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1910 February LCHS Messenger newsletter


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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1910 February LCHS Messenger newsletter

  1. 1. Vol. Xl. Salem, Virginia, Feb. 1910. No.1. PUBLISHED BY THE LUTHERAN ORPHAN HOME. and willing to make any correction or addition. HOME DIRECTORY P,{ES. OF BeARD, REV. L. A. Fox, D. D. S_ir~EM! VA. VICE-PltESIDENT, COL. A. M. BOWMAN, SA- LE,r, VA. ~EC OF BOARD, R. W. Klme Esq. SALEM, VA. 'l'ltEAS. OF BOARD MR JAMES P. HOUTZ S.LEM, VA. StTPEHINTENDENT, J. '1". CRABTREE, ::»ALElI,' VA. ~1 ATRO~t ASST. MISS MINNIE HOYDEN, HOU~EKEEPER, MISS. DORA BAltRIER. '!',:ACHER, ~1RS. G. V. RUHL. 1'"IMAltY TEACHER, Mrs. K. S. Crabtree. Sewing Teacher. M1SS. MARY C~A~T.H.E·E. -, FEBRUARY AGAIN. We are just emerging, "catching up," in the way of acknowledging ,our "Gifts in Kind,' since Thanks- giving. Much matter was crowded out in December, and also, in j anu- ary. This number of the Messenger contains all the known "left-overs." Now, if anything has been omitted we will be glafl if ourfriends will in- form us and send the lists so that we may publish them next month. Some boxes and packages were re- ceived during December and Jan. with no names accompanying them. The lists may have been sent and failed to reach us. We are ready SAINT STEPHEN'S STOCKING. St. Stephen's Sunday-School.Lex- ington, South Carolina, sent us a big "Christmas Stocking." On open- Ing same we ~ound seventy-three lit- tle stockings in this one big one., and, on counting the contents of said stockings, we found the snug little sum of $24.06. Mr. W. P. Roof al- so sent us a box by freight contain- mg I roll of Ticking, 1 roll of Dim- ity, nine prs shoes" I box buttons. Thanks to all.· -, A GREAT PEOPLE. Not gold, but only men can make A people great aud strong; Men who; for truth and honor's sake, Stand fast and suffer long. EFFECT OF EXAMPLE' Go, make thy garden fair as thou canst, Thou workest never alone; Perchance he, whose plot is next to thine, Will see it and mend his own.
  2. 2. THE MESSENGER. Published monthl y by THE LUTHERAN ORPHAN HOME SALEM, VIRGINIA. Rs.TEs OF SUBSCRIPTION. Single Subscription, one year 25 In Clubs of ten or more 20 To one address ten copies or .r ore ten cents each. ~ All subscriptions must be paid for in advance. Entered at the Post-Office in Salem. Va., as second-class matter. DIRECTIONS FORSHIPPING. In ad vance a letter should be sent to the Hupt., giving all accurate list of ar- ticles and names of donors (no atten tion is paid to names on packages, etc. To get free transportation over the Southern R'y and Atlantic Coast Line Address the '3upt at least ten days prev- ious; or apply to local agent. The N. & W. Il:lvehalf rates when not prepaid. OUR NEEDS. 