibly explode, no matter riper years to do. !how milch vou throw t.hern 8- Orphan -!!~~e Paper. irou nd." . STI LL one thing ramains Lo ' "I wonder whether this rr pe furnish the House' Beautiful I (Continued on page six)
  4. 4. 4 THE MESSENGER GIESLER,S CHAPEL SOLD Be not apt to relate news, if It wiU be recalled that about a you know not the truth thereof. yearago the Glesler"s Chapel Detract not from others, but J)roperty at Meadow View, Va neither be excessive in commend was offered to the Home, the lit- mg. tIe congregation having disband- Be not hasty to believe flying ed. The property was accepted reports to the disparagement of by our Exeeutive Committee. anyone. Superintendent Leslie made a Gaze not on the marks or trip out to see into the matter blemishes of others and ask not and confer with the officials of how they came. ' the congregation. As a result of ' Associate yourself with men this trip and some correspond- of good quality, if you esteem ence, with the good offices of your reputation. Captain and Mr. W. H. Giesler Undertake not what yon can the members of another denomi- not perform, but be careful to nation were interested in the keep your promise. .. proposition to' buIYthe church Show not yourself glad at the and lot. This resulted in their misfortune of another. though taking an option on -the proper- he were your enemy. ty for one year. The option has Labor to keep alive in your expired and the property sold to brest that little spark of celes- the said denomination for tial fire called conscience. $3:~.H . "ISEE in th~'paper that a e . orne l~ very fortunate widower with nine children out to realize this' handsome sum. N b k h ' d fro th I m eras a as marrie a m e s~ e of the church, widow with seven children " which wi1~swell our building "That was :Ino marrige, That Fund considerably, The Home " is greatly indebted to the mem- was a mergel'·W hi t P t b f thi h h d Cantai as mg on ost,ers 0 IS C urc an aptain .• . . and Mr. W. H. Giesler in par- BE~UEST ticular for their interest in the The Home 13 .happy to an- Home in causing this estate to nounce the receipt of a check ,be donated to the Home to aid for $968.00 from the Execut~rs us in our big building program. of t~e est.ate of the late M~ss .•. .. Annie WItvogel. of Columbia, SOME'MAXIMS OF GEORGE S. C. , which sum is a bequest WASHINGTON from the deceased to our Orph- Think before you speak. an Home, Let your recreations be man- We cannot thank the giver, fOl' ful, not sinful. she has gone to ber reward on Speak no evil of the absent, High, but we wish to express for it is unjust., our gratitude to our Heavenly Let your conversation be with Father for this gift to His needy out malice or envy. and homeless children, as well
  5. 5. 5THE.MESS:ENGER -_._.._--- as for the life of the deceased BACK. who, while living, made such Mary is back from the seashore liberal provision for the support With a lovely coat of tan. of our Orphan Home work. Johnny is back from the eoun- Verily. her works will follow try. her, and though dead. she yet A freckled and fat "little lives in her legacy to our be- man." loved Home. • Mother is back from the moun- Kind reader, if the Lord has tains, blessed you with this world's Looking on life aa B. joke, good, will you not, in making And father is back ill his disposition of your estate, give office····-- our Orphan Home prayerful HROK 1 -._ consideration. NEW ADMISSIONS Dr. Moffat, th~night before The Horne ha~ ree.en~IYadded he sailed for Afr'ca, wrote the' two ~e!'lber8. to ltl!lfam~h~by the following ines in a friend album, IadmJ88101lof Aya Estelle and "Myalbum is the Savage ~azel N~rene.,Heap, .twovery breast m~erestmg . httle.~lrls, (rom . Hickory. N. C. Weare gTaa to . Where darkness reigns give them a place among us. and tempests wrest' . .----..- " . Withoutonera~'oflight: Oily to bed To write the name of ' And oily to rise• .JESUS there, . Is the fate of a man And point to words both When a motor he buys, bright and fair, .--Boys' Life. Is my supreme delight. --. .•.. .- --- THE LADDER OF PRAYER There ill a ladder which I climb When worn with toil and care, . It scales the massive wallB of Time . To, a region. beauttful, sublime, This inviaible Ladder of Prayer. And I ascend to rest and peace In that calm atmosphere above, .'1'0 '8tre8s and: ~trife there comes I 8urcea8e, .. , From pain I find a kind release " In thoughts of truth and love. , Andto! the crooked ways seem I straight. , I And .t}u~.rouah stones beneath my feet Are. smoothed away the while I' wait, . . Forpriayet lea?8 uJ? to heaVen's gate And makes life tuU and sweet ····Elizabeth Scolla~d. FORM OF BEQUE8T . I give, devise and beo.uetb to . Tlw Lutheran Orphan llome of the South. at Salem, VirKinia (Here describe prQperty aevh;. eel J. NOTE-State lawl lboald .1. W ••.~il be consulted in makinlf be.- QUetlt8, a8 the lawl lovernlill bl:que8tlt are not. alway. the' Sallie in ditferent.tatet. R'jlrw.m~r The Lutheran Or- phlllll Home of the South in your . '.,v .11. or better atUl, cMvot. • P('I'tion of your property while livin", to the welfare of th. Home. If you need the interelt 011 the amQunt you wi.b to liVI, Wt' will issue you a Lite Annuit, BOlld wh ic~ payi .in~reat durin, .vltU;' I'(e tllne, Wrtf-4! tor pal' • ti'·UIIl"iI.
