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Ipad gadgets


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iPad gadgets and Gizmos to enhance learning in the classroom

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Ipad gadgets

  1. 1. Geeky Gizmos and GadgetsCarmella Doty carmelladoty@gmail.comRenee Henderson
  2. 2. iPad Camera Connections Kit
  3. 3. VGA Adapter
  4. 4. Merkury Stylus• Retractable• Connects toSpeakerConnection• Amazon: $7.50• Bed Bath &Beyond - $7.99
  5. 5. Belkin RockStar 5-WayHeadphone Splitter• Amazon: $13.99
  6. 6. Reflector / Air Server• Reflections and Air Server aretwo applications that provideiPad mirroring to the desktopor laptop. They both work onMac or PC. Use one of these incombination with an Ad Hocnetwork on your MacBook toproject what is on the iPadscreen wirelessly.
  7. 7. iHorn Sound Amplifier• Amazon:$13.49• Bed Bath andBeyond: $9.99
  8. 8. Mini Microphone RecorderAmazon:$1.48
  9. 9. Casabella i-ClothFolds into a small pouchAmazon $4.35
  10. 10. AluratekPortable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker/Speakerphonewith Built-In Battery-Bluetooth Speakerphone
  11. 11. HNDX Jam Wireless SpeakerBed Bath & Beyond$39.9920% coupon toreduce price
  12. 12. Soulo Karaoke• Price $40• Connect mic to speaker, connect the mic tothe sound output in the iPad• Also works as a megaphone with App -SuperMega
  13. 13. iRig MIC Cast: $39Apps: Free
  14. 14. iRig Apps
  15. 15. App Mates Disney CarsToys R’ Us andAmazon$18.99
  16. 16. Up to 4 players using controllersPrice: $24.00Apps: forlistingDuo POP
  17. 17. AppGear Zombi Burbz• APP: Zombie Burbz• NOTE:Turn offmultitasking gestures inSettings>General>Multitasking• Price: $9.99
  18. 18. AppGear Foam Fighters• Put suction cup onthe lens• Altered Reality• Price: $9.99
  19. 19. Life of George
  20. 20. Life with George• Made by Lego• Put the Lego Matt down on the bottom of thescreen• When you get the configuration done, take aphoto of it for score
  21. 21. Crayola Light Marker for iPad works like a magic wand.Turn out the lights, draw in the air with Light Marker andwatch as color appears on your iPad!$19.99
  22. 22. Digital 3-D Drawing Tool with 3-D GlassesDigital Crayon, Airbrush and Stamper
  23. 23. All-in-one iPad workstation thatincludes storage cubbies for thedigital coloring tools!
  24. 24. Augmented Reality Cards
  25. 25. Greeky Gadgets and Gizmos
  26. 26. JamboxJawbone JAMBOX WirelessBluetooth Speaker - $59 and up
  27. 27. Apple TV" Any iOS device on the sameWi-Fi network can streammusic, video or mirror thedisplay entirely onto atelevision to share whatevercontent is on your iPad withfriends and family..........”Price: $99
  28. 28. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0• Remote controlledDrone• Take hi-definitionin-flight photosand videos• Share videos andphotos directly onYouTube andPicasa• Used for RescueMissions, Police,Fire DepartmentsAbout $300
  29. 29. AR Drone App• Free App• Available forApple and Android
  30. 30. Photos from AR Drone
  31. 31. SilverLit Remote Control ToysPrice: $29 - $80Apps: Free
  32. 32. GPS LocatorsPrices: $129 - $189Apps Free
  33. 33. Square Credit Reader• Connect your creditcard reader• Sold in Apple Store $10refunded when youopen your account• 2.5% for each salestransaction
  34. 34. Numark iDJ Live• Amazon: $92• Hyper Turn Tables,mix your musicfrom your iTuneslibrary
  35. 35. iHealth Blood Pressure Dock• Amazon:$65• Keeps records of yourblood pressureautomatically• Take iPad to theDoctor’s office toreview records