'Needing something yet?" Yes in- deed: and we expect to continue in the same condition for some indefi- nite time to come. "Why,?" Because our children must be fed, clothed, taught, controlled,and guided aright. To do thi s we need SUPPLIES of all kinds, CASH for our monthly bills, CASH for paying off the note in the bank, CASH for making necessary re- pairs and improvements, The active interest, warm sym- pathy and hearty co-operation of all our people. SEND THEM~ON YET. The Holidays are over:-in fact it is now~February; but we need juste as much for Current Expenses now as we did during the Festal and Hol- iday months. To Congregations, and Sunday Schools, and to individuals we desire to say that we are still needy. If you were too busy, or if you over looked it,-or if it did not jnst suit you to send the Home some- thing about the time of the Holidays because so many other things were pressing upon you, we art'! glad to tell you that you are not "too late," for you can do us just as much act- ual good by sending us something now, or later, for we are needy all the year round. Send now: send any time: send as much and as often as you can. Remember that Jesus said to His Disciples, "For the poor ye always have with you." Your Orph- an Home children are a.part of your "poor. " ROSENBAUM'S CHAPEL:- D. J. Copenhaver, 12 Ibs sausage; J. Mike Miller, 2 bu potatoes, 50 lbs flour; H. G. Peery, 45 Ibs potatoes; Rev. & Mrs. D. S, Fox, 100; ] ohn A. Dix 2.00; A. J. Clark, 1.00; Jas. Dix, .50. ZION CONG~EGATION:-MissF. Coley, 1.27; 1. A, Miller, 1.00. PO- MARIA,S.C.:-Mrs. Dolly Harmon, 6 jars fruit, I pr stockings, .25; Mrs. Lucy Graham, .25; John P. Wicker, 1.55; Mrs. Minnie Caldwell, .50; Emanuel Croner, .25; Miss Lilhe Ringer, I dress; Mrs. H. M. Wicker, 2 dresses, 3 yds lawn, I pr slippers: Miss M. Eargle, .50; H. M. Wicker, 2.00. "The deadliest sin were the con- sciousness of no sin." -Carlyle
  3. 3. GROWING SYMPATHY. Mrs. Alice Daruen. 1 qt onions, 3 While the h el pletsncss of Orphans Icans peaches; Geo. Brown & Wife, appeals to the hearts and purses of, 6 cans peaches, I bu potatoes; Mrs. almost. everyone, yet the re is now I Mike Shealy, I qt. omens, 2 prs a growing tendency to do larger drawers, .50; Mrs. Eliz. George, 2 thing s, and to m vke be tt er provision cans tomatoes; A.. W. Shealy, I bu for these helpless and needy ones. potatoes; Mrs. A. W. Shealy, I Scare sly a week passes that we do sheet, 5 yds calico; Mrs. Hap pie not hear or read of -o me bequest or Shealy, I bu potatoes: Miss Bettie gift to help Orph m Home Work. Shealy, I quilt; B. F· Shealy, I bu The people are beconing more able potatoes; Irwin Shealy & Wife, 8 and willing, and as they learn more yds prints, ~ hu potatoes; Noah and more to know the needs.