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Second Screen Apps - On Google TV


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Google TV and Second Screen Apps. What kinds of apps are there and how to make them.

Covers smart tv landscape. By Carmen Delessio. Author of "Sam's Learn Google TV Development in 24 Hours."

Presented at NYC Android Developer meetup. 3/14/2013

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Second Screen Apps - On Google TV

  1. 1. Google TV: How to develop second screen appsNYC Android Developer Meetup 3.14.2013 Carmen Delessio Sam’s Learn Google TV Development in 24 Hours
  2. 2. CES 2013 Announcements: ASUS LG HiSense NetGearAvailable Now:Sony, Visio, LG
  3. 3. Develop on a device … for less than $100
  4. 4. YouTube app in the news
  5. 5. YouTube app in the news
  6. 6. Smart TV Projected Growth:
  7. 7. Smart TV Technology
  8. 8. Google TV is a software platform. Hardware and software are separate. Google TV works across manufacturers.
  9. 9. Google TV is a software platform. Hey, this reminds me of something . . .
  10. 10. Smart Phone Market Share 2008 Apple 19% RIM 44% Palm 13%
  11. 11. Smart Phone Market Share 2012 Google 51% Apple 30% RIM 14%
  12. 12. 2008: SmartPhones = dedicated hardwareAndroid – a software platform, decouples hardware and software2012: Over 50% of smart phones use AndroidPrediction:Smart TVs will follow same model. A softwareplatform will dominate. Google TV is leadingcontender.
  13. 13. Google Play (a real market) is available onGoogle TVPlenty of Android Developers!
  14. 14. The TV is on. Why are you looking at your phone?
  15. 15. We all look at our phones (or tablets) all thetime.With a second screen app, the content inthe 2 screens is somehow relatedThere are at least 4 Kinds of SecondScreen apps
  16. 16. Enhanced Viewing apps Supplement a broadcast TV show
  17. 17. Enhanced Viewing appsSynced apps
  18. 18. Enhanced Viewing appsDevelopers, check out
  19. 19. Enhanced Viewing apps Work with all TV Shows -Or- Have have some level of content integration
  20. 20. Remote Control Apps
  21. 21. Remote Control Apps
  22. 22. Content Selection Apps Select on Device Play on TV
  23. 23. Content Selection Apps Flickr Example
  24. 24. Content Selection Apps:Opportunities?What about Facebook? Instagram? Shutterfly?News or TV Content apps? CNN? Comedy Central?
  25. 25. Content Selection Apps Select content on device, Display on TV Default Display (photos or videos)Custom display –app on phone and TV
  26. 26. Interactive AppsBlackjack Sample App
  27. 27. Interactive AppsBlackjack Sample App Make your play using a device
  28. 28. Interactive AppsBlackjack Sample AppResultsDisplayed onTV
  29. 29. Interactive AppsBlackjack Sample App Two apps are used Phone App TV App
  30. 30. Interactive AppsBlackjack Sample AppMultiple devices can beconnected to the TVPossibilities?
  31. 31. Interactive and others from
  32. 32. Interactive Apps Interact with device, Display on TV Not just selecting contentThere is an app on both the TV and the device.
  33. 33. Ok already, Let’s make something
  34. 34. Discovery: Hey, there is a TV over herePairing: OK, let’s connectDiscovery - recognizing a TV on networkPairing - establishing trusted communication
  35. 35. Discovery: Hey, there is aTV over hereDiscovery –recognizing a TV on a network
  36. 36. Pairing: OK, let’s connectPairing - establishing trusted communication
  37. 37. For all second screen apps, some kind ofdiscovery and pairing must occur.Google TV builds in: Anymote Protocol & Google TV Pairing protocol
  38. 38. Getting StartedThe best way to start is to install and run theBlackJack Demo app clone
  39. 39. Install BlackJack Demo
  40. 40. Install BlackJack DemoAfter installation you will have: BlackJackGTV - a simple 1st screen app BlackJackTVRemote - a simple 2nd screen app to talk w/ the first screen app. Anymote Library – library for Anymote protocol
  41. 41. Install BlackJack Demo BlackJackTVRemote Uses Anymote LibraryAndroid properties for BlackJackTVRemote
  42. 42. What does Anymote do?Allows Remote App to send: Key events Mouse Events Connection Events Intents!
  43. 43. BlackJack Remote App Code: Implement Anymote ClientListener Get the AnymoteSender when connected Send Keystrokes to the TV App  “H” for Hit  “S” for Stand  “N” for New Game
  44. 44. Activity - implement ClientListenerManifest – defines service & anymote pairing activity
  45. 45. Hit Button ClickedThe sendKeyEvent() method
  46. 46. On the TV App, there is a response to the “H” Remote app sends KeyEvent.KEYCODE_H via anymote TV App gets this key in the onKeyDown() and responds
  47. 47. Sending Intents using AnymoteJust android- Implicit intents like View a web page- Explicit – start a specific activity
  48. 48. Implicit intents likeView a web pageDemo app takes URLDisplays it on TVSimple example, shell for other apps
  49. 49. Flickr Example- Gets most recent Flickr Photos - Select a photo - Fling it to TV- Set up Anymote Library- Get Source code- You can use this as your Second Screen Remote app starting point
  50. 50.
  51. 51.
  52. 52. Intent App – remote app uses explicit intentRemote App code to fling intent:
  53. 53. Debugging and Running apps on GTVGet Computer IP addressSet Debugger address on TV settingsADB connect to TV:adb connect is just another device
  54. 54. Android 4.2.2 Presentation class Display Content on 2nd Screen
  55. 55. OUYA Game Console
  56. 56. - Google TV is a software platform- Different types of second screen apps - Enhanced Viewing - Remote control - Content Selection - Interactive
  57. 57. - Besides Google TV, Check out - - -
  58. 58. Carmen Delessio