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1922 No. 8 LCHS Messenger newsletter


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Published in: Spiritual
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1922 No. 8 LCHS Messenger newsletter

  1. 1. PUBLISHED By THE LUTHERANORPHAN HOME. VOLUMEXXVIl~' SALEM, VIRGINIA.. A G." 1922. NUMBER 8. other. In spite of its diminutive Isize, it performs its work perfect- PR ESIDENT OF 'IHE BOARD Rev. ly. -Exchange. J. L. Sieber, Roanoke, Va. .• SECRETARY AND TREASURER R. Nachusa Orphans' Home sup-: W. Kime, Esq.,Salem, Va. ported by the Illinois synod is plan SUPERINTENDENT J. T. Crabtree, ning to erection or two new cot- Salem, Va. ' ASSOCIATE SUPERINTENDENT ',tages to' house twenty orphans Rev. E. W. Leslie, SalemVa. each. The two' houseswiil cost MATRON Mrs. L. B. Spracher, about $40,000. HOUSEKEEPER, Miss Nonie Gable. •••. ----' 'IEACHERS Mrs. G. V. Ruhl, MrsK·I The man who is fond of, good S. Crabtree, Miss. M. McSherry. b H' 11 ' SEWINGTEACHERMrs. Janie Bailey 00 S IS usua y a man o~ lofty ASSISTANTS Miss. Mary Crabtree, thought and elevated opinions, Mrs. Cora Wheeler. --George Dawson. FARM MANAGERJ. S: Critselous. . •. PHYSICIAN Dr. G. A. L. Kolmer. VIRGINIA CONFERENCE N.C. SYNOD The Associate Superintendent attended the annual convention of the Virginia Conference of the United Lutheran synod of North Carolinarecently held at Mt. Ne~ bo church, summerset,' Va. we were cordially received and were given an opportunity. to present -- --- the work of the Home; The mes- "Why does that old hen al- sage was heard by' an attentive way:; want to roost on the letter and interested audienc-e. Besides box?" a cash off'cring of $22.15, we were "she was hatched from a par- given assurances of assistance by , eel-post egg" ' , ,__ various congregetions and indi- A tinytypewrjter has been in- viduals. This body of loyal Luth- vented 9Y a Frenchman, which erans are deeply interested in the ", is small enough to be heldin one! work and drvelopment of the hand while it is operated with th J Home. Horne Directory Guard well your spare mom- ents. They are like uncut dia monds. Discard them and their value will never, be known; im- prove them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life -Emerson
  2. 2. 2 TH,E MESSENGER ~bt !ht't'tlt8" IANOTHtR CHECK FOR OUR ------____ . 'PRINTING OUTFIT Published Monthly By We have received another THE LUTHERAN ORPHAN check fro man "Unknown HOME Friend" Cameron, S. C. for fif- teen dollars to apply on our Job Printing outfit. This makes thir- ty -dollars in hand of the $225.00 needed to equip. our office for doing job work for ourselves and others. Somew here on the territory of our Lutheran church in the South are thirteen other friends who are willing to answer this chal- lenge by sending check for $15. We will be glad to hear from these friends at an early day. How many additional checks may we report in next. issue of the MESSENGER. ";ALEM VIRGINIA RATE OF SUBSCRIPTION ~ingle Subscription, one year ... .25 To. one address, ten copies or more. ten cents each. All subscriptions must be paid in advance. I;:ntered at the. Post Office in SA- LEM, VA.• as second class matter. iccf!ptance for mailing at special ••te of postage provided for in Sec. 1103, Act of Oct. 3, 1917, authorized Oct. 20, 19:!0. There are now no. reduced rates to. our Horne, either by freight or ex- Take Special to These Ship- ping Dlrect ions r press. Please mark your shipments plainly to. LUTHERAN ORPHAN HOME, SALEM, VIRGINIA. Pre- paid freight and express is o.f great ass istance to. our Home, ---- --- NEEDS The needs and wants of our Lutheran Orphan Horn e are far more identical than those spoken of elsewhere. Let us explain:- We want the co-operation of all fr.iends, Sunday Schools and churches in' helping us meet our monthly expense bills, for we GOOD RESOLUTIONS. need it; we want 12 more friends A certain church prints on the to meet our Lutheran Pastor's back of its program of services ;offer of $15,00, each, to equip these words:- our Printing Office to-do credi- I will not worry. table Job work; We want an I will not be afraid, iron safe to protect the valuable I will not give way to anger books and papers of the Home, I well not yeild to envy, jeal- for business prudence shows that ously or hatred. we need it; we want supplies of I will be kind to every man, clothing, cloth, shoes, stockings woman and child with whom I and canned goods of all kinds,- come in contact. and all supplies eatable and I will be cheerful and hopeful. I wearable, for all conditions show I will trust in God and brave-I that we certainly do NEED these ly face the future,' Ithings. .