> they Shealy, T sack flour; Mrs. Noah 1:"'11l think, feel an J act more and Shealy, 5 yds cloth, 8 'bs soap; Isaac more for the help of the helpless. Shealy & Wife, I quilt, pillow cases, The "Laymen's Movement" will be 3 cans peaches; S. E. Dowers, I bu- a pot er.t factor in moving more potatoes; Mrs. S. E. Bowers, I bed persons to accion along this same spread. 3 lbs soap; Mrs. Cleo Shealy, line. I can peaches; Mrs. Maggie Shealy 2 cans peaches, 2 cans tomatoes; Mrs. Maggie Daniel, 6 cans peaches 3 Ibs soap; Lee Shealy & Wife, I bu potnt oesr g cans peaches, I sheet: J. A. Shealy & Wife,l quilt, I can peaches, 10 yds prints, 2 pr stock- ings; Eddie Monts & Wife, I bu potatoes, 1 pr pillow cases; Mrs' Minnie Daniel, 6 cans peaches. FIRE ESCAPE:- The laws of the State require fire Escapes to be put on all Buildings over thre e stories high. Common safety also londly calls fora Fire Escape on our Four-Story Building. We have Esti- mates of cost of putting up a fire Es- cape, and would like to glvt. infor- mat ion to a-iy one desirous of tak- ing up this matter. o PASS AVANT HOSPITAL 111 Pittsburg, Pa., ha- recently received $3.000.00 from :he daughters 01 the late Mr. Wilson Miller, ill memorj of their fathe-r. LUTHER HOSPITAL, at Eat Claire, Wis., will receive $30,000. oc from the estate of Sigvald Quale. THE ASYLUM, for the Aged, a Mars, Pa., has received a be ques of $500. 00 from the late J, j.Baudi of Kittanning, Pa. FUNDS are being raise for an additional BUIlding for the Oster lein Home at Springfield, Ohio.Om third of the necessary amount hai already been secured. SLIGH'S, S. C.- MOU'Il"T TAB- OR CHURCH:- Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Kempson, 8 lbs sugar; Mr. E. E. Sligh, I lb. coffee; Mrs. B. S. Sligh, I can coffee; B. S Sligh I can cof- fee; Mr. & Mrs. L. D. Sheally 2 cans beans, r can apples, I can peaches, 5 qts dr ied fruit; Mr. & Mrs. R. B. Shealy, I can apples, I can tomatoes Mr. & Mrs. T. C. Bundrick, 4 yards gingham, 4 cans peaches, ~ bu. po- tatoes; Mr. & Mrs. W. P. COL1nts, 10 yds. gingham; Lora Bowers, I quart preserves, I lb pepper,s yds prints 2 halls knitting yarn, I7 yards home- spun; Miss Hattie Shealy, I quilt
  4. 4. CASH RECETVr.:D. Ni~hol.1S Church, Tnnnv, S. C. T 2.00. for Lnui l rv <r-ive: Sr. An lr e .v C.):1 cord, 2.8:>; I.L, 1!()~I1.;h:lr~'·r, 3).00. F on Jan. r s t t) Jill, 29'h, r o ro D-. A, 8. r;.!-ein~r, Treas.W S Va. SYW),j :-Ralf"r,],'3i'i·5::>: C"·'·lwh.9 CPO'J' R0.[), V. {i-:;" Lylian .22; [1"ly Tr in it v. Wyth -v ille 10 o::>~ W,l'i I'll . r (:) nf-ir t, 15 ;J(<; Tlt'l')~'-<;. E. T. L~"lie, HI 't"fit"o. 375::>. ,",:Ili,)I TK')U I'VILLF:, V' R'v F; W. Gnv,', I'. I 'ri 1'1':; S . ~ '5· rh e L~sli,., c i -h 10'; Ir, H-rr a Rad rr, C'r urh, 275: "ClI,-Cl. r the R:-11h:n Icro:k;f,sV[Ig".!'ieLilken d ee n e r 'II'lt·,. ('1..11)::>0; I',· h.rk e-', ['1.1 P,raroe.;, Yz d vz c ms F I', Tr '3" . "'dt'''ville, 4 4:;: Rer r, lW!1 I' -e-. C t r ] .: R >II ~ R Irler. Yz I So: rs I.; [) 111.23; CW. ne-r- bu V1'11c.l''': VI', '~~ttit' Sff rd, 1 b0·e r . r, eJS C oI'I~g-? C'lu,·,:h. I G C'l'. ;l');)le.; 1-,;. Al ic : S,,: IY. 9 l bs ,75: Be: hl t- h ern S S.. VIi::;.; SI! JI)d. p iddi l.!. 5 I'); rib;, 6 :'), 5 <11.; I~"', 6 5 ::>0; Wom e-r's :id S'c, B"loge- rb, h )'l'Y; L. f<~ R I I'", 1 ~al >:;"CLlP, wa r er. 5::> ': [ I·i')n. V I. , C ,r'g-., 7 2 're 1';. 