A Guide to the Best Diets of 2012


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A Guide to the Best Diets of 2012

  1. 1. ==== ====For more information please go tohttp://tinyurl.com/7jubn82==== ====Looking for the best diets? There are literally thousands of diets out there. Some of them work,some of them dont. Some will just waste your money and other - yikes - may even damage yourhealth. So how do you sift through your options and find the best one for you?Having reviewed different diet plans for years Ive noticed that the best diets have most or all ofthese 5 Key Factors. Keep these factors in mind when choosing your next diet and youreguaranteed to get results, slim down and have a body you love:#1 Fast ResultsA diet that gives you fast results - especially at the beginning - will inspire you to stick with it andkeep going. Most of us may not want to admit that we want to lose weight fast but theres nothingto be ashamed of in that. Its actually smart to want to get the most weight loss bang for your buck.While Im not advocating fad diets that say youll lose 50 pounds in a month, there are diets outthere that take off the pounds quickly - and safely.Seeing fast weight loss results (even if its water weight) is a great encouragement. Theresnothing more motivating than feeling your formally tight pants swimming loose around your middleor stepping on the scale and seeing youve dropped several pounds in a week. It will keep you onthe program and going strong.#2 Easy To FollowMost diets fail, not because of bland tasting food or sabotaging mothers. They fail because theydont mesh with your lifestyle. Theyre just not easy to follow For example, if youve got a busycareer, kids, a dog and a husband - you probably dont have time to try a diet that requires you tospend hours each day making special meals.If you love to run or do some other intense exercise, youre not going to feel well on an ultra-lowcarb diet since your muscles need the glucose for fuel. If you live for your morning Starbucksevery day, you wont appreciate a plan that involves cutting out caffeine. Examine your lifestyleand make the best diet program fit in with that - not the other way around.#3 Balanced and SafeWhile the best diet programs are fast and easy, they should still be healthy and balanced - with awide variety of foods to choose from. No cutting out entire food groups. No drastic calorie cuts (Imsorry but 400 calories a day is not healthy!). No crazy exercise routines. Forget it. Stick with dietplans that are also healthy and balanced. They give you a wide variety of foods and a balance of
  2. 2. proteins, carbs and fats.Make sure, for example, that they include enough protein so you wont start burning lean musclemass for energy (which often happens on an ultra-low-calorie diet). And a wide variety of natural,whole foods is also a good sign.Bottom line? Balance baby. If a diet doesnt sound healthy, it probably isnt - and you dont want totake chances with your health just to lose a few pounds.#4 Lets You Eat TreatsEvery good weight loss plan needs its treats - whether thats one cheat day a week, a smalldessert you love, a chocolate fix or even a glass of wine with dinner. You need your treats. Dietscan be a challenge. Just like you cant work for 12 hours straight, you also cant be in diet modefor days at a time. You need to take breaks and treat yourself so that you can get back on theweight loss train and keep riding.The best diet programs all allow for treats. Maybe youre a chocoholic so you want a small pieceevery day or maybe you need that glass of wine. Look for a program that appeals to your personaltreat preference.#5 Gives You SupportNo dieter is an island. Online or phone support can help you stick to the diet and reach your goalweight faster. Connecting with others or plotting your weight loss course can make losing weightboth fun and informative. While this isnt always a necessity - depending on your personality -many people like to have tools and/or support ready if they want to use it.For example, several diet programs will send you inspiring emails or recipes. They may have adiet forum where you can ask questions. Or maybe theres a phone line that you can call if youhave questions or need some motivation. Having support is a great way to keep you on theprogram and pushing towards your goal - and you may even meet some great friends along theway!So those are 5 key factors when choosing the best diet program for you. Losing weight is a greatway to stay healthy and happy. Use these 5 factors when choosing your diet and youll lose weightfaster without wasting your money!Kate Fox writes for Best Diets Revealed a site grading and rating all the best diets on the market.For a list of diets that fulfill most or all of the above 5 criteria visit Best Weight Loss DietArticle Source:
  3. 3. http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kate_Fox==== ====For more information please go tohttp://tinyurl.com/7jubn82==== ====