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I'M CARMEN: Carmen Mira Marketing & Communication Specialist Portfolio


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Carmen Mira: Marketing and Communication Specialist
Professional Portfolio 2018 with the most relevant experience and the latest projects. More information on the website:

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I'M CARMEN: Carmen Mira Marketing & Communication Specialist Portfolio

  1. 1. INNERGY /Marketing & Communication Specialist FREELANCE / Communication Consultant WRITER /Co-writer at blogs and magazines UNESCO / Marketing KUOMBO / Copywriter LLUMY / Marketing trainee COMMUNICATION AND PR 4 YEARS DEGREE (CEU) MARKETING 4 YEARS DEGREE (CEU) SEO / POSITIONING Online master degree (GADE) BUSINESS - The 7 habits of highly effective people COMMUNICATION - Brand ON/OFF INNOVATION- Create or die CREATIVITY - The purple cow / Guy Kawasaki SUSTAINABILITY - The WEF /EcoEmbes HUMAN RIGHTS - Oxfam intermon / UN Women COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Writing and speaking RARING TO LEARN - I need to keep my mind active ASSERTIVITY AND EMPATHY - Able to strive bonds CREATIVITY - Connect point and create is a fun play HELPING ATTITUDE - I like to be useful for other
  2. 2. Company name: INNERGY 2016 /2018 Title: Marketing and Communication Objectives: • Brand positioning in international markets • Increase brand awareness • Increase social engagement • Increase sales • Employee engagement What we do: • 15 international trade fairs in 2017/2018 • New web plus updated SEO content for 50 pages • Content strategy + 75 technical post • 1 Cover, 15 press articles in international magazines • 4 Corporate social resposibility projects • 10 Internal events • 1 Internal APP • 17 custom presentations for sales Integrate Marketing Campaign Content strategyMedia plan Digital content International trade shows SEO & SEM Internal events CSR Digital channels Sales Social Media
  3. 3. PR
  4. 4. Proyect name: OXYGEN 2017 Brand concept: Luxury Eco-Friendly Furniture We have created a new concept of luxury based on sustainability, design and handcraft. We put the focus on people child memory and encourage them to provide the same memory to their child by taking care of the environment. How? By choosing sustaina- ble pieces of furniture for their home, the place whe- re we all spend more time with our family, the place which is an expression of ourselves. Mission: Making people aware of the idea that resou- rces are finite, reason why we have to find a different way to set the value of “luxury”. Our handcrafted pieces are made following a sustainable process, from design and manufacturing to delivery. Campaign:Wedevelopedtheideaof“intra-luxury”, based on yourself, an intimate concept which provides a different vision of everything from inside out. Digital campaign: web, social media, content marketing. Public Relations: events, expositions, conferences. Branding and storytelling. An Innovative Idea Reuse Upcycle Organic FCS-Certified Nontoxic Recycle
  5. 5. Proyect name: FEMMEMMEF 2016 Brand Concept: “Fashion for all women”: Rewriting the fashion’s rules. FEMMEMMEF is a brand which develops fashion collections adapted to every woman, don’t care if you use a wheelchair o need help to up your zipper, there is a garment with an adapted way to make it easy to put on for you. Every design is made by disabled women. Mission: Democratizing fashion and break the standards, women have to be considered beautiful independently of their bodies, women are much more. Fashion is a way of personal expression not a vehicle of oppression. Campaign: A full media campaign focused on fashion- media. The aim is to broadcast the message through the cu- rrent media to tell our society that humans are different and beautiful. Influencer campaign. Creating a special t-shirt to collect money. A digital plan to spread the idea overseas and make our message alive and liquid. An Innovative Idea
  6. 6. Proyect name: NOMADAS 2017 / 2018 Brand concept: Social jewellery A designer handmade bracelets brand made by wo- men, whose products are genuine and personal. Every bracelet want to connect women as well as to promo- te sorority among women from different nationalities and social status. Mission: Empowering immigrants women. By providing to these immigrants women a job as arti- sans with fair wages, the brand is looking for their integration into the social, economic and political life on their new communities Campaign: Connecting with important business women and making an alliance with them. By working with the- se women as an influencers or brand ambassadors the brand is going to be able to spread their messa- ge among other business women and more people. The bracelet will be sold at women right conferences at the beginning until the budget is higher. An Innovative Idea
  7. 7. Company name: INNERGY Proyect name: LinkedIn 17/18 An activity with great results More than 65 updated profiles Engage our employees Increase our brand awareness among students A new website launched 2,818’6% more visits On first page on browser SEO First result SEM 74 employees profiles Content engagement 8% More than 2.000 followers 2.500 impression each
  8. 8. Proyect name: LEGO 2014 Objetive: Increase sales through adult market Full communication campaign Concept: BEEP, BEEP, BEEP It’s time to be aware of your fun time is important. no interruptions at work, no imterruptions at fun time. A Failed Activity Too much noise but less community: We waked up customer but we din’t promote loyalty “First 1st for three round but 5th at the last one”
  9. 9. Albert Einstein
  10. 10.