11'T, f, lc j ~'I'1. r C"lC'( ip .5 0 ; Mrs. 1 ,,·to·I'S 'i S Ci 1<;,. C,I- pie ~)CJtte";~ C :cl & '{ I"i,~ R y ,II", u n l-ia , S. C. 17 l-j: R v P F:. 1) 1- 0 b I ,V')I1'J": Ill, R 10 :r,U hu r.x-, r·".ln;~ )'1. S C. ,j.q): s: r.I'.1!". "linJ's: I'; F; I'ho R! I ~". 4 C I 's SI'i;~llll'V, 80'; RI'v. I),. R ... YI)'- l'l'f'l,:O,;: [", MI'y F"1C',", r »k ':1', Tr e s .. 5797: L I F )"1', IIi.;:; ~l'l;Jies; I<IIC Kt-s l..r , r p k Ilop-cllrn; •• ("li'le, It. Plel~'l'1l, 6.5;; 1 c;. E R I Ier, Yz bt a nple s ; IVIr,;. Urnl .u", SIP'S S, Ri :'1;1l1 I I, V i. C a'd e n"l1~'l, r hen, ;~ 11'1 P H'ltO('S, 60 5; e l I,. R:J l i ci l, C'lt·r,'·vil1e.) 6 C:I:lS to n .t )e,; 1: 3S S 11 n I P.lV 1- .00, F; L. Vallg-rl'lll, R,1<lllol<e,8,Go; t er, r bu potatoe,. 4 lb-, ~1:; Ir, r Ib Cc ildrens St''ing Circle, St. Step- coffe,.Yz h i a1plp-;, C.C P r vn te r, hen's Church, Lexin'o'" S. C ,500; 5 lhs d .ied pe ic't e s ; GO, Payn- C" rrsr m 1'; -t oc ': i:1g-.; of S', -;t t' u'reus t er, 2 1')5 d ri eI ')(' ich :;; ~~ H ° ey, S S. L'xi 1:; Y), 19 c)~: .t C)ff n 11, ea-ch .. So; vl r«.B :lle Bru ~11,.5 ); E. Treas., 15°0::>: R~v. H. S Iltlia··, V. R-=YllJ1d, I (:IS~ tin u re-, r bu Mo-h eirn. ·I;nn., 4,5::>; t{ev. V. R. potaoes, 1,s. Reu 1 R -vnol Is 1 S Ickl~y. H n"I1"l~'l, "J. C. :, Lov« g11 apple tYlt~er, r p L1li'l'';, I pint Church,s·.)). Ricin lH!, 6,')), St. butter; J. f', I-IJ'J5 11In, r b:1 c irn ; Paul's. 5· 0::>; li,'s R -t t ie A. C'trp e n- ;,1rs Vr I HJ IS 1111, I gal apple bel> ler, 5 00 ; C R. Wi .e, Tr e is., S. S. tel'; J. W. H '~."111'1, r bu p ,tatt1es; Church of t re Rerl-erncr, Ne whe rrv, Mr «, Cora H lls:U 11, [ g" ~t;J)1 ~ but- S C, 600:Jl)h1 E'1:;iehard, f-hll:1-, t er, I g-.::Isweet pickle; Mr«. Viola ton, V,] 22·5°; Fred. Gro-bler, New- Flesh 111n, 2 c ais frJi'; C H. Hous- port News, 2250; J, F. T-TuffinfS, m ui. Yz case t ornr to es. Gihs.m ville. 47::>; C. L. Kneis+ev, Sr. S LF: VI, VA, I[,'s R W, Kime Paul's, Stras')J"~, Vl.,S000; De a- 3 doz oranges; Mr. si. Cld.i. Bruwn, coness Soc. , Church of the Ascen . 100 oranges. siou, Savannah. G'l.., 12.00 i0r __, . blouses, 3,00 of the amount was S rR-.SBURG,VA.: SLI·ldly.Scn~'ll donated by the Junior Circle of the IClass taught by MI~s . !1ary Smith King's Daughters. Mrs. Mary E. Iand Mrs. A. M. Jen k in», sent the Saum, Maurertown, Va., 5.00; St Home 36 good combs: The ful1ow-
