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  1. 1. Rapunzel : Reading Comprehension O nce upon a time there was a beutiful girl called Rapunzel.On the day Rapunzel was born, she was snatched by a witch. As years passed by, she grew into a sweet and beautiful girl. When she was 13 years old, the old witch brought the girl to a looming tower without no windows and doors; nothing, but a small opening at the very top of the tower peeked out. Each time the witch went to visit Rapunzel in the high tower she cried: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.” The witch used Rapunzel’s long and golden hair to climb into the towers small opening. Rapunzel continued growing in youth and beauty through the years; but one day, a prince, who passed the tower, heard a wondrous, musical voice.Straining his head, he tried to catch a glimpse of the girl. After observing the tower carefully, the prince accidentally saw, how the witch climbed into the tower. The following evening he cried: “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”With this evening, a new life began for the young couple. Unfortunately the witchfound out what was happening night after night when she came early and saw theprince slipping away. Immediately, the witch cut off Rapunzel’s beautiful hair and took her to a desert. The next evening the prince went to the tower but found the witch instead of Rapunzel. Brokenhearted he jumped from the tower. Although he didnt lose hislife, his eyes became damaged. Blind, he wandered about. After years of wandering, one day, he heard in the behind the rustling of trees, a sweet and sorrowful voice. He had found Rapunzel! With her tears she cured the prince, who was able to seeagain. He brought Rapunzel to his empire where they lived happily for many years.(extracted from http://library.thinkquest.org/26829/text-only_2-rapunzel_e.htm)
  2. 2. Questions:1-Who snatched Rapunzel? A. A dragon B. A fairy C. A witch2-Where lived Rapunzel? A. She lived in a tower with no windows and doors B. She lived in a beautiful castle by the sea C. She lived in a farm3.How was Rapunzel’s hair? A. Short and brown B. Red C. Long and golden4.What happened to Rapunzel when the witch discovered the couple? A. She married a frog B. The witch cut off her hair and took her to a desert C. She became a mermaid5.What happened to the prince when he jumped from the tower? A. He was saved by Rapunzel’s hair B. He was caught by the witch C. He became blind6.How does the story end? A. The prince finds Rapunzel,she cures him and they live happily for many years B. The witch marries the prince C. Rapunzel hair grows back