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Lindsey carlson


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Lindsey carlson

  1. 1. LindseyCarlson
  2. 2. Workforce PreparationBasic Computer SkillsWord ProcessingExcel spreadsheetsInternet 12345678
  3. 3. Technology helps students be successful at competitions.12345678
  4. 4. How can technologyimprove our students? Higher Order Thinking Problem Solving Skills Strategies Information  Organize research information Comparing and  Computer contrasting programs Synthesizing  Collaboration Analyzing 12345678 Evaluating
  5. 5. Engage students Students are excited to participate Interpret the lesson as fun, therefore retain the information better Students explore concepts they never experienced before 12345678
  6. 6. Technology Available Software Hardware Inspiration  Interwrite boards Geometer’s  Interwrite Personal Sketchpad Response Systems TI Smartview  Avervision Microsoft products  Laptop computers 12345678
  7. 7. Student Success The number one reason for integrating technology into the classroom is to improve student learning. Studies show across the board that technology improves standardized test scores for students. 12345678
  8. 8.  12345678