  5. 5. ing- i~a list of t+ie rn vri'rer s of th e Loysville) Pa., has been specially C',lS-;;- Frank & Walter Cr abi.l , [avor ed re centl y. A Hospital. or In- Clvk & s,unuel (;eove, N ellie & f irmtr y, was being- built and a friend, Rt>gi'! Armentrout, H'trolrl &: Anna .11sin~ his~)J 1 ju Ig uent as to the H,)ci< nt-r. Ch rs Art z. ',ois Fr m k & ju+icious placing of certain money H .r rld Cn a.i ll er, Willie & Erlith left in his hs n I, f or ch t ri tahle pur- F! 'et, (;-,lc1'n & jrn e s E')erly. Doses. s-nt a check for $8.50000 to ,k1ilie Pollard, Hazel S mner, Allen the Superi.iteud eut to pay for the R -,~ers, K~1 lri,l{ & Lucien L:Ii'1YIg, whole building ana its furnishing, o .car Br()V'1, Vivien & Lil ie n , Cool- ~--- ev , Cathirin« Fi',h'~r,Ellen & Ch as THAT PIANO AG:IN.:- Our read- Bl iic'ifiet I, J'.:sc.;ie & fohn Fi sh er, ers will r erne mber that we have been Mic'l'Ir;1 1) iru el l, S ir ah M .cb ir. talKing for some e about needing Cl v le C .n er 1:1, R It1 & VI tri01 a Piano. We n o w lal<e pleasur e in an- A,11'.v'»)),Cilrl :Zei,ter. Thank YIlU nOlnciClgthltthislVa:1thaSal"obeeo Ci,il:c 1. Z B) "I'" SIn.;, Sal em , -uppli ed. Messrs. Henry and Louis Va. Nic: 1,)( of H'J'iery. Schultze, of Roanoke recently sent -~- us a very go')d 2111 hand square pi- M'13QF,Ivt:, TE~:q. BLUE , h a 1;), d ef ivered free 1)( all co st In t e SPRI'JG CHURl~H, Rev.HI. Horne. THANK YOU, GENTLE- Mat th ins, P,l5tor:-J icob Harm m Yz ~IEN, bu p')!) C »r o, 1 gal siusage, 2 car:s fruit rG. -.. R 'dJer, Yz <;al appl- but- ter; Mr«. Sdler, T pk beans: Mrs. 1ltthi IS. 14 ya broadcloth, 3 vds f l'1'1 -I -t t e. 2 1)'~ rU'l')'~r,j Mr..;.J »hn D. Cl vl>, Yz ":11 jp1y, Yz g-al sa us- rise: Mr s W B. 1. H tr-n)'1, 2 w riit s. 2 apr o.ts. d-unesr ic: John D. Clvrle, 5:)j V{-s. E.B. »hglb, 50j G,B. R -Ili ns, 5:); W F. M Hnrrn-in 50; M's" Le 1:1 Fi -ch er, S'rlern, Va., I qni lt.r Vz d iz eggs: Mrs. Carrie Beck, Mr. jackso n, Va., 2 bovs' suits. 5 waists, 3 co ll ars, I cap. H I~ATIX(; PL. 'J'T FUNn, A 110'lrlt r en-» ted last n.ont h. $49).24 Mrs A P Ha nk ins & S0n, ",5,00 lIr-s. s:c Eichelberger"". ,.250 Arn oun t with name not reported, 12 It) Total, 51893 Face of note, ~E2300.00. GIFT OF A r,UILnTNG. The Tresslet' Orphan Home, at THE POWER OF GOD A thoughtless word of impatience, or of censure, or of crit iclsrn, or of seeming indifference to another's in- terests, mar give srch pain as you would not wdlln"iy inflict upon an enemy; a nd may be a means of cle- pression and of gr.ef beyond your imagi.tiiig; There at e marvelous possi'rilities in a word of kindness, like the marvelous possibilit les in a rear of sympathy>- H. C. Trumbel. THE GOOD SHEPHERD HO1E has been ill existence only r wo years. On Jan., 8th it received a bequest of$4. 000.00 from the es- tate of Mr. John Winsbrough, of Penn Arglye, Pa, .----...---.--_. WANTED:- We want One Thous- and new subscribers at 25 cents each We may have to buy a new Job Press soon.
