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April 18 pearl harbor-preevents

  1. 1. WWII
  2. 2. April 12, 2013Be Ready to TAKE NOTES TODAYMrs. Doty cdoty@pgcps.orgTopics: Review Causes of WW 2US Enters the War
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  6. 6. •Nelly•Joseph Stalin•Glog
  7. 7. „Homework April 22„DISCOVERY EDUCATION STUDENT CENTER1. Movie ‟ Pearl Harbor2.Quiz on Pearl Harbor Movie3.April 22‟ Class questionsand assignments
  8. 8. „Change of ClassNext Week to„FRIDAY CLASS @7:30PM
  9. 9. 9Quick Facts (write 2-3)A. War Costs1. US Debt 1940 - $9 billionUS Debt 1945 - $98 billion„ The war cost $330 billion -- 10times the cost of WWI & as muchas all previous federalspending since 1776
  10. 10. 10Quick Facts (write 2-3)B. Human Costs1. 50 million people died(compared to 15 million inWWI)„ 21.3 million Russians (7.7 million civilians„ 11 million died as a result of the HOLOCAU(6 million Jews + 5 million others)
  11. 11. 11When?1939Sept.1 -GermanyinvadesPoland(officialstart tothe war)Sept. 3 -Britain &Francedeclarewar onGermanyDec. 7 ‟JapanbombsPearlHarbor; USenters theWar1941May -GermansSurrenderSept. -AtomicBombingofHiroshima &Nagasaki,JapaneseSurrend1945„1939-1945„US involvement 1941-1945
  12. 12. 12Who?Allies AxisGreat BritainFrance(note: Francesurrendered toGermany in 1940 (after6 weeks of fighting)United StatesRussiaGermanyItalyJapan(majorpowers)(major powers)
  13. 13. Name the following:Allies Countries(GOOD GUYS) Countries (BADGUYS)
  14. 14. 14Major LeadersAdolf HitlerNazi GermanyBenito MussoliniItaly
  15. 15. 15Major LeadersHideki TojoJapanese Prime MinisterWinston ChurchillBritish Prime Minister
  16. 16. 16Major LeadersFranklin Delano RooseveltUS PresidentJosephStalinRussianLeader
  17. 17. MATCH THE COUNTRY LEADERS17PERSON1. Hitler2. Mussolini3. Tojo4. Chruchill5. Stalin6. RooseveltCOUNTRYa.Italyb.Great Britianc. Russiad. United Statese.Japanf.Germany
  18. 18. 18Why? (underlying causes of WWII)1. Treaty of VersaillesA. Germany lost land tosurrounding nationsB. War Reparations1) Allies collect $ topay back war debtsto U.S.2) Germany must pay$57 trillion (modernequivalent)3) Bankrupted theGerman economy &embarrassedGermansLloyd George, Georges Clemenceau, and Woodrow Wilsonduring negotiations for the Treaty
  19. 19. 19Why? (underlying causes of WWII)2. World-wideDepressionA. The Depression madeGermany’s debt evenworseB. Desperate peopleturn to desperateleaders1) Hitler seemedto providesolutions toGermany’sproblems1923 - Wallpapering with German Deutchmarks
  20. 20. 20Why? (underlying causes of WWII)2. World-wideDepression2) Hitler providedscapegoats forGermany’sproblems(foreigners, Jews,communists, Roma(Gypsies),mentally ill,homosexuals)3) Kristallnacht -vandalism &destruction of
  21. 21. CIRCLE IF TRUE, X IF FALSE1.The Treaty of Versailles(TofV) wasthe agreement between countries atthe end of World War 2.2. TofV added land to Germany .3. The Great Depression was limitedto the US.4. Hitler blamed the Jews forGermany’s problems by makig themscapegoats21„TRUE„TRUE„TRUE„TRUE
  22. 22. 22Why?3. Rise of Totalitarian RegimesA. In a Totalitarian country, individual rights arenot viewed as important as the needs of thenationTotalitarianismCommunistDictatorship(USSR)FascistDictatorship(Germany, Italy)MilitaryDictatorship(Japan)Fascism: militarygovernment withbased on racism &nationalism withstrong supportfrom the businesscommunity
  23. 23. Causes of WW21. Why was the Treaty of Versaillesone of the causes of WW 2?2. What were the economic conditionsworld wide before WW 2?3. What was Totalitarianism?4. How did Totalitarianism contributeto WW2?23
  24. 24. 24Why?4. Isolationism of Major PowersA. Why was the U.S. Isolationist?1. Great Depression (problems at home)2. Perceptions of WWIa. WWI did not seem to solve muchb. People began to think that we’dgot into WWI for the wrongreasons (greedy Americanbusinessmen!)