  6. 6. THE MESSENGER ,will holcmv weight. H Let us all work and pray and .It's no fun swimming in the make this first general appeal ,surf. I'm going out beyond the that the Home has ever made a .life lines.".' "love feast" and a ~lorious sue- "Which one of these is the cess. We can do it if we will····- .third rail, anyway?" and WE WILL! "Th ,.ere's only one way to t ••• , , ,manage a horse. Walk right up At the present wrltmg, no ,behind him and ehastise him." one has been secured for the "That firecracker must have position of Superintendent of llone out 1'1) light it again." our Home. At the request of the •.•• oung People. Excutive Committee, the pre- ••• sent Superintendent will eontin- THE CAMPAIGN IS ONI ue to act in that capacity after The first shot has been fir~d September 1st until a new Sup. Jn the.campaign for funds for erintendent is secured. The po- ,OU~ ne~ buildings: The eam- sition is a very important and ~algn 18 on. The fIrst b~tcb of responsible one afld let us all ~lterature has gone out In the look to an AUw.ise Father for fo~~· of a Jetter to about 1,000 guidance in this matter. minIsters ,.ndJaymen through. .,.. •. eut our Southern chueh. This Rev. Dr. Wm. Owen, pastor letter announces that the earn. of the First Baptist church, of paign will be put on in earnest Macon, Ga., sums up the present October Istand will close No. spiritual status of the Church as -vember 80th, and requests the follows: 10per cent of the church individuals addressed to act as members cannot be found: 25 members of the General' Com- per cent never go to church; 5 mittee. Mr. B. W. Hedrick, who per cent never give a cent; 75 ~was at one time a member of, per cent never go to a weekly ~he Home family, has' been re- meeting: 90 per cent never have tained as the director of the eam- family worship; 96 per cent paign. Everyone who has the never attempt to win a soul to good fortune to meet him during Christ. the campaign will be delighted HOW--'-L-ON-G~'s''''H-IL-L-I-GIVE? with him and his methods of "Withhold not the Gospel from souls operations. needing Bread; T~at the movement has act. For givinst is living" the bright ang~l, . lallY begun will be good news said,' to the many friends of the Home "And must I be giving agam and h I· th . d again?" ...W 0 rea ise e, preSSJlftllrnee My peevish and pitiless answer ran. of new and larger buildings. as "Ob, no," said the angel, thus pier- well as increased support so cing me through, that the intitu tion may serve "Just give till the Maate.r stops giv- the, church and humanity in a ing to you." A&rgerand more efficient way. -·--Selected.
  7. 7. THE Ml!i8SENGER 7---.....-~ _. __ ~~lII~:='=~ -~. _. ----- they do? Icause of that I never miss a Would a stranger think me as. chance 'to speak kindly to a libel".al as I think I am, e~en if Istranger in our class, if I can he had all the facts of my respon help it." sibilities? When we are kind to some Do I really care for missions one, the kindness doesn't stop at all? there. The person who benifits Do I really ever deny myself by that kindness usually remem- a new suit, clgars.-unything-cto: hers it and passes it on. So the help forward the cause? Do I !light and the warmth of our lit- really ever deny myself, or do' tle kindnesses.go on and on and I just think I do? ' on. Do I really believe it more Let us g-et up tomorrow morn- blessed to give than to receive, ing and start something kind-e-a or do I just think I do? good word for some cne, an hours What kind of a church member help to the burdened, or a hope am I anyhow? Am I the kind I ful note to the troubled. think I am, or do I just thtnk I ~.S~lected. am? .---- ••. Try a little Introspection alone Be still my soul: Jl:Jhovah these lines. Loveth thee; _. Duplex Richmond. Fret no~, nor murm~r at -'-- •••.... thy w~ary lot; We still lack about ten dollars Thoug-h dark and lone thy towards purchasing the Common' journey seems to be. . Service books for the children Be sure that thou art ne'er of the Home who were confirm- . by Him forgot, ed last Palm Sunday. We ~,l'e He ever lovssrthen trust Him, very anxious to order these I trust Him still, books and trust another ten of, Let all thy care be this,the our friends will send us at least doinz of IF!'