  6. 6. GEORGIA CANE SYRUP LISTS We take great pleasure In publish. ing the following list of donors of Georgia cme syrup and return our sincere thanks to each and a 11;- RINCO ~; G <;- J B. Kessler, 50 g:{ls; ;. NiHef rnly, 5 gals; JA.Hel- mlv, .);S.E.Helmly,JI.,3; T.B. Wald- hour,5;G.W.Zitgler, 2; W.H. Wald- hour, 3; Charley Waldhou r, 2; J R. Wa klhour 5; I. E. Hine ley, 7.; A W Kessler, r ; R. F. Seckn rer, 5; W.'>. Rahn. Jr. 2; Mrs. tvI. V. Rahn. 2;Y.r. & Mrs. Relton Aruedorff, 8; D. G.& J J. Simmon!', 22; The followingpaid in money and bought 50 gals. .-Rev. & Mrs. Y. van A- Riser, $1. 25; El- liot Hineley,. 25;J. V. Hinelev,. 50; Byron Gnann, I 25; Barn-y Zipper. er, r. 00; C. W Kessler, I. 75; B. F. AN OPE~ SEC:RET. Helmlv, I. 75; W. S. LY'1ch, I. 25:A. The secret of Germany's success L. Hineley, I. 00; W. S. Kessler, T. is no secret at all to those who know 00; J D. Gnann, ; 50; A. A.Gnann,. the relative condition of her work- 25; R; L. Gnann, 25· ing population ant! England's. Eng- EBEZNEER,GA.;- L.E Seckinger, land has allowed the slum to take 5 gals. ;B.C. Ziegler. 5;E.R. Wald- care of its self, and rh e slum has turn hour,s; B. H. Grove-istei n, 5; L. F.' ed upon her and eaten out the heart Grovenstein, 3; Jacob Martin, 2; G. of her strength. The rea! strength W. Seckinger, 2; Mrs. C. Overstreet, of a nation IS not her banks, palaces, 2; J. D. Ziegler, 2; S.C'. Exley, 2; D. rich men, armaments, guns. battle- H. Seckinger, 2; J. A. Gnann, I; M. ships, splendors, Park Lanes, royal Waldh our, 2; M. A. WalJhour, 10; state, pomp and circumstances: the Rev. Y. Von A. Riser is Pastor of real strength is the men who work these churches. with their hands. That is her only NEW BROOKLAND, S C. A asset worth talking about; her phy- Gift from the Ladies' Aid Society sical condition depends upon their of Mt. Tabor E. L. Church. Master condition. England hall allowed Elon Sox I hdkchf; Miss Ett a Sox I her working population to det erio-. hdkchf; Virgie Lybrand, 3 hd kchfs ; rate in slums; Germany has labored Sanford Rudisil 2 hdkchfs; Elliott to abolish the slum and to rear her Shealley I yd ribbon; Mrs. C. R. working popul ations in the full Lybrand pr stockings, percale; Mrs. measure of health aud vigor. When M. H. Lybrand, 7 hdkchs: Bessie the two working populations clash Corl-v, I pr stockings ; Lois Corley, in the commercial battle, down goes I hdkchf; Flora Corley, I yd rill bon; the English line. Mrs- Julia Guiden, 2 pes gingham & C. E. Russell in Success. calico; j.C, Lybrand, rice; Mary E Bundrick, apron gingham: WaJe J. SOX 3 pI' stockings; Mrs p. ]. Wes- singer, dress, gingham; Rev. D. A. Sox 3 pr stockings Mrs. Sn llie Sox Outlllg; Viola Lybrand, 3 pr stock- ings, Everett Lucas 3 pes calico ; Mrs J.C. Lybrand pc gin~ham; E.B. Ham 3 boxes colored crayons; Mrs. :1aggie Epting, buttons and pins Mis» Julia Hobbs 2 pr stock iugs ; A. O. Shall I pr shoe s, outing, linen & elastic; Mattie S'iull. 4 pr stockings; Mrs. M. H. Sox gi-igham; Mrs. Liz- zie Lybrand 2 hdkcfs. MOUNTArN, S. C. ;·Bill of Lad- ing from Lat. Sh eal ly for 4 barrels and one box Groceries.
