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Final exam review_questions

  1. 1. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 1. The benefits of computers are possible because they ____. a. operate with amazing speed, reliability, consistency, and accuracy b. store huge amounts of data and information c. allow communications with others d. all of the above____ 2. An input device is any hardware component that enables you to ____. a. enter data and instructions into a computer b. send and receive data, instructions, and information to and from one or more computers c. record (write) and/or retrieve (read) items to and from storage media d. convey information to one or more people____ 3. An output device is any hardware component that ____. a. enters data or instructions into a computer b. sends and receives data, instructions, and information to and from one or more computers c. records (writes) and/or retrieves (reads) items to and from storage media d. conveys information to one or more people____ 4. A communications device is a hardware component that enables a computer to ____. a. enter data or instructions into a computer b. send and receive data, instructions, and information to and from one or more computers c. record (write) and/or retrieve (read) items to and from storage media d. convey information to one or more people____ 5. A Web page can contain ____. a. text and graphics c. video b. audio d. all of the above____ 6. A ____ is a personal computer you can carry from place to place. a. desktop computer c. mobile computer b. midrange server d. supercomputer____ 7. ____ is a work arrangement in which employees work away from a company’s standard workplace and often communicate with the office through the computer. a. Telecommuting c. Telescoping b. Teleprocessing d. Telephering____ 8. People access ____ Web sites to file taxes, apply for permits and licenses, pay parking tickets, buy stamps, report crimes, apply for financial aid, and renew vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses. a. education c. industry b. government d. finance____ 9. Through ____, health-care professionals in separate locations conduct live conferences on computers. a. aeromedicine c. telemedicine b. holistic medicine d. nuclear medicine____ 10. The ____ is the electronic component that interprets and carries out the basic instructions that operate the computer. a. ALU c. APU b. uPC d. CPU____ 11. A(n) ____ system is a set of programs that coordinates all the activities among computer hardware devices. a. operating c. utility b. director d. management____ 12. A(n) ____ controls access to the hardware, software, and other resources on a network and provides a centralized storage area for programs, data, and information. a. handheld c. server b. PCX d. client____ 13. A(n) ____ is a large, expensive, powerful computer that can handle hundreds or thousands of connected users simultaneously. a. supercomputer c. midrange PC b. mainframe d. client____ 14. Many large companies use the words, ____ computing, to refer to the huge network of computers that meets their diverse computing needs. a. online c. enterprise b. strategic d. management____ 15. Investors often use ____ investing to buy and sell stocks and bonds ― without using a broker. a. dynamic c. managed b. database-driven d. online
  2. 2. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 16. Some people refer to the series of input, process, output, and storage activities as the information ____ cycle. a. production c. processing b. management d. publishing____ 17. Unlike high-speed connections that always are on, with ____ you must establish a connection to the Internet. a. DSL c. a cable modem b. ISDN d. dial-up access____ 18. A ____ is a computer that delivers requested Web pages to your computer. a. Web site c. Web developer b. Web browser d. Web server____ 19. ____ is the process of a computer receiving information, such as a Web page, from a server on the Internet. a. Downloading c. Uploading b. Subscribing d. Unsubscribing____ 20. A business/marketing Web site contains ____. a. content that promotes or sells products or services b. factual information c. exciting, challenging avenues for teaching and learning d. newsworthy material____ 21. MP3 format ____ much of the original quality of the sound. a. increases an audio file to about ten times its original size, and destroys b. increases an audio file to about ten times its original size, but preserves c. reduces an audio file to about one-tenth its original size, and preserves d. reduces an audio file to about one-tenth its original size, but destroys____ 22. To listen to an audio file on your computer, you need special software called a ____. a. host c. portal b. receiver d. player____ 23. A customer visits an online business through its ____, which