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Company introduction


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Introduction to the services provided by Allied Pipefreezing Services Ltd

Published in: Business
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Company introduction

  1. 1. Company Introduction
  2. 2. Introduction • Who Are We? • Why are we here? • What do we want to achieve this morning?
  3. 3. What Core services do we Offer? • PipeFreezing • Under Pressure Drilling (Hot Tapping) • LineStopping / ByPassing • One Stop Shop
  4. 4. PipeFreezing
  5. 5. Under Pressure Drilling (Hot Tapping)
  6. 6. LineStopping / ByPassing
  7. 7. Problem • Site with dead legs needs to remove them due to leginoella concerns but without draining down. • How did we solve this issue?
  8. 8. Problem • Utility provider has to insert Statiflow mixers into 3km length 450mm water main. • How did we solve this issue?
  9. 9. Problem • Major events venue required additional chillers to create ice rink • How did we solve this issue?
  10. 10. Some of Our Clients
  11. 11. Accreditations & Registrations
  12. 12. Your Current Challenge • Does anybody have a current problem/project they would like to discuss?
  13. 13. Thank you for your time Please call Garth or Carl for a free review of any challenges you may face!