  7. 7. TWO SEWING MACHINES MOUNT SIDNEY, VA. Some EHRHARDT S. C. :MOUNT members of St.James'S.School,$5 .00 PLEASANT CHURCH Contribu- TOM'S BROOK, VA., Mrs.S. B. tion, $14.00; Ehrhardt ,Church Con-' Wiley, 9 Ibs soap. Mrs. D. M. Crabill tribution, $19.60, total $3360. With 70 lbs soap. BRISTOL, TENN.:- this money TWO good new sewing Mrs. Buck, I overcoat, 3 blouses, ;$ machines wer e bought and sent to pr stockings: Pauline Slaughter, the Home. The girls of the "Sewing 1 doll; Virginia Slaughter I doll, Room" make their profoundest bow Mrs . Slaughter, I book, I apron, I to these good frien Is for this time- hood;r pr leggins;Mrs.I.E. Dishner, Iy gift. 3 cans corn, 3 cans tomatoes, ! pr and hand bl ankets ; Mrs. W. E. Scott, 8 Ibs sugar; Wilbur Scott I overcoat; Mrs. Will Boy, 41bs rice; Mrs. J. L. Groseclose,4 Ibs suga.r; Mrs. P. D. Groseclose, 9 yds cahco ; Miss ;)llie Repass, 1 Ib candy; Mr~, Ernma jones.u pkg corn flakes, I quaker oat'>, 1Z crackers, 2 ivory soap; Mrs J. B. Tobler, 1 box cocoa- nut, 2 lbs candy; Mrs. Adams, 3 col- lars, 2 sweaters.: Ladie s' Aid Soc. r 2~ yds veiling' 26 ties. SALISBURY, N.C. :-Thefollowing list was donated by Mrs. Alice Patt erson, and Mrs. J. L. Lingle, (If Salisbury, Haven E. L. Church:- 4 corsetts, 16 collars, 3 boxes ruching, boxes pins,2 belt pins, 12 belt, 12 corset waist, 2 pr, gloves, 8 boys ties, 1 pr supporters, 4 jabbos, ayd s elastic, 6 cards buttons, 6 prs side combs, I pr pkgs hair pin'>, 6 spools cotton, 6 hdkchfs, 8 pes ribbon, 1 box kooks & eyes 6 pr hose, 6 boys caps, 4 prs slippers, 2 doz beauty pins, 4 undervests. NEWBERRY, S. C. :-Mrs. Rev. A. J. Bowers'S. S. Class, 19 prs stock- ings. MARION, VA:-EBENEZER CON- GREGATION:-Mrs. M.Seaver, $.1 00: Mrs. Z. V. Sherrell,:2. 50; John A. Groseclose, I. 00; Luther Copen- haver, I. 00; B. B. Copenhaver, .50; Ernest Hankla, . 50; W. W. Hankla, 25; William Umberger, .25; A P. Pickle, . 25, Mrs. John Keyes, .25. :::OLUMBIA, S. c. EBENEZER ;UNDAY SCHOOL:-Mrs. M. M. .torton's Class:-Alfred Dreher, .65; :onrad Freed,.65; Georgia Sweeney, So; Juanita Fellers,. 30; Cora Smith, 25; Mrs. M. M. Morton, $15. 00. CROCKETT, VA. ~-Dixie Fruit 'arm, W. . Snaveley, Proprietor:, case canned apples and peaches. -Denver, Colo.-- The late Mrs. Sophia Braun, of St. Paul's church, Rev. R. B. Peery, pastor, left by her will $3, 100 to Tabitha Home, Lincoln, Neb. She also cancelled a mortgage on the parsonage at St. Paul's church of $2,300, and left the church an addi- tional $r,ooo for the purchase of a nice altar. Another $T ,000 was left to her pastor, to be used at his dis- cretion in the education of his foar boye. A small bequest was made to the German Luthern church at Cheyenne, Wyo. The bulk of the es- tate, valued at about $45.000, was given to various chanties in Denver and Cheyenne. Hath any wounded thee? Soft lan- guage dresses it, forgiveness cures it, and oblivion takes away the scar. -Francis Quarles.