contains product descriptions, graphics, and a shopping cart. a. electronic storefront c. online auction b. data warehouse d. chat room____ 24. ____, which is the transmission of messages and files via a computer network, is a primary communications method for both personal and business use. a. E-mail c. Mailing list b. FTP d. Chat room____ 25. ____ is an Internet standard that permits the process of file uploading and downloading (transferring) with other computers on the Internet. a. ISDN c. DSL b. MPG d. FTP____ 26. ____ is an online area in which users have written discussions about a particular subject. a. E-mail c. FTP b. A portal d. A newsgroup____ 27. ____ is a location on an Internet server that permits users to have real-time, typed conversations with each other. a. E-mail c. FTP b. A chat room d. A home page____ 28. The major carriers of traffic on the Internet are known collectively as the Internet ____. a. guidepost c. superhighway b. resource matrix d. backbone____ 29. A Web page has a unique address, called a(n) ____. a. URL c. HTTP b. POST d. CMOS____ 30. A(n) ____ is a Web site that offers a variety of Internet services from a single, convenient location. a. portal c. wiki b. blog d. plug-in____ 31. A content ____ is a business that gathers and organizes Web content and then distributes, or feeds, the content to subscribers for free or a fee. a. collector c. aggregator b. navigator d. browser
  3. 3. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 32. ____ is the use of computers to simulate a real or imagined environment that appears as a three-dimensional (3-D) space. a. CAD c. CAM b. CMOS d. VR____ 33. A(n) ____ is a program that extends the capability of a browser. a. plug-in c. chat client b. IrDA d. VoIP____ 34. Application software is used ____. a. as a business tool and to facilitate communications b. to assist with graphics and multimedia projects c. to support home, personal, and educational activities d. all of the above____ 35. ____ performs functions specific to a business or industry. a. Custom software c. Shareware b. Packaged software d. Public-domain software____ 36. ____ is copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period. a. Custom software c. Shareware b. Packaged software d. Public-domain software____ 37. Which of the following are examples of popular personal computer operating systems? a. Microsoft’s Vista and Windows XP, Linux, and Apple’s Mac OS X b. Microsoft’s Office, Sun’s StarOffice, and Lotus Organizer c. Sun’s StarOffice Impress, Corel’s Quattro Pro, and Windows XP d. Sun’s StarOffice, Linux, and Apple’s Mac OS X____ 38. A(n) ____ is a small image displayed on the screen that represents a program, a document, or some other object. a. icon c. pointer b. command d. file____ 39. A ____ is a named collection of stored data, instructions, or information. a. window c. menu b. file d. button____ 40. To ____ a document means to make changes to its existing content. a. save c. format b. edit d. print____ 41. When users ____ a document, they change its appearance. a. create c. format b. save d. edit____ 42. A query ____. a. provides images, pictures, and video to enhance the database b. is a request for specific data from a database c. compares the spelling of words with an electronic dictionary d. is a predefined formula that performs common calculations____ 43. A popular file format used by document management software to save converted documents is ____. a. PDF c. JPEG b. RSS 2.0 d. MPEG-4____ 44. ____ provides the capabilities of paint software and also includes the ability to enhance and modify existing pictures and images. a. Audio editing software c. Image editing software b. Presentation graphics software d. Note taking software____ 45. ____ helps users create newsletters, brochures, advertisements, postcards, greeting cards, letterhead, business cards, banners, calendars, logos, and Web pages. a. Legal software c. Tax preparation software b. Personal DTP software d. Personal finance software____ 46. One popular type of image editing software, called ____, allows users to edit digital pictures by removing red-eye, erasing blemishes, restoring aged photos, adding special effects, or creating electronic photo albums. a. clip art/image gallery c. photo editing software b. entertainment software d. paint software____ 47. ____, which includes encyclopedias and dictionaries, provides valuable and thorough information for all individuals. a. Reference software c. Legal software b. Paint software d. Entertainment software