  3. 3. THE MESSENGER 3 DEAD WHEN WORTHLESS. I I will cease to sit repmmg Every worthless man is a dead Iwhile my duty, call is clear. man. In schools that were old I will waste no moment whining when Jesus was born it was a and my heart shall know no fear. part of the discipline to regard as I will looksometime about me dead any student who grew for the things that merit praise; weary of studying to be useful I will search for hidden beau- or returned to an idle life. And ties that include the grumbler's it was customary, when such an gaze one died, to place on his tomb an I will try and find contentment inscription that would serve as a in the paths that I must tread, warning to others lest they also I will cease to have resentment squander 'their days and live to no when another moves ahead. useful purpose. Our Lord gave I will not be swayed by envy this idea an em.phasis it never when my rival's strenth is shown: had before. To Him a man' was I will not deny his merit, but dead, not when his breath went I'll strive to show my own; from him and his body returned I will try to see the beauty to the dust, but when he ceased spread before me. rain or shine. to live for .others. In His thought I will cease to preach your duty "that man may last but never and he more concerned with lives," who forgets his relation- mine. ship to God and man. In that sense and soul must be adapted adequate and assimilated to pre- serve the soul' life. Outward forms are good, but they cannot be substituted for deep spiritual life Paint is good and is needed . It has value of preservative and as beautifier. But decaying wood, or rusting iron, can not be saved, by a few coats of standard paint. No more can a life be saved from failure by surface applications merely, ---LUTHERAN YOUNG FOLKS. --- ...••••...... _-- --SoE. Kiser. --~....---- I WILL. I will start anew this morning with a higher; fairer creed; I will cease to stand complain . ing of my ruthless brother's cree I: COLLEGE CHURCH NEARING COMPLETION College Lutheran Church, the handsome new structure in course of erection by the Luth- erans of Salem, Va., is nearing completion and will be ready for use in a few months. When completed, the building . will be the most up-to-date and beautiful church in the city, and is justly the pride and joy of the loyal Lutherans of Salem. This is the church home of our Orphan Home family. • TO THE MANY FRIENDS OF THE HOME. Please mar.k all donations with the name of the donor and ad- dress, so that we can keep an accurate account of all donations.
  4. 4. ." 4 THE ~.'f'''SENGER TWO THINGS THAT NEVER END. I the impression that he is s~lling There are at least two things Iby the Golden Rule; that he IS con that are endless--a perfect circle sidering the man at the other an~ ~ur Orphan Horne needs. end of the bargain. This is the This tIme,. besides our Job best rule for action in any and Prmtmg outfit mentioned else- ..' where in this issue every kmd of buisness, How WE NEED A SEPARATOR. much of sorrow a~d d~sappoint- . . ment would be avoided If all men The milk from our herd of lived I according to this blessed nine fine cows would yield twen- Rule spoken by the Master tv-five per-cent more butter.and Himself. eliminate the handling and car- ing for large quantities of milk There is nothing in human life if we had a separator. We have a so precious to God. neither clev- er words nor famous deeds. as special price of $80 from the the sacrifices of love. dealer on one of the best ma- -Ian Maclaren chines on the market. but we do ••• not have the $80 for th is purpose. I A CORRECTION We are wondering if some kind The contribution of $10.20 friend or generous congregation credited in last issue to Mt. will not send us a check for the Pleasant S. S., Sands, N. C., should have been credited to Old an:ount and enable us ~opurchase Mt. Pleasant, Sandi, N. C. We this much needed equipment for rs glad to make this correction. our dairy. -- __ •.