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Working with Reef Design Management, I wrote a graduate recruitment brochure plus a graduate recruitment website for law firm, CMS Cameron McKenna

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Graduate Recruitment Brochure

  1. 1. T R A I N E E S O L I C I T O R O P P O R T U N I T I E S W I T H A N I N T E R N AT I O N A L L AW F I R M Great things come from great relationships
  2. 2. If you’ve got what it takes & we’re your kind of firm, let’s work together. We know what we want. Layla & Adam How about you? Trainees Adam and Layla worked together in preparing for their IS YOUR FUTURE WITH US? 2 Corporate practice group training. LIFE AS A TRAINEE 8 Having talked the issues through DEVELOPING YOUR TALENT 14 beforehand, they were better OUR TEAM CULTURE 20 prepared and able to take ONGOING SUPPORT 24 more from each session. A CLIENT-FOCUSED APPROACH 30 “It was really useful to be able VITAL STATISTICS 34 to ask Layla about aspects of RECENT AWARDS 36 the sessions, given her greater HOW TO APPLY 38 professional experience.” GET IN TOUCH 40
  3. 3. Is your future with us? With your talent and ambition & our training and Richard Price Senior Partner support, together Working at any major law firm is not an easy option. we can create a The work you will do is intellectually demanding and professionally stretching. At times it will be tough. It’s like that here at CMS Cameron McKenna. But what great working makes us different is we will spend time and effort investing in your future and really help you to succeed. relationship. We’re looking for graduates who have talent, ambition and commitment – and who want to play a part in our continued success. If that sounds like you, we’ll make sure you get all the training, tools and support you need so you can perform at your best. You’ll also be assigned your own mentor who will help your talent to flourish. 2 3
  4. 4. A LITTLE ABOUT US WHO ARE WE? AND WHAT ARE WE ABOUT? THE WAY WE WORK We’re a client-led organisation, We’ve made changes in every CMS Cameron McKenna is a We have a strong culture at focused on helping our clients part of our practice – changes leading international law firm CMS Cameron McKenna. It’s what find the right legal solutions for that benefit our people, making and an integral part of CMS, the makes us different. But don’t take their business issues. We make it easier for them to do their jobs alliance of major European law our word for it. Here’s what one sure we take time to really more effectively. And, according firms. We’ve earned a reputation client has recently said about us: understand our clients’ businesses. to our most recent client survey, for outstanding service, acute Because getting ‘under the skin’ it’s paid off... business awareness, and being “THERE IS AN INCREDIBLY of our clients helps us to give passionate about client DISTINCTIVE STYLE ABOUT the best advice. “A KEY STRENGTH IS THE WAY relationships. We work for some CMS CAMERON MCKENNA... CMS CAMERON MCKENNA GETS of the world’s leading companies, THEY’RE ALL VERY NICE But we understand that success TO UNDERSTAND OUR BUSINESS helping them to solve their PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH.” starts from the inside out. That’s BY GETTING TO KNOW US.” problems so they can run their Company Secretary why our business strategy Commercial Director businesses more efficiently. Major UK sporting organisation revolves around achieving Leading construction firm excellence in four key activities: This is a supportive and co- operative place to work. You’ll • better management of people find everyone gets along well. • closer teamwork That’s because we’ve always • greater personal development recruited people who fit in with • stronger client relationships. us – people who like to work hard while enjoying what they do. 99.5% of our clients say they would recommend us to others Jas Purewal Allison Smith Trainee Solicitor Solicitor 4 5
  5. 5. Rita & Laura Rita is a partner in Corporate Recovery & Restructuring working on non-contentious matters. As a litigation solicitor, Laura assists Rita when any of her clients have court-related issues to be resolved. “Laura complements what I can offer my clients, helping me to do a better job for them.”
