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The magic book


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A nice little "magic" book that can be used for many purposes. It can be made in different sizes; using most types of paper; and with a diversity of sections. Your imagination and purpose for making it is the only boundary. It is easy to make, but directions must be followed carefully.

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The magic book

  1. 1. The Magic BookSo many uses, so little time Carmen B. Sanchez Texas, 2012
  2. 2. The Magic Book• Contents disappear when opened from sides.• Requires only one and one half sheets of paper.• Uses are bound by the imagination only.• Depending on age of students, can be made aswhole class (all at once) or in small groups (teacherwith 3 or 4 students at a time)
  3. 3. Using the whole sheet Fold paper in half horizontally.
  4. 4. Fold back towardfolded edge
  5. 5. Do the same to theother side.
  6. 6. Fold in equal partsThe purpose of the book will determine the number of folds and size ofpaper used.
  7. 7. Open the paper so it is folded in half
  8. 8. Very important step.If students are lefthanded, instruct themto hold the scissors intheir left hand and theopen part of the paperin their right hand.Right handed studentswill do the opposite.From the folded edge they will cut on the marks left fromthe previous fold and only to the center line.
  9. 9. If done the wright way…The paper shouldshow two slashesdown the middle.
  10. 10. USING THE HALF SHEET OF PAPER Notice we used two different colors…
  11. 11. Fold paper in half vertically.Cut paper on fold line.
  12. 12. It’s weaving time!Take the two stripsof paper andweave themthrough theopening of yourwhole sheet.
  13. 13. Fold your booklet so it looks like a W Close it.
  14. 14. Work your thumbs to the middle and carefully open your booklet.
  15. 15. Decorate aroundthe perimeter ofeach square. The content will fill the inside.
  16. 16. Close the booklet and write an appropriate title. These two magic books were created to go inside the front cover of the science notebook for 5th grade students.
  17. 17. On the inside Depending on the purpose of your magic book, the students will write the appropriate content inside the squares.
  18. 18. Another viewThe skills needed tothink as a scientistwould.
  19. 19. To make it magic…• Hold the booklet so you can see thewriting.• Take the outside flaps between yourthumb and index finger• Gently pull in opposite directions.•Voilá! The writing disappeared!Want to see the writing again?Fold the book and open withthumbs from the center.