••0---- WE ALSO NEED AN IRON SAFE OLDCHILD~EN-NEW CHILDREN- Th E' . '. MORE ROOM NEEDED. e xecut~;e Commitee m- Some are going: some are «om- s~ructed us to get a safe," but ing:many others are waiting.vyes: did not tell us whsre to find the several children went out from safe or the money--another case the home recently, -two to Alber- of "making brick without straw." marie, N. C.; two to Norfolk and UTeare 0 deri in if three to Newport News, Va.-Butvy w n ermg agam I some . of our rich Lutherans who have these vacancies th~s made have been U d th it f b been more than filledt- as fol- n er e necessi yo uy- . ing ala f Id t d lows:- One from Princeton, W. Varger sa e, wou no 0- . nate to the Home the old one, or f~o from ~an:ls; t;o fr~ml ~u~- send us money enough to buy a ~ngto.n an t ree r~m. a el?, .. new one. Thank you, kind friend, '1~aht IS sevebn ouft an h rune k l . n ,- fo look ' d d . Wit anum er 0 ot ers as mg r mg aroun an seemg . . . what ca b d ith b th and waiting. 0, how we wish we n e one on el . er or 0 . of th forezoi iti had room to take m all the needy e oregomg propos: IOns. . Thank you! on~s who are applying. Help .us, __ --.... Friends, to put up more Build- WORKING BY THE GOLDEN RULE. ings for more children. Do not A certain shrewd buisness man let this precious opportunity for ~ays that the salesman he likes service for the M~t.e}' pass .,p~ best is the one that gives him you. ''':~ ----. .•.... ---
  5. 5. THE MESSENGER 5 -----.•...--- maybe: It IS a moving, potent shield that protects many a family from the poorhouse. All honor to the brave toiler! God bless the girl who works. -·PITTSBURGH C. ADV. If we read the Bible aright, we read a book which teaches us to go forth and do the work of the Lord; to do the work of the Lord in the world as we find it, to try to make things better in this world, even if only a little better, because we have lived in it. That kind of work can be done only by the man who is neither a weakling nor a coward by the man who in the fullest sense of the word is a Christian like Great Heart, Bunyan's hero. We plead for a closer and wider and deeper study of the Bible, so that our people may be in fact as well as in theory, "doers of the ord and not hears only." --THEODORE ROOSEVELT. ••• GOD BLESS THE GIRL WHO WORKS. God bless the girl who works! She is not too proud t. earn her own living, Rot ashamed to be caught at her daily task. She smiles at you from behind the counter or desk or printer's esse. There is sweet memory in every thing she touches. She is like the brave mountaineer, alreadv far up the precipice--climbing, struggling, rejoicing. The very sight is an inspiration, It is an honor to know this girl and to be worthy of her esteem. Lift your hat to her, young man, as she ---- ••.•--- passes by. She is a queen in the Some of the assistants are tak- realm of womanhood. She is a ing their vacation at the present princess among the toilers. Her time. We miss them in their re- hand may bQ stained by dish-· spective places, but are glad to washing, factory grease or print _ have them spend a few weeks er's ink, but it is an honest hand. with their relatives and friends It stays misfortune from the and take pleasant trips to inter- home; it supports an invalid one esting places. THE MUSIC OF LABOR. The banging of the hammer, The whirling of the plain, T-he crashing of the busy saw, The creaking of the crane, The ringing of the anvil, The grateing of the drill, The clatter of the turning lathe, The whirling of the mill, The buzzing of the spindle, The rattling of the loom, The puffing, of the engine, The fan's continual boom. The clipping of the tatlor's shears. The driving of the awl.>- These rounds of happy industry, I love--I love them all. The clicking of the magic type, The earnest thoughts of men, The toiling of the giant press, The scratching of the pen, The tapping of the yardstick, The tinkling of the scale, The whistling of the needle, (When no bright cheek is pale). The humming of the cooking stove, The surging of the broom, The patting feet of childhood, The housewife's busy hum, The' of the scholars, The teacher, s kindly call--- The sounds of active industry, I love·--I love them all. ---SELECTED.