  4. 4. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 48. ____ software is a type of application software that helps companies record and report their financial transactions. a. Online banking c. Financial management b. Personal finance d. Accounting____ 49. ____ software is a sophisticated type of application software that assists a professional user in creating engineering, architectural, and scientific designs. a. CBT c. WBT b. CAD d. ELC____ 50. ____ software allows users to combine text, graphics, audio, video, and animation into an interactive application. a. Presentation graphics c. Web page authoring b. Multimedia authoring d. Personal DTP____ 51. Processors contain a(n) ____. a. serial port and a parallel port b. adapter card and an expansion card c. control unit and an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) d. all of the above____ 52. For every instruction, a processor repeats a set of four basic operations, which comprise a(n) ____: (1) fetching, (2) decoding, (3) executing, and (4) storing. a. information cycle c. data cycle b. machine cycle d. creative cycle____ 53. Current personal computer processors have clock speeds in the ____ range, which equals one billion ticks of the system clock per second. a. kilohertz (KHz) c. gigahertz (GHz) b. megahertz (MHz) d. terahertz (THz)____ 54. The ____ scheme, which is the most widely used coding scheme to represent data, is used by most personal computers and servers. a. ASCII c. PCMCIA b. EBCDIC d. Unicode____ 55. Memory stores ____. a. the operating system and other system software that control or maintain the computer and its devices b. application programs that carry out a specific task c. the data being processed by application programs and the resulting information d. all of the above____ 56. ____ is the most common type of volatile memory. a. Flash memory c. CMOS b. RAM d. ROM____ 57. L2 cache is slightly ____. a. faster than L1 cache but has a much smaller capacity b. faster than L1 cache and has a much larger capacity c. slower than L1 cache but has a much larger capacity d. slower than L1 cache and has a much smaller capacity____ 58. For wireless devices to transmit signals to a computer via infrared light waves, both the computer and the device must have a(n) ____. a. FireWire port c. SCSI port b. MIDI port d. IrDA port____ 59. A(n) ____ allows the processor to communicate with peripherals. a. expansion bus c. drive bus b. system bus d. memory bus____ 60. A computer ____ is a small piece of semiconducting material, usually silicon, on which integrated circuits are etched. a. plug c. chip b. port d. roster____ 61. The processor relies on a small quartz crystal circuit called the ____ clock to control the timing of all computer operations. a. registration c. control b. operational d. system
  5. 5. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 62. Most computers are ____, which means that they recognize only two discrete states: on and off. a. digital c. analog b. byte-based d. remastered____ 63. Computers use the ____ system, which is a number system that has just two unique digits, 0 and 1, called bits. a. unary c. absolute b. binary d. relative____ 64. When 8 bits are grouped together as a unit, they form a(n) ____. a. key c. index b. cache d. byte____ 65. Memory ____ on the motherboard hold memory modules. a. ports c. jacks b. slots d. connectors____ 66. Some RAM chips, flash memory chips, and other types of memory chips use ____ technology, which uses battery power to retain information even when a computer is off. a. CMOS c. EEPROM b. BIOS d. CPROM____ 67. ____ time is the amount of time it takes the processor to read data, instructions, and information from memory. a. Processing c. Access b. Connection d. Meter____ 68. A(n) ____ is any hardware component that allows users to enter data or instructions into a computer. a. output device c. storage device b. input device d. scanner____ 69. A ____ allows a user to control a pointer on the screen. a. storage device c. function key b. keyboard d. pointing device____ 70. The goal of ____ is to incorporate comfort, efficiency, and safety in the design of the workplace. a. ergonomics c. RSI b. computer science d. economics____ 71. On a ____, sometimes called a game controller, users press buttons or move sticks in various directions to activate events. a. gamepad c. trackball b. Click Wheel d. touch screen____ 72. ____ involves reading typewritten, computer-printed, or hand-printed characters from ordinary documents and translating the images into a form the computer can process. a. PDA c. MIDI b. OCR d. OMR____ 73. A(n) ____ often is found in retail stores to record purchases, process credit or debit cards, and update inventory. a. MICR reader c. OMR system b. bar code scanner d. POS terminal____ 74. ____ is the technology of authenticating a person’s identity by verifying a personal characteristic. a. Bionics c. Biometrics b. Ergonomics d. Encryption____ 75. ____ describes the difference in light intensity between the brightest white and darkest black that can be displayed on an LCD monitor. a. Pixel pitch c. Contrast ratio b. Resolution d. Refresh rate____ 76. Printer resolution is measured in ____. a. pixels c. hertz b. dots per inch d. pages per minute____ 77. A(n) ____ generates images by pushing electrically heated pins against heat-sensitive paper. a. laser printer c. photo-quality printer b. thermal printer d. ink-jet printer____ 78. A dot-matrix printer is a kind of ____ printer. a. laser c. nonimpact b. plotter d. impact
