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1900 LCHS Messenger newsletter


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This is the first newsletter announcing that the Messenger newsletter will be published by children living at a Lutheran orphanage, later better known as The Lutheran Children's Home of the South, that was founded in 1888 by the Rev. William S McClanahan.

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1900 LCHS Messenger newsletter

  1. 1. The Lutheran OrphanHome. Salem, Va., Fell. 15, '900. Mv DEAR BROTHER:-- Under another cover we mail you copies of the rrst issue of the little paper which is to be published by the Home.We beg you to give the paper and its objects a passing notice. In order to make the uu- dertaking a success, it is necessary to have the co-operatian of all our pastors. We hope in this way to increase an interest in the Home. OUR AIM.- In this sheet we will give information concerning the work and needs of the Home, and acknowledge the receipt of gifts and money. In addition to this it will give the boys employment and manual and mental training. We expect to do plain job work, such as letter heads, envelopes, circulars, programs, and parish papers. OUR REQUEST.- Will you please speak of our undertaking to your congregation and Sunday School and solicit subscriptions? We suggest that you ask some one of your congregation or Sunday School to gel up clubs of individuals, or subscriptions for free distribution in your Sunday School. If this is not practicable, could you send us a list of names, who might become subscribers? We will be glad to send sample copies at any time. Yours Fraternally, B .W. CRONK, Sup t P.S. Please call attention to the fact that the work in puLlishin.g the paper is done by the children of the Home. Also, that a liberal sup- port of tfie paper will enable us to enlarge it, and give general reading for the benefit of Sunday Schools. B.W.('