  6. 6. 6 THE MESSENGER PHILOSOPHY IN BROKEN DOSES. Enthusiasm is the headlight on the train of progress. Youth views life through rose- tinted glasses; age through blue goggles; which is beetter? Shyness is beautiful in the wood violet; it is not thought to be indispensable to a millionaire. When we're undeservedly praised we commend the critic's judge- ment. If we are undeservenly censured, what do we do then? When we get Justice, the real- ity, we may dispense with Char ity, the sham. After eating we allow time for dige-tion. After' reading how much time do we allow for thought? A string suggests a man pulling and being pulled. --- .......---- EMPTY JARS We have plenty of ·them and will be glad to send them to our friends who will fill them and return them to us in the fall. We prepay all charges. Let us know how many you want and to whom to send them, HOUSEKEPER SECURED. Miss Nonie Gable, of Senoia, Ga. has accepted the position of Housekeeper in the Home, and assumed her duties ,. July 5th, last. She is proving herself capable and efficient in this important department of our Home work, and we congratulate ourselves on securing her services. MISS DORA BARRIER. Miss Dora Barrier, who for seventeen years was the efficient Housekeeper for the Home, passed peacefully away, after a lingering illness, at the Home of her brother, Mr. M. W. Barrier, near Statesville, N. C., on July 19th. No one has ever worked in the Home with a higher degree of de- votion to her duties than she did. She was loved by all in the Home. The familiar face .and name of Miss Dora will be greatly missed by us all. She loved' the Home and was thoroughly consecrated to its great mission. She bore her sufferings with Christian pa- tience and resignation, and died in the triumphs of Christian faith. "Asleep in Jesus, " Ie· A BETTER WAY Don't lie in bed and dream and dream Of what you'd like to do, But hop right up an hit your licks To make your dreams come true -Tennyson J. Daft. RECEIVING CONGRATULATIONS. Mr. and Mrs, Critselous are re- ceiving the congratulations of their freinds upon the arrival in their home on July 18, of a little daughter. Mr. Critselous is the Superin- tendent of our farming opsra- tions. Mrs. Critselous is with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.C. J.. Harr, at Indian Springs, Tenn.
  7. 7. THE MIi:SSENGER 7 FARM NOTES. Our farm manager, Mr. J. S. Critselous furnishes us with the following items of interests con- cerning-our farm and trucking in- terests: Our crops are all looking very favorable. We have been blessed with plenty of rain. Our truck patches are also doing well and furnishing plenty of vegetables for our large family. Our corn crop is exceptionally good, there is no better corn in this section of the state. we have ---SEL. mowed the alfalfa the third time. ----<I... The present crop, while not so SOUTH CAROLINIANS WILL heavy as the first two,is a good NOT TAKE A DARE Ione. Pasture lands are in good S' I' , condition,and our cows are mce our ast Issue we nave reo doi f 11d tv i . ldi I ceived two responses to the om~ .u u Y.m yre mg arge "Challenge" of one of our pas- I qU~llltles of ~tlk and. butter: tors for our job Printing outfit. 1he threshmg machme has Just ,EW)h of these responses come left our barn. we had twenty -five fi.~m South Carolina one from acres of wheat ani we threshed Cameron the other from Ballen- 650 bushels of first quality wheat. tine. South Carolina Lutherans This was an average of more than can always be depended on to do twenty-five bushels to .the acre, their work. which is far above the general W t d i t t I average for this section.e ye nee JUS we ve more .•.. responses to this effort to raise BEQUESTS TO OTHERS $2:25to equip our office with type The Tressler Orphan Home, at for doing- Job Printing. Friends, Loysville,' Pa., will receive, through the will of Mrs. David who will be the next to respond H G tl P thays, reeneas e, a., e sum to this "dare"? of $7,000. The Foreign Mission Our b:>YRhave just turned out Board and the local Lutheran a splendid job of printing letter church will each receive $1,000. heads for the Home, but we A layman in Allentown has had to have the form set up at a left to the Good 'Shepherd Home near-by printing' plant. We are a legacy which may reach $75,000 anxious to get our own equipment. The legal title of our Orphan We will appreciate contributions Home is "The Lutheaan Orphan for this purpose from friends Home in the South." located at of the Home. Salem, Virginia. LITTLE THINGS. A crumb will feed a little bird, A thought prevent an angry word; A seed bring forth full many a flower A drop of rain foretell a show- er A little cloud the sun will hide, A dwarf may prove a giant's guide; A narrow plank a safe bridge form, A smile some cheerless spirit warm.