  6. 6. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 79. Two output options for blind users are ____. a. Braille printer and headset b. voice output and Braille printer c. on-screen keyboard and head-mounted pointer d. head mounted pointer and voice recognition____ 80. A(n) ____ is a small metal or plastic device, slightly smaller than a digital pen, that looks like a tiny pen but uses pressure instead of ink. a. stylus c. indexed pen b. icon d. digitizer____ 81. ____ is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels in a display device. a. Pixel depth c. Bit depth b. Color index d. Resolution____ 82. A(n) ____ is the smallest element in an electronic image. a. bit c. pixel b. candela d. nit____ 83. ____ devices read hand-drawn marks such as small circles or rectangles. a. OMR c. MICR b. PCR d. TFT____ 84. A(n) ____ peripheral is a single device that looks like a copy machine but provides the functionality of a printer, scanner, copy machine, and perhaps a fax machine a. multivariate c. multiple b. multifunction d. multifaceted____ 85. The ____ requires any company with 15 or more employees to make reasonable attempts to accommodate the needs of physically challenged workers. a. Sarbanes-Oxley Act c. Workers’ Protection Act b. ADA d. W3C Act____ 86. A(n) ____ card, which is similar in size to a credit or ATM card, stores personal data on a thin microprocessor that is embedded in the card. a. basic c. key b. smart d. micro____ 87. ____ is a technology that uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in or attached to an object, an animal, or a person. a. RFID c. MICR b. OCR d. TFT____ 88. Which of the following is not a secondary storage medium? a. CD c. DVD b. RAM d. flash memory card____ 89. Storage devices access data in ____ of a second. a. thousandths c. billionths b. millionths d. trillionths____ 90. ____ measures the amount of time it takes a storage device to locate an item on a storage medium. a. Latency c. Access time b. Tracking d. Resolution____ 91. Memory (chips) accesses data items in ____ of a second. a. millionths c. trillionths b. billionths d. quadrillionths____ 92. A ____ occurs when the read/write head of a hard disk touches the surface of a platter. a. backup c. reading b. head crash d. writing____ 93. Which is not a type of disk controller? a. SATA c. SCSI b. EIDE d. CD-ROM____ 94. A(n) _____ stores items by using microscopic pits and lands in its middle layer and is read by a laser beam. a. hard disk c. optical disc b. tape d. floppy____ 95. A(n) ____ disc can be read, written to, and erased. a. CD-ROM c. DVD-ROM b. CD-R d. DVD+RW
  7. 7. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 96. A large business, commonly referred to as a(n) ____, has hundreds or thousands of employees. a. commonwealth c. enterprise b. megacorp d. legacy____ 97. Which has the longest life expectancy? a. microfilm c. CDs b. magnetic disks d. DVDs____ 98. ____ is the number of bytes a storage medium can hold. a. Bit depth c. Dimensionality b. Capacity d. Resolution____ 99. ____ is the process of transferring data, instructions, and information from a storage medium into memory. a. Reading c. Writing b. Running d. Loading____ 100. The process of writing on an optical disc is called ____. a. cutting c. loading b. formatting d. burning____ 101. The operating system a computer uses sometimes is called the ____. a. platform c. kernel b. driver d. buffer____ 102. When turning on a computer that has been powered off completely, you are performing a ____. a. hot boot c. warm boot b. reboot d. cold boot____ 103. A(n) ____ computer continues to operate when one of its components fails. a. fail-safe c. faulty b. fault-tolerant d. always-on____ 104. ____ is a concept in which the operating system allocates a portion of a storage medium to function as additional RAM. a. Fault-tolerant memory c. Logical memory b. Redundant memory d. Virtual memory____ 105. To protect sensitive data and information as it travels over a network, a network operating system often ____ it. a. encrypts c. deletes b. decrypts d. monitors____ 106. To defragment a disk means to ____. a. slow it down c. reorganize it b. diagnose problems with it d. repair it____ 107. Which of the following is not a type of operating system? a. wireless c. network b. stand-alone d. embedded____ 108. Linux is ____ software, which means its code is available to the public for use, modification, and