  6. 6. Life as a trainee WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT If you want to make a difference, Vicky Stimpson we’ll make it happen. Our on-the- Vacation job training will give you plenty student of responsibility, variety and Christmas 2005 With investment opportunity – right from the start. VACATION PLACEMENTS “One week of my placement was spent in Employment and one week in from us & hard Gain first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to work as a commercial solicitor at Real Estate Planning. I was given quite a variety of work to do which really helped me work from you, CMS Cameron McKenna by applying for a place on a two- week paid vacation placement. understand what a trainee solicitor does day-to-day. we’re destined for It’s a great opportunity to find out what it’s like to be a trainee solicitor. Expect to be immersed For example, I undertook Internet-based research, summarised some important a brighter future. in ‘real work’ situations as you cases for a ‘Law-Now’ article, gain exposure to two of our sat in on client meetings and practice areas, attend client helped draft witness questions meetings and visit a number of for a tribunal case. I even got City institutions. But it’s not all to sit in on the tribunal which work (you’re on vacation, after I found very interesting. all), so there’ll also be time to wind down and get to know Altogether there were nine of us us at a number of social and on the placement and we were sporting events. all given ‘proper’ work to do every day. As a result, we really You can apply for our Easter, felt we were doing something summer or Christmas placements. worthwhile and not simply There are 60 places available in sitting around as observers. total, and the conversion rate to 90% training contracts is high. If your The fortnight was a brilliant application is too late to secure opportunity to find out the type a place on our vacation scheme, of work I’ll be doing – and the we still want to meet you. responsibility I’ll have – when So why not come along to one I start my Training Contract. It of the Open Days we organise also gave me a much broader throughout the year? See page 39 insight into what law entails for how to apply for an Open Day. and what an international law of our people say they have good firm is all about.” relationships with their colleagues 8 9
  7. 7. WHAT DOES A TRAINEE FUTURE TRAINEE SOLICITORS a March intake you are eligible You will be allocated a supervisor Eleanor Over the course of my time as SOLICITOR DO? Once you have been offered to apply for a travel bursary. We for each seat who will help with Akenhead a trainee, I have attended both a training contract, we will will offer you a bursary of £1,000 your career planning. You will Solicitor High Court and County Court sponsor you while you study for if you’re planning to work abroad also have a mentor for the two Technology hearings, served formal notices the Graduate Diploma in Law on schemes such as Operation years of your contract – a lawyer and Litigation in real estate disputes and drafted (GDL) and the Legal Practice Raleigh or the JET programme. who will take a close interest in “ The work you do really depends the defence for a client facing Course (LPC). We’ll cover full your development with us. As on the seats you have. When I a £50,000 claims dilapidation fees and provide you with a TRAINING CONTRACTS well as on-the-job learning, we was in corporate and commercial by their landlord. Essentially, maintenance grant of £7,500 We have 60 vacancies a year place great emphasis on training, litigation, I undertook a fair the work is very varied, I’m given a year in London, Guildford and and we’re currently recruiting so you will attend courses, amount of research. I also went responsibility, and – contrary to Oxford, and £5,000 elsewhere. for September 2009 and March lectures and workshops to give to consultations with Counsel and popular belief – there’s very 2010. Half of our recruits come you both ‘soft’ skills (such as attended regular client meetings. little photocopying!” As we recruit two years in from law backgrounds and half language tuition and business During my real estate seat, a lot advance, we’ve created a tailor- from non-law. skills) and technical expertise. of time was spent liaising with made programme for our future managing agents, tenants and trainees. We maintain regular Over the course of the two From the moment you join, you tenants’ solicitors which involved contact with you while you years, you will have four six- can expect responsibility, variety a considerable amount of client continue your studies and make month ‘seats’ or placements, and opportunity, because we contact. Then, when I was sure you’re involved in training, gaining experience in different expect you to play a full role seconded to the Wellcome Trust, workshops and weekends away. practice areas. To develop you in contributing to our success. I was able to experience first- and your legal skills further, you hand how an in-house legal You will also receive an invitation could be seconded to a client or See page 39 for how to apply department works. to our annual Trainee Solicitors’ even spend time in one of our for a vacation placement or Ball and to other social activities international offices. 40% of a training contract. – so you’ll soon feel part of the our trainees usually do. team. If you decide to join us in 72% of people who came on our vacation scheme in 2005 were offered a training contract Alex Kassner Helen Jackson Solicitor Trainee Solicitor 10 11
  8. 8. Simon & Jae Simon has been mentoring Jae ever since his first seat in Pensions. Now in the final six months of his Training Contract, Jae has chosen to return to the Pensions group when he qualifies. “Simon has always been available to discuss what I want from my future career and has helped me to see the broader picture.”
