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  • Goal: recognize strengths and highlight them Musician, Composer, Coach, Teacher, Business Owner,Technical Skills, Communicator Unique Music Educator changing the way students learn My Audience: Younger People who want to learn quickly, impress their peers, socialize and have fun; others want to develop a higher understanding of music. Some want to get inspired and want a positive message. They are willing to participate. Key words:Fun, Games, Ideas, Hope, Problem Solve Music is also a form of relaxation, meditation a place to forget the pain of life. Learn discipline, patience, fortitude, respect for the arts. A way to express oneself. To take a journey to see what can happen if you are a believe. Create a peaceful environment to resemblance what heaven may portrays. Organic natural flow. Joy and Love. Alleviate, Doubt, Fear, Bad situation, bad health, or living conditions = what people want to avoid.
  • Balducci carol visual_resumestoryboard

    1. 1. Carol BalducciPictures by Carol Balducci
    2. 2. Composer Picture by Carol Balducci
    3. 3. Coach Pictures by Carol Balducci
    4. 4. Business Owner Since 1998Picture by Carol Balducci
    5. 5. Your Friend Picture by Carol Balducci
    6. 6. Changing HowStudents Use TheirInner Creativity Picture by Carol Balducci
    7. 7. By AllowingThem To BeThemselves Picture by Carol Balducci
    8. 8. Namm Member Product Knowledge Picture above by Carol Balducci Serving Customers
    9. 9. I Was Born in Queens NYCPhoto Credit: <a href="">smith_cl9</a> via <ahref="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>
    10. 10. The Jersey Shore My Current Home Photo Credit: <a href="">nosha</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href=" sa/2.0/">cc</a>
    11. 11. Associate in Arts Suffolk County Community College 1978 - June1980GPA: 3.5 Dean’slist
    12. 12. New York University Diploma Computer Technology Jan-1984 - Jan-1985) Technology GPA: 3.0 new_york_university.jpg
    13. 13. September 1998 - April2000Music EducationBiology Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ
    14. 14. September 2010 - June 2013 Bachelor of Science in Music Production GPA: 3.6
    15. 15. What I Learned Music Composition for Media Sound Design Sonic Brand Audio/Midi Production 4853981385_02f90b6438_o.jpg
    16. 16. I Love teaching others By Sharing Stories Composing music is the way I present and communicatePicture by Carol Balducci
    17. 17. System Analyst Account AnalystJanuary1988 - August1989 January1991 - January1992 World Financial Center American Stock World Trade Center Exchange 6135557983_3a7c42a34f_b.jpg
    18. 18. Customer Engineer My Accounts were all the way up here!Wang LaboratoriesApril 1985 - December 1987 WTC Excellent Service and Support I Was one of the Top 12 on the Wall Street Team of the 110 Technicians 256704394_a88e17457f_b.jpg
    19. 19. Project Sepember 1997-Dececember 1998Coordinator Rutgers University, College of Pharmacy
    20. 20. Monmouth County Vocational School Colts Neck, NJ (Jan-1997 - Sep-1997) Administrative Placem at i on ent Educ high-schoolsjpeg-2da3eeedabac68fb.jpeg
    21. 21. Freehold Music Center, Freehold, NJ Department Manager April 1996 - October1996 m ic Fun ca de StructuredA
    22. 22. I Like to Experiment with NaturePicture by Carol Balducci
    23. 23. Before After MY True Love Cultivated by me at my homePictures by Carol Balducci, NJ
    24. 24. Life After Work = Picture by Carol Balducci
    25. 25. Holidays & Cooking Picture by Carol Balducci
    26. 26. Sharing with Sisters Picture by Carol Balducci
    27. 27. Birthdays with Nephew Picture by Carol Balducci
    28. 28. Caregiving for Parents Picture by Carol Balducci
    29. 29. Eternity with God Photo Credit: <a href=" ">PRAVEEN VENUGOPAL</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>
    30. 30. Image Credits Carol Balducci slides, 1 thru 7, top of slide 8, 16, 22 thru 28 8 bottom Photo Credit: <a href="">smith_cl9</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> Slide 9 Photo Credit: <a href="">nosha</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a> Slide 10, Slide 11 new_york_university.jpg, Slide 12 Slide 13 14, 4853981385_02f90b6438_o.jpgSlide 15, 6135557983_3a7c42a34f_b.jpgSlide 17, 256704394_a88e17457f_b.jpg Slide 18 Slide 19, high-schoolsjpeg-2da3eeedabac68fb.jpegSlide 20 21