redistribution. a. open source c. proprietary b. free source d. embedded____ 109. A ____ hides within or looks like a legitimate program such as a screen saver. a. virus c. spyware b. worm d. Trojan horse____ 110. ____ is a program placed on a computer without the user’s knowledge that secretly collects information about the user. a. A virus c. Spyware b. A worm d. A Trojan horse____ 111. Compressed files sometimes are called ____ files. a. zapped c. reduced b. zipped d. encrypted____ 112. ____ software consists of the programs that control or maintain the operations of a computer and its devices. a. System c. Platform b. Management d. Disk-based____ 113. A(n) ____ system is a set of programs containing instructions that coordinate all the activities among hardware resources. a. platform c. management b. operating d. disk-based
  8. 8. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 114. A(n) ____ is a segment of memory or storage in which items are placed while waiting to be transferred from an input device or to an output device. a. index c. nexus b. kernel d. buffer____ 115. The operating system on most PDAs and small devices, called a(n) ____ operating system, resides on a ROM chip. a. symbian c. integrated b. embedded d. resident____ 116. A(n) ____ copies itself repeatedly in memory or over a network, using up system resources and possibly shutting the system down. a. malex c. worm b. virus d. Trojan horse____ 117. ____ is a program that displays an online advertisement in a banner or pop-up window on Web pages, e-mail, or other Internet services. a. Compression software c. Resident software b. Symbianware d. Adware____ 118. A pop-up ____ is a filtering program that stops pop-up ads from displaying on Web pages. a. blocker c. stopper b. driver d. monitor____ 119. A ____ is the transmission media on which the data, instructions, or information travel. a. sending device c. communications channel b. receiving device d. wire____ 120. The design of computers, devices, and media in a network sometimes is called the _____. a. server c. network architecture b. hotspot d. communications channel____ 121. A P2P network sometimes is called a(n) _____ network. a. bus c. communications b. file sharing d. RFID____ 122. _____ has been adopted as a network standard for Internet communications. a. TCP/IP c. WAP b. Wi-Fi d. 802.11____ 123. Some computers and devices use the ____ specification to transmit data wirelessly to each other via infrared light waves. a. RFID c. IrDA b. WAP d. Wi-Fi____ 124. Physical transmission media used in communications include _____ cable. a. twisted-pair c. fiber-optic b. coaxial d. all of the above____ 125. _____ is an electrical disturbance that can degrade communications. a. RFID c. Chatter b. Noise d. A hot spot____ 126. Bluetooth, UWB, HomeRF, Wi-Fi, and WiMAX communications technology use _____. a. T1 lines c. infrared b. broadcast radio signals d. microwaves____ 127. A(n) ____ is a navigation system that consists of one or more earth-based receivers that accept and analyze signals sent by satellites in order to determine the receiver’s geographical location. a. EPS c. APS b. BPS d. GPS____ 128. A(n) ____ is a network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area, such as a home, school computer laboratory, office building, or closely positioned group of buildings. a. EFT c. WAN b. LAN d. MAN____ 129. A(n) ____ is a high-speed network that connects LANs in a metropolitan area such as a city or town. a. EFT c. MAN b. WAN d. WLAN____ 130. A(n) ____ network is a simple, inexpensive network that typically connects fewer than 10 computers. a. bus c. MAN b. peer-to-peer d. file
  9. 9. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 131. A(n) ____ network consists of a single central cable, to which all computers and other devices connect. a. ring c. token ring b. star d. bus____ 132. On a(n) ____________________ network, all of the computers and devices on the network connect to a central device. a. ring c. token ring b. star d. bus____ 133. A network ____ refers to the layout of the computers and devices in a communications network. a. topology c. latency b. mapping d. volume____ 134. A(n) ____ line is a type of always-on connection that is established between two communications devices. a. integrated c. dedicated b. indexed d. baseband____ 135. Database software often is called a ____. a. data file c. data dictionary b. report generator d. database management system____ 136. Data ____ determine(s) the quality of the data. a. models c. integrity b. logs d. backup____ 137. ____ information has an age suited to its use. a. Organized c. Useful b. Accessible d. Timely____ 138. ____ information has meaning to the person who receives it. a. Organized c. Useful b. Accessible d. Timely____ 139. _____ information is available when