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Brooks Study - Using Demandware


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Brooks Study - Using Demandware

  1. 1. CASE STUDY Brooks Sports Picks Up the Pace After Switching to DemandwareBrooks® Sports, Inc. is the go-to company for anything known - an activity fueled by motivations that are as var-and everything related to running. As a leading manufac- ied as its participants. Brooks is a market-driven companyturer that designs and markets high-performance men’s that offers its running shoes and apparel through specialtyand women’s running shoes, apparel and accessories in retailers, online at and via its mobilemore than 60 countries worldwide, Brooks is dedicated to commerce site.inspiring people to be active by creating innovative gearthat keeps them running longer, farther, faster and happier. Brooks wanted to build its digital presence online, andThe mission of Brooks Sports is based on its Run Happy® needed an ecommerce partner with sophisticated and ro-philosophy, a celebration of the spiritual essence that bust capabilities that could support the company’s growthmakes running the most addictive sport the world has ever strategies. It also required a more innovative front-end plat- form that would allow it to better address and anticipate the evolving needs of its diverse customer base. Company Name: Brooks Sports BROOKS SPORTS SWITCHES TO DEMANDWARE Industry: Brand manufacturer of running apparel After an extensive evaluation of ecommerce platform and footwear providers, Brooks chose Demandware® Commerce as its Website: new platform. Brooks was impressed by Demandware’s Mobile site: vast client base and saw immense value in leveraging best practices from across the Demandware client community. ©2012 Demandware, Inc.
  2. 2. BUSINESS OBJECTIVES SOLUTION RESULTS • Build a robust online experience • Demandware Commerce cloud- • The new Brooks site on the to showcase the Brooks brand based platform keeps the focus Demandware Commerce and products off software development platform contributed to the • Empower the Brooks and on merchandising and company’s overall growth in ecommerce team to quickly marketing 2011, which included a 34 and easily update the site with • Demandware’s mobile percent increase in overall new content and products commerce solution enabled the brand sales revenue and a 37 development of a feature-rich percent increase in domestic • Run and manage ecommerce revenue and mobile commerce sites mobile commerce site from one central unified • Demandware partners commerce platform streamlined the design and • Gain more control over the implementation process development and execution of innovative merchandising initiatives designed to meet the needs of customersAccording to Meredith Han, global director of ecommerce With Demandware’s innovative merchandising capabili-at Brooks Sports, “As the Brooks brand continued to pick ties, the Brooks ecommerce team is fully empowered toup speed within the running community, we knew we meet the needs of its high performance athletic custom-needed to provide an online destination for our customers ers. Demandware’s cloud-based model provides a secure,where they could not only learn about our latest products world-class operating environment with built-in scalabil-and technologies, but also improve the way they make pur- ity to handle peak traffic periods. Han continued, “We letchases through the site. Demandware is a robust platform Demandware take care of web availability, so the rest ofthat allows us to have a reliable and safe shopping destina- us can focus on what we do best – making our customerstion for our customers, while also upgrading our online mer- happy.”chandising capabilities, and making it easier for our con-sumers to find product and relevant multimedia content.” “We let Demandware take care of web availability so the rest of us can focus on what we do best – making our customers happy.” – Meredith Han, Global Director of eCommerce, Brooks Sports Shortly after the launch of its new ecommerce site, Brooks also used Demandware to develop and launch a mobile commerce site to give its customers ac- cess to rich product information on the go. The mobile site mirrors elements available on including: links to shoes and running gear; a store locator; and a shopping cart. Brooks plans to continue development of its mobile commerce site to incorporate multimedia and interactive features that are available on the main web- site, providing customers with a seamless cross-channel experience.
  3. 3. TAPPING INTO THE DEMANDWARE PARTNER ABOUT BROOKS SPORTSCOMMUNITY Brooks Sports, Inc. is a leading running company that de-Brooks worked with Demandware solution partners signs and markets a line of performance footwear, apparel,LiveAreaLabs for site design and Precision Design Studios and accessories in more than 60 countries worldwide. Afor site implementation. The new site easily marries Brooks’ subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Brooks was found-business objectives with a fresh design to create a brand ed in 1914 and is headquartered in Bothell, Wash., nearexperience that expresses Brooks’ Run Happy positioning Seattle. The company’s mission is to inspire everyone tothroughout every aspect of the site. run and be active by creating innovative gear that keeps them running longer, farther, and faster. Visit www.brook-Brooks also leveraged pre-built integrations to Demand- for more information, and follow frequentware Commerce from PowerReviews and CyberSource brand updates on Twitter (@brooksrunning) and Facebookavailable through the Demandware LINK Marketplace. The (Brooks Sports).pre-built integrations helped Brooks to significantly reducethe time and effort required to implement these third-party ABOUT DEMANDWAREtechnologies. Demandware (NYSE: DWRE) is a leading provider of soft- ware-as-a-service (SaaS) ecommerce solutions that en- able companies to easily design, implement and manage “There are a lot of things that contributed to our growth, their own customized ecommerce sites, including websites, but we all believe that a big part of it is just being on a mobile applications and other digital storefronts. Custom- much more robust platform that’s allowing us to inno- ers use our highly scalable and integrated Demandware vate and merchandize in the places that make sense.” Commerce platform to more easily launch and manage – Meredith Han multiple ecommerce sites, initiate marketing campaigns more quickly, and improve ecommerce traffic. For more information about Demandware, visit www.demandware. com, call 888-553-9216 or email AND ITS CUSTOMERS REAP THE BENEFITSOF NEW SITEBy utilizing the robust features offered by the DemandwareCommerce platform, Brooks is now able to offer its cus-tomers the brand experience they envisioned. When visit-ing the new site, customers can now learn more about thetechnology behind Brooks’ footwear, read about featuredathletes and events, and find their perfect fit with Brooks’Shoe Advisor – an interactive microsite tailored to the in-dividual customer. Visitors of can alsopurchase footwear, apparel and accessories as well aschat directly with customer service representatives.Brooks attributes some of its recent success, including theexpansion of its web business, to the new platform. Hanexplains, “There are a lot of things that contributed to ourgrowth, but we all believe that a big part of it is just being ona much more robust platform that’s allowing us to innovateand merchandize in the places that make sense.” Demandware, Inc. 781.425.1400 5 Wall Street, 2nd floor Burlington, MA 01803 www.demandware.comThis document contains archival information which should not be considered current and may no longer be accurate. ©2012 Demandware, Inc.