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Food Safety Day 1


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Foods and Nutrition in MLIS is not a bird course in any way. This course is meant to prepare students for life on their own After finishing this course, students should have the ability to think for themselves in the kitchen and follow recipes without hesitation.

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Food Safety Day 1

  1. 1. Today’s Vocabulary • Microbe: • Pathogen: • Food Borne Illness: • Food Poisoning: Write these words in your vocab sheet and fill in their translations now, and English definitions after class.
  2. 2. Food Safety
  3. 3. Why Food Safety • Don’t want to get hurt (burns, cuts, falls) • Don’t want to get sick (food poisoning) • Don’t want to make others sick.
  4. 4. Video – Microbes!!! • Food Safe Video • Start 17:00 • Finish 35:00
  5. 5. Food poisoning • Illness from consuming food that contains a harmful substance, microorganisms or their toxins. Common symptoms: – stomach aches – vomiting – diarrhea – fever • Can result in long-term diseases and death. • Often caused by food that looks, smells and tastes normal.
  6. 6. Video!!! • Food Safe • Start 1:14:00 • Finish 1:20:00
  7. 7. Hand Washing Demo • To the sinks!!!
  8. 8. When To Wash • Tell me when you should wash your hands… • Before ______________________. • After ________________________.
  9. 9. Wrap Up • Number One cause of Food Borne Illness • PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE FOOD!!!! • When we make food in our class, we must be sanitary in order to stay healthy and keep others healthy.
  10. 10. What now? 1. Fill in the definitions for today’s 4 vocabulary words in English. Use your own words. 2. Read the notes given to you on Microbiology with a partner, underline any words you don’t understand and translate them. 3. Try the review questions on the second page. 4. Look at and think about the “Cycle of Transmission” on page 2.