  9. 9. Developing WE TAKE GREAT Our clients demand high TRAINING TO BE A SOLICITOR CARE TO NURTURE standards of us. That’s why you During your training contract, TALENTED INDIVIDUALS will be set high standards. But in addition to your on-the-job you won’t be expected to get learning and legal technical your talent there unaided. We invest huge amounts every year in training and development to help training, you will also attend a variety of talks, workshops and lunchtime sessions as part of our Your ongoing everyone meet those standards. In fact, we place how we coach and develop our people at the Trainees’ Training Programme. Designed to improve your skills across a range of areas, they commitment & very heart of our strategy. So your training won’t stop just because you’ve qualified. cover subjects as diverse as time management, meeting skills and team working. As a requirement our training and YOUR PERSONAL PLAN As soon as you join us, we will of the Law Society, you will also be fast-tracked through the compulsory elements of the development are sit down with you to devise your Professional Skills Course. own personal development plan. This will be your blueprint for YOUR NEW PASSPORT the foundations for your career progression with Our Legal and Business Skills us. And we’ll ensure the right Passport scheme is for all our support programmes are in newly-qualified solicitors. It will place to enable you to perform ensure you all share the same our mutual success. effectively against that plan. You will be appraised every three level of knowledge in a broad range of legal and practice area- specific topics, and have a good months, so you’ll always know grounding in soft skills. exactly how you’re progressing. And you will be encouraged to have an open dialogue with our graduate recruitment team, We spent raising issues with them and 3,572 discussing any problems. hours on volunteering projects in 2005 14 15
  10. 10. DEVELOPING YOUR CAREER KEEPING THINGS INTERESTING WHAT KIND OF TRAINING Ben Ewing Laura Wood Once you’ve been qualified for At an international law firm, CAN YOU EXPECT? Trainee Solicitor Solicitor three years, our Excel programme there are exciting opportunities Energy Team Construction will help you develop the skills to build on your experience. You of EP&C “I can honestly you’ll need to become one of can work either in one of our “ There’s pretty say I learned tomorrow’s leading solicitors. own overseas offices or in those much a full programme of training huge amounts during my two You will receive training in all of our CMS member firms. during your time as a trainee. years as a trainee. The training aspects of service delivery, from During my first three months, we were given was extensive, people and project management You’ll also be encouraged to I had a training session first thing well structured and covered a to client consulting skills. You’ll broaden your skills by getting every morning for an hour. When very broad range of areas. For also learn about law firm finance involved in no-fee (pro bono) I got into the second half of my me, the most valuable aspect and economics. community activities. Employee first seat, this training reduced was the way our trainers drew volunteering, free legal advice to once a week. on their own experience, putting LEARNING NEVER STOPS and charitable giving are an the law into a commercial context. When you have five years’ important part of our business. I’ve recently been on a ‘Managing It really brought what we were experience under your belt, you Last year, we volunteered on your Development’ course which learning to life. can develop your skills even further all kinds of projects and gave has really helped me focus on on our Senior Solicitor Development £426,000 worth of contributions how I can progress my career. Apart from the legal instruction Programme. It’s open to all senior to the community. Since one of my seats was on specific to our seats, we were solicitors and covers a range of secondment to our office in encouraged to attend courses training modules, from delegation Moscow, I attended language that taught us practical skills. and supervision to winning classes and cultural training For example, two I attended were new business. before I left, in preparation on effective writing and speed for my six months over there. reading. We were also given I’m now in my second year of one-to-one training by our seat training and about to spend six supervisor who was always there months in our Hong Kong office.” to help answer any questions we had. Now that I’ve qualified, there’s a whole range of new courses I’m encouraged to go on, such as managing your workload and the art of delegation.” Michal Subocz Joanna Mlot-Schonthaller Partner Associate 16 17
  11. 11. Kristen & Peter In her first seat, Kristen worked with Peter, CEO of Aspire Defence, to help on the closing of Allenby & Connaught, a major accommodation project for Army garrisons around Aldershot and Salisbury Plain, and the largest PFI deal ever signed by MOD. “This project was a challenging and enjoyable experience for me, helped greatly by Peter and his team’s friendly and supportive attitude throughout.”