! wil', $1.10 each which will give I1S THINK OF THEtJ~ sufficient funds to buy the ~~e is an odd kind pt Chri!'t. books. Kindly let us hear from Ian whoobjee 8 10 tl1i'Rj('IIE', you at once. Attenc to mailing Mavbe he is not much ot a us the check NOW, before you Christian just beca. se ;,C ( bje cts . forget it. Comnassto« of Jssus l Just--~=--r-'--.r."~~~.~_ KINDNESS PASSES ON think orit i His !OV(~ hM're<lcbtd "When I came into the city M us: a stranger .. I shall never forget Do not pr<lY for miss ir» F er:- what it meant to me when some hard: unless you ex nect to ..,(', one gave me Ii re al, kindly wel- or help' end somebody. come." said a uiri who had For many neople it is 1:4";, r gone Jut of her way to welcome to pay missions than to I ru 'y t1. newcomer in her class. "Be- pray r ir mis-ions
  8. 8. THE MESSENGER -_._--------------- CASH FOR AUGUST Pleasant, Saluda, .5.35, Mt. Ver- Lutheran S. S. Burlington, N. non, White Rock, 4.00, Total 141. C. J 2.30, T. W. Dalton 50,00, 85, Rent 50.00, Returns from Lebanon eh, S. S. Lebanon Ch. farm 18.30. Holy Communion S. Va. 3.62. Returns from farm S. Dallis, N. C.20.56, St. Jacobs 40.00, Cash for Messenger .25. S. S. I1'incastle, Va, 2.13; Misa Holy Trinity S. S. Charlotte, N. Ada V. Miller, New Market. Va C.lO.72,' Gates Linney 12.33. (Common Service Book) 1.10. Bequest late Miss Annie Witvo. W~J NEED ••• gel, Cola, S. C. 96~.OO, John Sheets-regular size. Englehart 5.00, Cash .50, H. W. Girls Gingham Dresses. Stine 10.00, Mt. Zion S. S. Winter Underwear fol" Nokesville, Va. 5.00, Interest boys and girls. 30.21, Rent 15.00, Dr. A. B. floys Blouses & Trousers. Greiner, Treas. Va. Synod, Pu. Cash to pay our bills. lask! 7.25, Gravel Springs, Beth- DONA'I.'IONS FOR AUGUST. e1 S. S. 12.00. Mt·. Jackson, M N If T If T Pk• .!: rs, • N. Se , e ord, enn, g. Bethel 6,50, New 'Market, St. used elething ; Wm. Phlegar, Salem. Matthews 12.91; Bluefield, Im"- vs, one-half bu. plums; Mrs. Howery. manuel S. S. 11.94. Winchester, Salem. Va, Peck plums; W. C. Good.~. Grace 41 41 S 1 L th Salem, Va. large lot of apples: ?lIsa , '. • I - a Cll'!' . u er Mae Virginia Stickley. Stephens City, MemorIal· 2.89, Mlddlebrook, Va. 1 dress; Va. Heights Aid Soclelt', Mt. Hermon S. S. 8.00, Roanoke, Roanoke, Va 19 new sheeta; Ladies St. St. Marks (Bdg. Fund) 22.00, Enochs Ch. Kannapolis, N, C by Mre. Pulaski 10.0, H. W. Stine 10. C. D. Overcash, 87 prs, new pillow 00 H 1 H 2000 A eases] Mrs. Grace Russell, Aberdeen, ', .. eavener ., .' N. C. 2 crates peaches: Mrs. J. c. FrIend 5.00 Interegt 63.55 St. Chenowitt, Shepherdstown, W. vs. Lukes S. S Florence 1.40, Im- box used c10thingj Miss. L. Guinther 4 manu I S. S. Indian Springsj 4reS8tl8: E. A. Smyth, Blacksburg, v». Tenn. 2.02, H. W. Stine 10.00, 8 bUB.appleB; W. R. 7 Hester. Salem, Colon SSP it S C· vs. bbl. hme; Rev. W. C. Seldoll, D. y •• rOsperl y, • • D. Sterling, Ill, Annuity interest do-. 11.55. ash 2,00, P. G. Bryant n8ted $80.0Q. Mrs. Dr. Gale, Roanoke, 40.00, Mrs, O. E. Zimmerman Va. box used clothing; Solom<.nsCongo 15.OO~St, Nicholas S. S. Fair& Getll, vs. used clotbtng: Mrs. Annie :f3.X, S. C. 7.00, College Ch. S. wm, Tomll Brook. Va. 6 quilts cover»; s S I V 485 Pi D' t· Ut MOleu·WlI!tenn(;lothjJlgCQ. Hickory. • a em, a. • I r, p •• ,. N C 26 boys caps' Miss Lula Ward Johns S. S. Charleston, S. C. 5. Strl~burlt, VB, 4 ~rs. shoes, 4 dre~sell', QQ. Mrs, EUa Armenlrout (Com. 2 union sults, 1 coat, 1comb, estrllndtl Serv, 13k,) 1.10., St. Davids S. S. bends; Mr!!.Cora Linthlellm, Manaasae, St. Davids Ch, Va. 7.00, W. M. vs. box~~~~n!. = Soc. S. C Synod, Mrs. F. W. I pity no man because he ,hflF~ Se~gf:n'a, T-rens. St. Pauls, COlli, to work. If he is worth his !;Ialt. 9.00, EOOneZel Cola. 103.50, he will work, I envy the .man Grace, PrOStH~}·ity. 15.00, St. who has a work worth doing Luk .•3 ummervllle, 5.00 Mt. and does it well. «Roosevelt,