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Four Nonprofits You Probably Haven't Heard of | Carole Argo


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Not all nonprofits are created equally–larger charities and not for profit organizations tend to receive more funding and more attention from media and potential donors. Here are a few nonprofit organizations that you should be aware of from Carole Argo.

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Four Nonprofits You Probably Haven't Heard of | Carole Argo

  1. 1. FOUR NOTABLE NONPROFITS You Probably Haven't Heard of ARGO
  2. 2. NONPROFITS Nationwide In the wide world of giving, there are a few nonprofit organizations that everyone has heard of–the ones that are nearly ubiquitous by now. These are the enormous organizations that receive millions and millions in donations each year to help their cause.
  3. 3. UBIQUITOUS These organzations–while more often than not outstanding organizations that help millions of people each year–often allow other, smaller orgs to fall out of the spotlight..
  4. 4. Unfortunately, those nonprofits that do fall through the cracks each year receive less than stellar volunteer and donation efforts, making the goal of helping others more difficult. NONPROFITS FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS
  5. 5. The New York based organization helps young women develop more confidence and develop their voices through series of public speaking sessions, writing workshops and one on one work with mentors. Visit them at GIRLSWRITENOW GirlsWriteNow is a nonprofit mentoring service for females who are involved or wish to get involved with writing. The organization matches writers of all types–poems, stories, creative fiction, etc–with a mentor who can act as a writing coach, a workshop leader and a creative writing companion.
  6. 6. Rather than dispose of those crayons, donate them. The Crayon Initiative takes damaged and unwanted crayons and recycles them into new ones–donating all of them to hospitals, schools, etc that are in need. Visit them at THE CRAYON INITIATIVE If you have kids, grandkids or nieces and nephews, chances are you've got a box (or five) of crayons laying around the house somewhere. And, chances are, at least half of them are broken or otherwise damaged.
  7. 7. Drive Change is a nonprofit organization that allows young adults who were recently released from prison or jail to take jobs at food trucks in NYC, cooking up food for patrons while they learn marketable life skills. Visit them at DRIVE CHANGE How can a grilled cheese a cup of soup change the world? Well, you might be surprised to know that for some young people, learning to cook can act as an opportunity for success.
  8. 8. Despite making incredible strides both as a sex and an organization, Ms. Foundation for Women isn't done yet–not even close. They continue to lead the charge for equality in the form of educating the world on women's safety, education, health and economic issues. Visit them at MS. FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN In 1973, four women determined to set the stage for generations of individuals to come decided they had had enough of being considered lesser than their male counterparts. Ms. Foundation for Women was created as a means of giving voices to women and bringing about positive forward progress everywhere.
  9. 9. THANK YOU FOR READING For more, visit and ARGO