the decision maker needs it. a. Organized c. Useful b. Accessible d. Timely____ 140. Which of the following data types stores lengthy text entries? a. Text c. Hyperlink b. Memo d. Object____ 141. Which of the following data types stores photographs, audio, video, or a document created in another program? a. Text c. Hyperlink b. Memo d. Object____ 142. File maintenance procedures include ____. a. adding records to a file c. changing records in a file b. deleting records from a file d. all of the above____ 143. Many programs perform a ____ that analyzes entered data to ensure that it is correct. a. validity check c. system scan b. logic check d. check digit____ 144. A(n) ____ check would test the data in two or more associated fields to ensure that the relationship is logical. a. range c. consistency b. completeness d. alphabetic/numeric____ 145. A data ____ contains data about each file in the database and each field within those files. a. log c. model b. warehouse d. dictionary____ 146. A ____ consists of simple, English-like statements that allow users to specify the data to display, print, or store. a. query language c. form b. query-by-example d. report generator____ 147. A ____ allows users to design a report on the screen, retrieve data into the report design, and then display or print the report. a. query form c. report table b. report generator d. recovery utility____ 148. A database administrator _____. a. requires a more technical view of data c. monitors the performance of the database b. creates and maintains the data dictionary d. all of the above____ 149. ____ is a computing phrase that points out the accuracy of a computer’s output depends on the accuracy of the input. a. TCO c. IMHO b. GIGO d. MQA
  10. 10. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 150. A(n) ____ is a request for specific data from the database. a. capture c. form b. report d. query____ 151. The term, ____, refers to online or Internet-based illegal acts. a. online crime c. Internet crime b. cybercrime d. Webcrime____ 152. A ____ is a potentially damaging computer program that affects, or infects, a computer negatively by altering the way the computer works without the users knowledge or permission. a. cracker c. virus b. Trojan horse d. worm____ 153. A ____ is a program that copies itself repeatedly, for example in memory or in a network, using up resources and possibly shutting down the computer or network. a. denial of service (DoS) attack c. virus b. Trojan horse d. worm____ 154. If an antivirus program cannot remove an infection, it often ____. a. quarantines the infected file c. disables the drive the file is on b. reports the user computer d. removes the user from its registry____ 155. Which of the following is an example of a possessed object? a. user name and password c. badges and keys b. face recognition systems d. fingerprint scanner____ 156. Which of the following is not an example of a biometric device? a. smart card c. hand geometry system b. face recognition system d. fingerprint scanner____ 157. A person breaking into a computer laboratory and smashing computers is an example of _____. a. hardware vandalism c. information theft b. hardware theft d. piracy____ 158. Software ____ is the unauthorized and illegal duplication of copyrighted software. a. piracy c. filtering b. fraud d. attacks____ 159. In its simplest form, a(n) ____ is a programmed formula that is used to decrypt ciphertext. a. plaintext c. firewall b. encryption key d. digital signature____ 160. ____ can lead to system failure. a. Aging hardware b. Natural disasters, such as fires, floods, or hurricanes c. Errors in computer programs d. All of the above____ 161. A(n) ____ is someone who accesses a computer or network illegally with the intent of destroying data, stealing information, or other malicious action. a. cracker c. cyberextortionist b. cyberterrorist d. cyberstalker____ 162. A(n) ____ is a program that hides within or looks like a legitimate program. a. worm c. virus b. Trojan horse d. spyware____ 163. A virus ____ is a known specific pattern of virus code. a. index c. definition b. trigger d. payload____ 164. A(n) ____ attack is an assault whose purpose is to disrupt computer access to an Internet service such as the Web or e- mail. a. DoS c. firewall b. payload d. intrusion____ 165. ____ is the process of converting readable data into unreadable characters to prevent unauthorized access. a. Encryption c. Decryption b. Content filtering d. Remastering