  8. 8. ROANOKE, VA. ·Mrs. Josie Min- ter's Children, 2 dolls, books, cloth- ing. Ladies of Trinity Luth. Church, nice box of "thing-s for use in the Home." WILMINGTON. N. C. St. Matthew's English Luth. Church, Good and useful box of things; DA YTON and Bridgewater, A useful box of supplies from the La- dies. RICHFIELD, N. C. W. S Blackwelder & Wife, Yz bu. potat- oes, I pk. dried fruit ; Norah Black- welder, 1 gal. peanuts; Nelhe Maye Blackwelder, I gal. peanuts; Dale Barrier, I gal. peanuts; Mrs M. A. Barrier, I. pk dried fruit; D.H.Ride:J- hour, I bu. potatoes; Mrs. D. H. Ridenhourv g yds cloth; Miss Beulah Ridenhour, I quilt; I glass of jelly, Ralph Ross, I pk pop-corn; Mrs. J O. Moore, I pr pillows. I glass jeliy, peanuts; Mrs. P.R. Meisenheimer, J sheet, I pr pillow cases, dried fruit and Peanuts; Virginia Plyler, hick- ory nuts and peanuts. Sent by Miss Beulah Ridenhour. Balance Gifts in Kind-Botetourt Co. Mrs.J.H.Robertso·n, Yz case apples, ~ cuse tomatoes I lot end- hand clothing; M. C. Cronise & Wife, 24 Ibs f lour.e chickens; Aubrey Cro- nise.r box pop corn; Webster Wil- harrison & Wife, I bu. potatoes; Mrs. w-». Weeks, 3 chickens; Mrs. O. T. Mundy, 2 chickens, 8 lbs. soap; O. T. Mundy, I bu. potatoes, r coIbs, flour; B. D. Deed", I case tomatoes Kathleen Mundy, .50; Annie May Williams, [ coat suit, gingham; Vir- ginia Willramson.r white dress, One waist; Mrs Jennie Lmkenhoker, 24 lbs f lou r, I pr towels; C. L. Sisson & Wi fe, I bu potatoes, 7. chickens: General Collection, 4.71.--- St JA- COB'S:- Mrs. E. A. Craft & family, 3 chickens, 6 cans fruit. SALlSBURY,N.C. -Union Ev. Lutr. Church:- G.M. Barringer, Yz bu pota toes; Mrs.G. M.Barrir.ger,6cans fruit; C. J. Lyerly, Yzbu potatoes; Geo. Peeler peanuts ;Keer Peeler, P(lP corn I pr hcse.r cap, I overcoat; Mrs,Chas Kluttz 2 pr mitts, r tie. Mrs. J. C. So,;-ers,2 fascinators Jennie Lyerly, 5 .n],; gi ngharu; A bbie Lyerlv, 4Yz yds gingham; Julia Klutz 4 PI' hose J.B. Kern, I cloak; Frank Cauble,; I set china t.oys Miss Mary Barringer, 3 pr hose; Miss Lettie Ker n, 10 yds calice, 3 dolls; Mrs.Mary Kesler, 2 pr hose ; C.L.K~sler, I suit underwear; J.I. Loflin,. So; D. H. Mahaly, 1.00; Miss Rose Prubst,. So; PD. Linn, 1.00: Mrs. P.D.Linn,1.oo; l H.Frick, Loa; C.B.Klutz, 1.00; Rev.Sr fv r s, L.B. Spracher, 1.00; GIF TS IN KIND. Misses Nannie & Lou Sedon, Sa- lcrn, Va. ,3 gals apple butter;Morris & Co. ,24 lbs sausage;A. G.Cht:wn- ing & Son.r hox oranges, I box Mag zinesj Mr. Ivan Yonce, r bu potatoes, cash $2. So, Sunday-School, 1st Eng. Luth. Church, Richmond, Va , ,2 bar- rels Groceries,6large feather pillows Mr.&Mrs.Geo. Kagey, I coat,z vests, lot ()f ]- uttons: Mr. R. Lauterbach, 126 Charles St, Norfolk, Va., I good box of clothing: Salem G10ve Factory:-H.K.Knipl e, makes good, cloth working gloves, aDO gave a half dozen pairs to our children. St. J0hn's Luth. Sunday-School- Charleston, S. C. , w. J. Lan n e au, Supt. , sent us a prepaid box of "Christmas Remembrances". It is as much our duty when we discover that we have been in error to admit the mistake as to resist in- timidation when we are in the right.