  12. 12. Our team culture WE CAN BUILD THE RIGHT TEAM Teamwork isn’t just about normally work with each other FOR ANY CLIENT, ANYWHERE increasing our own enjoyment of enhances communication the work we do. It’s a key factor in between the different practice delivering value to our clients. One areas of the firm. Combining the of our strengths is knowing how to pull together the right team, with the right expertise, personalities At the same time as encouraging another kind of team working, our right expertise & the and cultural fit, to meet our clients’ needs. That means you could be working with team members from sector groups also add significant value to clients, by delivering advice grounded in the context right people creates across the firm’s practice groups and from any of our international offices. You will be among people of their particular industry. Simon Glennie effective teams that from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds who, together, make up our exciting team dynamic. Solicitor Project Finance “During my fit our clients’ needs. Don’t think there’s a set team pecking order, because we’re not seat in Prague, I worked on several cross-border deals in Central and Eastern concerned with status or hierarchy. Europe for one of our main clients, Every team member is valued for Erste Bank. One such deal was the their contribution, not their job privatisation of the Serbian bank, title. However, our teams aren’t Novosadska Banka. I was involved just about work. We encourage in the deal from the very start and a team social culture and hold saw it through to completion. The regular ‘out of hours’ events team consisted of three members such as karaoke evenings, quiz from our Prague office and nine nights and hockey matches. from our CMS member firm in Belgrade. INDUSTRY TEAMS As a trainee you will be given During the deal, we spent several the opportunity to work with weeks in Belgrade to ensure the fee earners who have input into team worked as seamlessly as the eight industry sector groups. possible. Back in Prague, OUR INDUSTRY TEAMS ARE: This in turn will help you gain conference calls were arranged Construction and Development in-depth knowledge of various on a regular basis to make sure the Consumer Products market sectors. Our industry whole team was up to speed on Energy and Utilities groups are designed to get developments. By working on such Financial Institutions and Services different parts of the business transactions, I have experienced at Hotels and Leisure working together in order to first hand the benefits of building Lifesciences focus on clients from a market close relationships, not just with Infrastructure sector perspective. Bringing our clients, but also with our Technology, Media and Telecoms people together who wouldn’t associated offices.” 20 21
  13. 13. Adam & Layla Trainees Adam and Layla worked together in preparing for their Corporate practice group training. Having talked the issues through beforehand, they were better prepared and able to take more from each session. “It was really useful to be able to ask Layla about aspects of the sessions, given her greater professional experience.”
  14. 14. Ongoing support WE’LL MAKE SURE YOU Just because someone is a talented Alistair Watson ALWAYS GET THE SUPPORT solicitor, it doesn’t always follow Solicitor YOU NEED – RIGHT WHEN that they’re a natural manager. To Planning YOU NEED IT do your job well, your supervisor Support from “As a trainee’s needs to ensure you have the supervisor, right resources and the right I have a very varied role. It information. That means making includes one-to-one training, your mentor & sure you are properly briefed, not just at the beginning of an assignment, but during it as well. explaining how the planning team work (part of the Real Estate practice area), and the regular feedback We make it our job to ensure that your supervisor is trained role we play within the firm. I also bring trainees up to speed in those areas where they say from you help you to manage effectively – so you always get what you need. And, to check your supervisor is giving they need help – as well as in areas they’re not yet aware of. do a better job. you adequate support, you’ll be Part of my job as a supervisor encouraged to take part in a is bringing out a trainee’s full quarterly supervisory feedback potential. There are three process, rating five areas of your elements to this: I ensure they supervisor’s performance. can do the basics well – research notes, timesheet recording, meeting preparation and so on; I encourage them to find something about their seat they have a real interest in; and I tell them never to be afraid to ask questions. Essentially, it’s about being available for trainees, helping them wherever I can and 4.3 5 making sure they are properly equipped to do their job well.” out of is our current score in our internal feedback programme. Our target is to achieve 4.5 24 25