  11. 11. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 166. A(n) ____ is a duplicate of a file, program, or disk that can be used if the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed. a. restoration file c. backup b. archivist d. content filter____ 167. System development cycles often organize activities by grouping them into larger categories called ____. a. phases c. stages b. subcycles d. indices____ 168. The ____ phase of the System Development Cycle for a project begins when the steering committee receives a project request. a. analysis c. feasibility b. implementation d. planning____ 169. The ____ phase of the System Development Cycle consists of two major activities: (1) conduct a preliminary investigation and (2) perform detailed analysis. a. analysis c. implementation b. planning d. feasibility____ 170. The ____ phase of the System Development Cycle consists of two major activities: (1) if necessary, acquire hardware and software and (2) develop all the details of the new or modified information system. a. implementation c. planning b. execution d. design____ 171. The purpose of the ____ phase in the System Development Cycle is to construct, or build, the new or modified system and then deliver it to the users. a. conversion c. design b. implementation d. analysis____ 172. The purpose of the ____ in the System Development Cycle is to provide ongoing assistance for an information system and its users after the system is implemented. a. implementation c. design b. planning d. operation, support, and security____ 173. ____ are sets of rules and procedures a company expects employees to accept and follow. a. Grants c. Programs b. Morals d. Standards____ 174. ____ feasibility measures how well the proposed system will work. a. Schedule c. Operational b. Technical d. Economic____ 175. With ____, the user stops using the old system and begins using the new system on a certain date. a. parallel conversion c. direct conversion b. phased conversion d. pilot conversion____ 176. With a ____, only one location in the company uses the new system. a. parallel conversion c. direct conversion b. phased conversion d. pilot conversion____ 177. A ____ is a set of words, symbols, and codes that enables a programmer to communicate instructions to a computer. a. programming language c. compiler b. program d. source program____ 178. ____ is a programming language designed for business applications. a. C c. COBOL b. BASIC d. Fortran____ 179. A ____ control structure tells the program which action to take, based on a certain condition. a. selection c. loop b. sequence d. repetition____ 180. A ____ committee is a decision-making body in a company. a. management c. directors b. steering d. feasibility____ 181. The main purpose of the ____ investigation is to determine the exact nature of the problem or improvement and decide whether it is worth pursuing. a. planning c. implementation b. preliminary d. custom____ 182. Application software developed by the user or at the users request is called ____ software. a. packaged c. custom b. optimized d. remastered
  12. 12. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 183. A(n) ____ is a company that purchases products from manufacturers and then resells these products to the public — offering additional services with the product. a. VAR c. ERD b. RPG d. TPG____ 184. ____ language, known as the first generation of programming languages, is the only language the computer directly recognizes. a. Machine c. Assembly b. Compiled d. Executed____ 185. A(n) ____ program is the program that contains the language instructions, or code, to be converted. a. indexed c. source b. baseline d. master____ 186. ____ is a measure of how suitable the development of a system will be to the company. a. Index analysis c. Feasibility b. Operationalization d. Cost/benefit analysis____ 187. The ____ manages core activities. a. CEO c. COO b. CIO d. CFO____ 188. Which is a magnetic storage medium? a. DVD c. PC Card b. floppy disk d. flash memory card____ 189. Some optical disc drives use ____ technology, which works with specially coated discs to etch labels directly on the disc. a. BurnDisk c. OpticalName b. LabelCD d. LightScribe____ 190. The operating system typically resides on the computer’s ____. a. floppy disk c. CD-ROM b. hard disk d. ROM chip____ 191. ____ is the process of starting or restarting a computer. a. Launching c. Booting b. Loading d. Keying____ 192. The design of computers, devices, and media in a network sometimes is called the ____. a. server c. network architecture b. hotspot d. communications channel____ 193. ____ has been adopted as a network standard for Internet communications. a. TCP/IP c. WAP b. Wi-Fi d. 802.11____ 194. Issues with copyright law led to the development of ____, a strategy designed to prevent illegal distribution of movies, music, and other digital content. a. pharming c. fair use b. RSS d. DRM____ 195. As related to the use of computers, ____ is defined as gaining unauthorized access or obtaining confidential information by taking advantage of the trusting human nature of some victims and the naivety of others. a. DoS c. DRM b. social engineering