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Springest Media Partnership


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Become a Springest Media Partner

Bloggers, experts, job-boards, newspapers, sites - Absolutely anyone from the education sector can become a Media or Affiliate Partner. We are always looking for new partnerships, cooperation proposals, and are open to new ideas.

As a Media or Affiliate Partner you have the opportunity to create your own course platform full of endless opportunities.

You have full control over which courses and/or learning institutions are shown in your website. You choose which courses - niche subjects vs. broader categories, providers and the type of courses - are relevant for your visitors.

We provide you with the data and the technical support for a seamless integration on your website or blog. Data is exchanged via a customised XML or RSS feed. In addition to your own course portal, you can place banners linking to the course subjects or categories on Springest.

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Springest Media Partnership

  1. 1. Media Partnership
  2. 2. Who & What is Springest?
  3. 3. How Springest Operates
  4. 4. Services for Learning Providers £1.50 per unique click 1% of course price per lead 15% of course price per booking Lead: a visitors interested in a course requests more information from a learning provider by filling in a request form with their contact details.
  5. 5. Bookings 15% commission of the corresponding course price. Booking: Visitors directly enroll. Soon Springest will handle Payments.
  6. 6. About the API Over 34,000 courses + 400 providers (UK) Up-to-date course data Transaction module to generate business
  7. 7. Current Springest UK Media Partners Click logo to view implementation:
  8. 8. How do we help your SEO? Related and Valuable content for each page. Boost Ranking with in-depth Interlinking (Course, Subject, Article pages, Job Boards) We help with the Long Tail - rank in niche subjects Get reviews with the review widget - unique content
  9. 9. Course page Keep the traffic on your site, no redirecting to other course providers. +1000 subjects, & +30 categories with the API. Choose and pick the categories, & subjects you want. Improve SEO with unique course snippets, interlinked related courses, reviews.
  10. 10. Subject page More Subjects - deeper matching. +500 subjects from our +1000 database Focus on the Long Tail - rank on niche subjects e.g. E-Marketing not Marketing
  11. 11. Job page SpringSense Matches job title to related courses. Increased relatedness = increased Click Through Rate Content monetisation Interlinking improves ranking and offsets Panda.
  12. 12. Widget in Newspaper & Article Our widget makes it easier for your readers to search, compare and find a course
  13. 13. What is SpringSense? Combs through our database of +100,000 courses to find courses that are relevant within your site’s content. Recommends courses based on job title and/or skills. Find out more about SpringSense See a live example
  14. 14. 50% more leads - recommendations Thank you page Side bars
  15. 15. International Audience 45% of traffic comes from outside the UK Springest active in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium.
  16. 16. Added value for the Media Partner Additional high-value content Engage and retain users longer Increased SEO traffic (unique content) Content monetisation Generate up to 50% more leads
  17. 17. Business Model Initial proposal, performance based: ● 50/50 revenue share ● Est. revenue per lead: £8,- ● Est. revenue per booking: £50,- The total revenue depends on your traffic and integration model. Springest is open to discuss fixed revenue or CPC.
  18. 18. Next steps 1. Second call to discuss initial integration plan 2. Choose integration type (API/RSS/Widget) 3. Connect our Developers 4. API Integration 5. Content optimisation
  19. 19. We look forward to hearing your feedback and speaking more about how we might work together in the future!