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Four Activities To Spend Your Day With Your Kids


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If you've got a day, weekend, or month off, make sure you set some time aside to spend with your children. They might drive you a little crazy, but spending time with them is something you'll never regret.

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Four Activities To Spend Your Day With Your Kids

  1. 1. Spending Your Day off With the Kids BY CAROLE ARGO
  2. 2. Children 101 Sometimes, raising kids can feel like a full-time job. It’s made a bit more hectic if you, like many mothers do, are also working an actual full-time job on top of it. So, on more than one or two occasions, parenting can be tumultuous and stressful, but in the end, it’s an incredibly rewarding and beautiful experience I wouldn’t give up for the world. If your kids are home for a few days, consider planning an activity rather than letting them run around the house endlessly bored and in search of snacks and entertainment.
  3. 3. Quick Tips: Plan something according to how long you and your kids have off (a day? a weekend? a summer?) Choose activities that you'll BOTH enjoy! Choose something that allows you to bond with your kids instead of sitting them in front of the TV.
  4. 4. 1. A Picnic There are few things that children enjoy more than eating their favorite foods--so take those foods and bring them with you on a picnic. Lay out a blanket to a park and pour a few glasses of iced tea on a nice warm summer afternoon and let the kids run around, eat and enjoy themselves.
  5. 5. 2. Play a Game of Their Choice Children typically do not like adult games, just as adult games aren’t typically overwhelmingly enjoyed by playing Chutes and Ladders. But if you’ve got time to spend with your children, it’s important that they enjoy time spent with mom or dad. If it’s a rainy afternoon or a picnic isn’t in the mix, let your kids pick out a game to play and sit down and enjoy yourself.
  6. 6. 3. Take a Trip The duration and distance of the trip can vary depending on how much time you have off. If it’s a day, plan a trip somewhere an hour or less away, whether it’s a park, outdoor theater or to a nice restaurant. If you’ve got a weekend, consider a trip to the beach or a camping weekend with the kids.
  7. 7. 4. Take a Walk Unwinding with a walk as the sun begins to set is a great after- dinner activity with your kids that will let them get out some of their pent-up energy. Going for a walk is calming and allows you to have a chance to talk to your kids, learn more about them and what’s going on in their lives (if they’re older) or talk to them about yours (if they’re younger) and remind them how much you love them (any age).