d. scamming____ 196. A typical enterprise consists of individual operating entities called ____. a. managers c. functional units b. enterprise models d. expert systems____ 197. The ____ management activity involves establishing goals and objectives. a. leading c. organizing b. planning d. controlling____ 198. The ____ management activity involves measuring performance and, if necessary, taking corrective action. a. leading c. organizing b. planning d. controlling____ 199. Using ____, engineers can test the design of a car or bridge before it is built. a. CAM c. CAD b. CAE d. CIM____ 200. A ____ is an individual business activity, such as a deposit, payment, order, or reservation. a. message c. transaction b. process d. job
  13. 13. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 201. A(n) ____ creates three basic types of reports: detailed, summary, and exception. a. TPS c. OLTP b. MIS d. OIS____ 202. An expert system consists of two main components: ____. a. data and tasks c. a human expert and artificial expert b. a knowledge base and inference rules d. a database and spreadsheet____ 203. ____ is the process of collecting data from the Internet as a source for a data warehouse. a. Web mining c. Scavenging b. Web searching d. Web farming____ 204. A ____ is a defined process that identifies the specific set of steps involved in completing a particular project or business process. a. workflow c. project management strategy b. workaround d. Gantt chart____ 205. A(n) ____ is used to create a secure connection over the Internet between a users computer and a companys network. a. RFP c. VAR b. VPN d. DSS____ 206. ____ allows large organizations to manage and store information and data using devices geared for heavy use, maximum availability, and maximum efficiency. a. Enterprise hardware c. Networking b. Enterprise software d. RAID____ 207. ____ uses a computer and special software to aid in product design. a. BI c. BPA b. HRIS d. CAD____ 208. ____ is the use of computers to control production equipment in the manufacturing process. a. CAE c. CIM b. CAM d. MRP____ 209. ____ uses computers to integrate the many different operations of the manufacturing process. a. CAE c. CIM b. CAM d. MRP____ 210. Many companies elevate the importance of IT by including a(n) ____ executive position that reports to the CEO. a. CFO c. CIO b. CTP d. CSO____ 211. A(n) ____ is recorded audio stored on a Web site that can be downloaded to a computer or a portable digital audio player. a. blog c. chat b. podcast d. videoconference____ 212. A(n) ____ is someone who develops software or writes the instructions that direct the computer to process data into information. a. director c. programmer b. program manager d. user____ 213. The primary input device of a PDA is the ____, which looks like a small ballpoint pen but uses pressure instead of ink to write and draw. a. keyboard c. mouse b. stylus d. digital camera____ 214. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 are examples of ____. a. game consoles c. PDAs b. handheld games d. mobile devices____ 215. ____ provides high-speed Internet connections through the cable television network. a. DSL c. A cable modem b. ISDN d. Dial-up access____ 216. A ____ is the text version of an IP address. a. home page c. hyperlink b. domain name d. user name____ 217. A Web page may contain a(n) ____, which is a built-in connection to another Web page or part of a Web page. a. portal c. link b. directory d. index
  14. 14. CIS 101 Final Exam Questions____ 218. A(n) ____ is a collaborative Web site that allows users to add to, modify, or delete the Web site content via their Web browser. a. portal c. Blog b. wiki d. content aggregator____ 219. ____ software serves as the interface between the user, the application software, and the computer’s hardware. a. System c. Management b. Driver d. Disk-based____ 220. A ____ restricts access to specified Web sites. a. pop-up blocker c. personal computer maintenance utility b. spyware remover d. Web filter____ 221. Memory ____ helps speed the processes of the computer because it stores frequently used instructions and data. a. indexing c. cache b. pipelining d. rasterizing____ 222. A ____ connects other computers through telephone or cable television lines. a. sound card c. modem card b. video card or graphics card d. network card____ 223. A ____ is a stationary pointing device with a ball on its top or side. a. mouse c. scanner b. joystick d. trackball____ 224. A ____ is a small, flat, rectangular pointing device that is sensitive to pressure and motion. a. trackball c. pointing stick b. touchpad d. wheel____ 225. A(n) ____ conference is a meeting between two or more geographically separated people who use a network or the Internet to transmit audio and video data. a. video c. dynamic b. distance d. professional