  25. 25. 25Why?4. Isolationism of Major Powers3. Opposition to war (Pacifism)a. Washington Conference -Limits on size of countrysnaviesb. Kellogg-Briand pact -condemned war as a way tosolving conflicts
  26. 26. 26Why?4. Isolationism of Major PowersB. This led to policies of“Appeasement”1. Appeasement: give dictators whatthey want and hope that they won’twant anything else2. Begins with Japanese invasion ofManchuria, Italian invasion ofEthiopia, and continues with Hitler .. .
  27. 27. CIRCLE IF TRUE, X IF FALSE1. Appeasement: give dictators whatthey want and hope that they won’twant anything else2. Isolationism meant that US didnot want to be involved in theWar and stay isolated (bythemselves)3. The Great Depression in the USwas the reason joined World War 227„TRUE„TRUE„TRUE
  28. 28. 28So What Was Hitler AskingFor?Return of German Speaking Lands -“Lebensraum”„Austria -PeacefullyAnnexed in 1938German Troops Parade in Streets ofCzechoslovakian Town, ca. 1939
  29. 29. 29So What Was Hitler AskingFor?Return of German Speaking Lands -“Lebensraum”„Sudentenland -(now part ofCzech Republic)„MunichConference -Great Britain &France give toHitler in returnfor peace„Hitler theninvades the restof CzechoslovakiaGerman Troops Parade in Streets ofCzechoslovakian Town, ca. 1939
  30. 30. 30So What Was Hitler AskingFor?Return of German Speaking Lands„NonaggressionPact Russia staysout of the war inreturn for 1/2 ofPolandHitlers triumphal entry intoDanzig, Poland 1939„Great Britain &France finallydeclare war onGermany
  31. 31. 31„1936Remilitarizationof Rhineland„1938 AustrianAnschluss andseizure ofSudatenland„1939 NaziSoviet Pact andinvasion ofPoland„1940 Invasionof Belgium,Netherlands,France, andBritainNazi Advancement 1936-1940
  32. 32. 32How Did Hitler Make War?Blitzkrieg “Lightning War”In the next year,Hitler invades:„Denmark„Norway„ The Netherlands,„FranceHitler in Paris
  33. 33. 33US AssistanceRoosevelt provided aid to theAllies: Lend-Lease - 1939•US “lent” war materialsto cash-strapped GreatBritainLondon Firefighter Tackles an Air RaidBlazeAtlantic Charter•US secretly meets withEngland to commit todefeating Germany
  34. 34. 34Meanwhile … in the Pacific Dec.7, 1941Pearl Harbor: “a date which will live ininfamy”USS Arizona Sinking in Pearl HarborWhat?„Surprise attack bythe Japanese onAmerican forces inPearl Harbor,HawaiiEffect?„US declares war onJapan & other Axispowers
  35. 35. US enters World War 2Why did the US enter World War 2?35
  36. 36. What about the Pacific War?The US (mostly) fought the Japanese.December 7, 1941 Japan bombed PearlHarbor in Hawaii to sink US ships there.Two hours = most US navy destroyed and2,000 sailors killedJapan surrenders after US dropsatomic bombs on Hiroshima andNagasaki.
  37. 37. How did WWII end in Europe?Operation Overlord- Allied invasionof France. Also called D-Day.Within a month 1 million Allied troopswere stationed in Europe.Germany is surrounded with the USSR tothe eastGermany surrenders in 1945 afterHitler commits suicide.
  38. 38. How did WWII end in Europe?Allies divide Germany up betweenthem.This helps start the Cold War.Trials are held in Germany (and Japan)to try the people responsible for thewar.Many are executed and jailed for warcrimes.
  39. 39. What was the Holocaust?Nazi plan to kill all Jews.Why? Hitler’s provided a toGermany’s problems6 million Jews murdered in campsin Europe.5 million others (gypsies, mentallyill, homosexuals)Total of 11 million exterminated