  15. 15. TO KEEP YOU AT YOUR BEST, An important part of effective And if you do have to work late, A FLEXIBLE APPROACH Aasim Qureshi often allowed to spend half a day WE NEED TO BALANCE people management is recognising we’ll make life easier for you TO WORK AND STUDY Trainee Solicitor in the library doing research for WORK WITH PLAY the need for a healthy work-life by providing: Technology one of my assignments. I don’t balance. Yes, the work is hard and • concierge and dry “After spending know of any other international the hours can be long, but we cleaning services seven years law firm which offers this kind strive to achieve the right • free evening food studying pharmacology and of flexible approach to working balance for everyone. delivery service molecular cardiology, I decided and studying.” • on-site nurse and to move into law. I didn’t want Our work-life balance physiotherapist to be a perpetual student, so 127 initiatives include: • paid-for taxis home CMS Cameron McKenna allowed • an employee helpline • remote server access so me to start work as a trainee • enhanced maternity and you can work from home. solicitor while studying part paternity schemes time over four years for my • flexible working and holiday GDL and my LPC. I went to law arrangements school two evenings a week • ‘Lunch and Learn’ health and, as part of the firm's study and wellbeing workshops assistance programme, I was • regular social events allowed to take time off to of our employees work • subsidised gym membership study for and sit my exams. under a formal flexible • ‘Well Person’ screening and The firm was incredibly supportive arrangement, ranging health assessments towards me – for example, I was from part-time and job • sabbaticals. share to non-standard working hours and home working 26 27
  16. 16. Sarah & Frances Frances from Marketing and Sarah from HR both work with the Corporate practice group. Frances is in charge of bringing new clients into the group and Sarah is responsible for hiring the right mix of new people. “Together, Frances and I help support the strategic direction of the Corporate practice group.”
  17. 17. A client-focused GETTING TO KNOW OUR A REPUTATION FOR RELATIONSHIPS Everyone at CMS Cameron CLIENTS FROM THE INSIDE We’re known in the industry for McKenna has a role to play in the strength of our relationships developing and maintaining client with clients. We get to know them relationships. And we’ll provide approach and their businesses almost as well as they do. It’s what helps us stand apart from other law firms. training and support to help you build these relationships too. Listening to our It’s about investing time and effort in building close client Gabrielle Folliard Solicitor clients & delivering relationships. We arrange regular client surgeries and relationship meetings, as well as joint training Insurance “ I recently completed an 11-month on our promises initiatives, site visits, and social events. We also invite clients to our internal team meetings. secondment to The Royal Bank of Scotland Group’s Insurance Division. My time helps cultivate great Central to our client-focused approach is the role of the Client there was invaluable for a number of reasons. Firstly, I made lots of important client working relationships. Relationship Partner. It’s their job contacts; secondly, it helped to ensure we fully understand me gain a good understanding that particular client’s needs of many of the key issues and deliver on our promises. the company faces; and thirdly, it enabled me to see WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT what a client like The Royal OUR CLIENTS REALLY THINK Bank of Scotland Group’s We regularly ask our clients what Insurance Division really they think of us. Through our wants out of its law firm. quarterly feedback survey, they tell us how we’re doing, so we I’ve had the added advantage can measure how we’re looking 4.4 5 of seeing at first hand how after them. Where we score large organisations are poorly, we put in place measures structured, how they operate to improve performance and we and what matters to them. closely monitor progress to ensure I’d say my secondment has our service improves. Where we also helped me think outside out of score well, we don’t rest on our the narrow legal box and to laurels but strive to do just as be much more commercially well – or better – next time. aware. As a result, it’s made is our current client-satisfaction score in our me a much better lawyer.” feedback programme. Our target is to achieve 4.5 30 31
  18. 18. Vanessa & Shamila Both Trainee Reps, Vanessa and Shamila represent the views and concerns of their fellow trainees and work closely with Graduate Recruitment to design new initiatives. “I’m quite new to this, so Shamila is helping me understand my role and is showing me all the ropes.”
