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11 Thoughts to Help Empower Yourself Every Morning


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What you do and think during the first hour after you wake up sets the tone for the entire day.

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11 Thoughts to Help Empower Yourself Every Morning

  1. 1. 11 Thoughts to Help Empower Yourself Every Morning
  2. 2. Carmen Sakurai1. Get Un-Stuck 2. Design the Life You Love 3. Live it Full Out www twitter @carmensakurai facebook facebook/CarmenSakuraiOfficial linkedin pinterest
  3. 3. What you do and think during the first hour after you wake up sets the tone for the entire day. Here are a few empowering thoughts to feed your mind first thing in the morning for a better, happier, and more successful day!
  4. 4. Regardless of whether your yesterday was a good day or a bad day... heck, even if the last 3 months straight have been a wreck, today is a brand new day! Your past does not limit what is possible for you to achieve from this day forward. Take ownership of your day and make it whatever you want it to be! 1) Today Is a New Day twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  5. 5. When you look for the negative things, you will find them. Put the same effort into looking for the beautiful things, and you will find them too! If you're going to put an effort into doing something, shouldn't it be for things that lift your spirits and brighten your day? Mood Lifting Challenge: Find humor in every situation... even if it's inappropriate. :) 2) Seek out the Good and Beautiful twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  6. 6. Regardless of our flaws and idiosyncrasies, we are always the best we possibly can be at any given time. We feel, think, and behave based on our life experiences up until that moment, as well as our understanding of the information we have in order to respond during that moment. If the moment results in something positive, celebrate and remember it so you can make it happen again! If it doesn't turn out so great, remember that too and learn from it so you can handle it better next time! You are the very best YOU right now... and you are constantly learning and improving yourself! How awesome is that?!! 3) I Am the Best I Can Be at Every Moment twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  7. 7. Happiness is a choice and that choice is ultimately yours. You have the right to be happy, so don't relinquish your power to choose happiness to something outside yourself! 4) I Have the Power to Choose Happiness twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  8. 8. "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.“ ~ Corrie Ten Boom. Every second you spend today worrying about what may or may not happen tomorrow, you lose out forever. While being proactive and actually doing something to help make a better tomorrow is always a good thing, simply stressing out and worrying about it won't change anything - and you miss out on the opportunity to make today great (which in turn could very possibly have influenced tomorrow in a very positive way!). 5) Tomorrow Hasn't Happened twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  9. 9. The past is done and it can't be changed. But it doesn't have to follow you to the present unless you choose to hold on to it. Whatever may have happened in the past does not limit what is possible for you to achieve from this moment on. Practice your freedom and power to proactively design a better future that you so deserve! 6) The Past Doesn’t Define Me twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  10. 10. You are your very own person. Your family, friends, job, or hobbies do not define you. Take ownership of who you are. You are the author of your life, so don't depend on others to create the leading character in your story. Pssst... the leading character is YOU! 7) Other People Don't Define Me twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  11. 11. Nobody can be the best at everything, but we're all outstanding in some things. When you have questions or need help, don't be embarrassed and just ask! Learn from other people's strengths and gifts, and perhaps someday, you'll have the opportunity to pay it forward to someone who may need your help in the future. We're all in this together, and by learning from one another, we become wiser and stronger! 8) I Don’t Have to Know Everything twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  12. 12. Failure is an essential part of growth. It's an opportunity to learn and become even better and stronger! If you get knocked down, it's not the end... because as long as you get back up and use your new knowledge and strength to improve, you haven’t really failed. 9) Mistakes and Failures Are My Best Teachers twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  13. 13. Feeling sad, hurt, angry, frustrated, and disappointed is part of being human. Always remember that feeling your emotions is OK. It doesn't mean you're broken beyond repair... it means you need to heal. Healing starts with forgiving the who or what that caused you pain and letting them go. It's like pulling out a painful splinter so your skin can begin to heal. After a bit of care, your skin will heal back even stronger than before. But if you leave it in, the pain will remain and it may even cause a nasty infection. It's a simplified version, but the idea is the same for taking care of emotional pain. 10) Feeling Sad or Hurt Doesn't Mean I'll Never Heal twitter facebook linkedin pinterest
  14. 14. Regardless of what's going on in your life, time does not stop. This is why it's important to be truly present and enjoy the great things in your life while you have them, and fight through the bad moments because it won't last forever. EZ Exercise: Think back to something you were upset about 2 years ago... an argument with a friend, a messy breakup, or forgetting your iPhone in the plane *gasp!*. You lived through it, and look! today you're OK! You're much stronger than you give yourself credit... live every moment full out. 11) Life Goes On twitter facebook linkedin pinterest