  8. 8. 8 THE MESSENGER CASH RECEIPTS FOR JULY. ·,5.00,HOlYTrinty 8.8., Lynchburg .C~sh ,2.00, 0. 8. Aker, 25.00, 2 36,Colleg'e Chu!'"th,Old DIvidend, 3.00, Miss Kate 8chaull Mt .. Pleasant 8. 8. Sands, 13. QO 30.00 Lebanon Church 8 8 5 71 R.H. Hamm~nd. 5:00; C. G. ~ea- Share 8 8 . . . .: 'gle, 6. 84, Linn Mills, 96. 00: ~t. aron ., GIbsonville, 4.70, Andrews s.S, Plains; 10: 00; Mrs Salem 8;8. Mt. Sidney, 6.00, Hav- D.S. Haltiwanger, (printing) 15 en Lutheran 8.8. Salisbury 18:05, .00, Mrs. W. W. Walker's little Interest, 133.98, Interest, 127.50, girls, 5.00, Tom's Brook ." .15.29, 8t. Luke's 8.8. Florence, 6.25,Zion s.~. Crockett, 3.95, Farm Summer Memo. Church, 2.00, 40. 50, women's Miss, soc, Beth- 8.8. Newport, Va. 4.28, Farmre- lehem, W3JTe<ioIC, 20'((,; sum turns, 64.65, J.D. Heilig, Treas:- mer Memo. Church, 1. 74; Geo. D Christ's 8.8. 8pencer,.7,69,Mont. Brown, Treas:- St. Markes, '. '-. Amoena8eminary 8.8. 8.00,Holly 13.18, Virginia Hieghts s.S.50. Crove 8.8 ..5.15: -'Phil. 8.8. Gran- OO,Immanuel's, S. '~, 24.33, Mrs' ite Falls., Salem 8.8.Rowan J. T. Runge, 5.00; Va. Conf. 2.95, 8t. John's 8.8. Cherryville, United Synod of N.C,22.15; Inter 32.47. Christiana 8.8. 10.66, Holy terest, 60.00; Mrs. J.D. Shirer, Trinity 8.8. Charlotte, 7.62, St. 5.00; Rev Paul Sieg, 1.00. Prima- John's Congo Statesville, 10.23, ry Dept. st. Johns 8.S Charleston Christ's 8.8. Spencer, 8.38, 1st 8.C 10.00 Interest $]28.33, St. Church 8. S. Lexington, 6.19, Johns S. 8. Statesville ·9.96 Kimball Memo. S.S. 25.00, E- Total $1,909.43 mmanuel's8.8.High Point, 18.00. . DONATIONS· FOR JULY. Sharon 8.8. Iredell, 5.55, Union LURAY, VA., Leta MildredFrank, 1 Cone, 12.00, Holy Trinity Congo girl's dr.ess. . W t 3 12 ·C CHINA GROVE, N.C., Class No.2. au auga, . , enter Grove 8. St. Mark's S. S. 1handsomelyembroid- 8. 15.~1, St. Michael's 8.8. 9.78, ered quilt.· St. James· 8.8. Newton, 4.50, ROANOKE, VA., Miss Mary Mark- . ley's S. S. ,class, St. Mark's church,... St. John's 8.8. Cherryvill«, 16.66, 2 small rocking chairs. Mr. V. P. Hetk- B . k U' 8 ~ T· t '11 5 00 man,1 dozenrubberballs, 30 pooket diet- rrc mon S. ~ . rou VI e,. 'ionaries." AFriend"Va. Heights church Emmanuel S.8. Blountville, 8.30, peaches, plums, second-hand clothing. 1st Eng .. Luth. Church. Rich- CROCKETVA., Mr. A. L. Snaveley 1 barrel apples. mond, 16.66, Returns from farm, SALEMVA., Rev. Paul. Sieg. large 11.75, Interest, 247.14, V. Hock- number of books and magazines·, and onebook case. man,15.JO,::)outhView8.8.10.00, WAYNESBORO, VA., Nettie B. 'A.M. Freeze, 3.00, St Barnabas 8. Rusmisele, P.P. Package dry goods. 8. Charleston, 3.75, Mrs J. A. LOm, VA., Mrs.Andy Eakin, pac-k- Koon, 23.00,· Emmanue'l 8. S. age clothing.' RICHMOMD, VA., First English Woodstock, 25.35, (rphan Home Lutheran church, 33 pillow cases, 32 Helpers' Soc. Pulaski, 7.69, Inter- towels, 6 sheets, I gauze shirt and W est, 151.81, Women's Miss. Soc. prs. hose. United Luth. American 137 ST. PETERSBURG, FLA., Trinity 48 Unkno n F' d.Came . Lunheran church, 10 dresses. , w rien ,ameron, CHARLOTTE,N.C.W.P. Bolen,2 (Printing) 15.00,H. P. Copehaver, I baseball bats. '