  19. 19. OUR BUSINESS Vital statistics PRACTICE DETAILS Prudential • We advise businesses, Royal Mail governments, public sector Sainsbury bodies and financial institutions Sara Lee Some useful in over 60 countries worldwide • 47 offices in 23 countries worldwide Siemens T&F Informa Taylor Woodrow facts & figures. • 130 partners • 700+ other fee earners • Founding member of CMS – The Royal Bank of Scotland VT Group plc Wellcome Trust the alliance of European law firms Yell OUR PRACTICE AREAS WE HAVE OFFICES IN Banking and International Finance Aberdeen London Commercial Bristol Moscow Corporate Bucharest Prague Energy, Projects and Construction Budapest Sofia Insurance and Reinsurance Edinburgh Warsaw Real Estate Hong Kong SOME OF OUR MAJOR CLIENTS CMS MEMBER FIRMS ARE IN Aventis Pasteur Argentina Italy BAA Austria Morocco BP Belgium Netherlands Carillion Brazil Poland Diageo Bulgaria Romania Enterprise Inns Canada Russia General Electric China Serbia H3G Croatia Slovakia HSBC Czech Republic Spain IBM France Switzerland Lloyds TSB Group Germany United Kingdom Luminar Hungary United States Lufthansa Metronet In Chambers and the Legal 500 National Australia Group we have rankings in 65 separate National Grid areas – that’s more than any other Pfizer UK law firm. Procter and Gamble 34 35
  21. 21. How to apply WE’RE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE It goes without saying that you Days and reserve a place on WHO ARE BRIGHT AND WHO should be a good communicator one of the forthcoming events. HAVE FLAIR AND CREATIVITY, and a committed team player. If you’re talented and ambitious, TRAINING CONTRACTS THE ABILITY TO MAKE THINGS If you’re up to the HAPPEN AND A REAL INTEREST IN BUSINESS you could be rewarded with an extraordinary career with us. VACATION PLACEMENTS We're currently recruiting for September 2009 and March 2010. We recruit talented individuals, who can make a real difference challenge & meet Our vacation placements are open to anyone who is interested in pursuing a legal career and who to our business. We ask that applicants have 320 UCAS points or equivalent and will achieve our criteria, we wants to gain a structured insight or have obtained at least a 2:1 into how a law firm works. You degree. However, the skills and will need 320 UCAS points (or experience you bring to us will equivalent) and be expecting be more important than purely want to get to or have obtained at least a 2:1 degree. We recruit people who have a genuine motivation to work for us. Places on our academic qualifications. CLOSING DATES FOR APPLICATIONS: 31 July 2007 know you. schemes are very competitive, so do make sure you apply early. THE SELECTION PROCESS STAGE 1: Online application, THE DATES FOR THE SCHEME: followed by an online Christmas – 11-22 December 2006 psychometric test. Easter – 26 March-7 April 2007 STAGE 2: HR interview Summer 1 – 18-29 June 2007 and a group exercise. Summer 2 – 9-20 July 2007 STAGE 3: Assessment centre: partner interview, business case CLOSING DATES FOR APPLICATIONS: study and an in-tray exercise. Christmas – 17 November 2006 Easter and Summer – THE REWARDS 16 February 2007 SALARIES Trainee solicitor salaries are The selection process for currently £33,000 in year 1 and vacation placements is as follows: £35,000 in year 2. Once you’re 1. Online application qualified, this rises to £54,000. 2. Telephone interview 3. Assessment centre: EMPLOYEE BENEFITS a presentation, psychometric Annual bonus scheme test and a group exercise. Annual holiday entitlement of 25 days Bounty scheme If you are successful in securing a Concierge service vacation placement with us, you Dental insurance discount will be fast tracked through the Employee confidential careline selection process for the Training Enhanced maternity package Contract, skipping all stages Flexible holiday allowance except the final one. Gym subsidy Life assurance OPEN DAYS Pension scheme Check out our website – Private medical insurance for Study assistance details of the dates of our Open ‘Well Person’ screening 38 39
  22. 22. Get in touch Here’s our number & email address. We’re waiting to hear from you. You can apply online for our vacation scheme and our training contract at Places for the vacation scheme are offered on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you apply early. For further details or advice please email or call us on 0845 300 0491 GRADUATE RECRUITMENT TEAM: MICHELLE MASON Graduate Recruitment Manager CLEO JACKSON Graduate Recruitment Officer ZOË EL-DALI Graduate Recruitment Officer NICOLA STANLEY Junior Graduate Recruitment Officer Design Reef Design Management Print Good News Press Copywriting Carole Seawert Photography Igor Emmerich 40 CMS Cameron McKenna LLP