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Introduction to Tech4Humans


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An introduction to the multimedia project Tech4Humans. Here you will find information about the content, format, mission and vission of this project.

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Introduction to Tech4Humans

  1. 1. Welcome About Tech4Humans Tech4Humans is a global journey of searching for the meaning of social innovation from the people driving it forward.
  2. 2. Hi there! About me CARLOTA CALDERÓN I’m Carlota Calderon, Founder and Content Creator of Tech4Humans. Before starting this journey, I was working in London, first as an editor for Skype, then and as a digital marketing strategist for a variety of tech startups. My role involved making highly complex, technology topics accessible to different audiences who were mostly online. Before coming into this sort of role I was a journalist, and I focused on social issues especially those arising from austerity policies in the UK and in Spain. In August 2017, I decided to start Tech4Humans to combine my commitment to social issues, my passion for journalism, and my expertise in tech communications into a multimedia project I’ve called Tech4Humans.
  3. 3. What is... “Social innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals. ” Social innovation? Stanford Social Innovation Review
  4. 4. Why... I believe the time for social innovation is NOW 01 The problem: Systemic crises and lack of impact from traditional actors 02 The potential: Disruptive technology, hyperconnectivity and collaboration tools 03 The solution: New financial instruments & business models for social entrepreneurs Am I doing this?
  5. 5. A multimedia project What is... Tech4Humans? Tech4Humans is a journalistic, multi-media project. Here you will find interviews with visionaries, pioneers and people like yourself who want to make the world a better place and believe social innovation is the right vehicle to achieve their means. I’m starting this journey alone with the intention to grow Tech4Humans into a community of storytellers passionate about spreading the positive message of social innovation. 01 Built from interviews 02 Set to grow organically 03
  6. 6. What are... Your objectives? Objectives By sharing the stories of visionaries, pioneers and members of our communities, I want us to better understand three things: 01 What are social innovations? 02 03 What drives them forward & sustains them over time? What is the role of tech in all this?
  7. 7. Who... Will we interview? Who are they? Academics, researchers and policy-makers analysing the challenges and the opportunities around social innovation and proposing new models that foster civic participation in social change. 01 What conditions are needed for social innovations to emerge? 03 What experiments are working? 04 How do we ensure technology breakthroughs create value for society as a whole? 02 How can we guarantee the viability of social innovations? VISIONARIES What will you ask them?
  8. 8. Who... Will we interview? Who are they? Impact investors, social entrepreneurs, technicians, solution-architects, designers, communicators, makers, and other socially-minded risk-takers experimenting with new ventures that pursue social good and financial sustainability. 01 What social challenge are you trying to solve, and why? 03 What social impact do you pursue and how will you measure it? 04 What conditions do you need to become sustainable? 02 What is the role of technology in your solution? PIONEERS What will you ask them?
  9. 9. Who... Will we interview? Who are they? Members of our communities whose lives have been transformed by social ventures and whose stories are a testament to the impact of social innovations. 01 How was your life before you came across this social innovation solution? 03 What is your life like now? 04 What’s next for you and for your community, and what do you need to make it happen? 02 How did you come across it? PEOPLE What will you ask them?
  10. 10. What is... Your mission? MISSION My mission is that these stories inspire you to join the movement of digitally skilled people with a social purpose. I want everyone to know that whatever their skills are, whatever social challenges they want to solve, there are means to achieve their goals, communities to support them and lasting social impact to make. I also want to use this opportunity to connect you with visionaries, pioneers and other people like yourself so that you are able to find your own network, share knowledge and improve the social reality. Finally, I want you to take action, so that together we create the best version possible of our world. 01To inspire 02 03 To connect To drive action
  11. 11. What is... Your vision? My grand vision for Tech4Humans is to grow it into a community of storytellers spreading the positive message of social innovation and thus driving social change.
  12. 12. Join me... In this journey! If you want to join me in any way during this trip, ask questions or simply say hi, email me at Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram not to miss an update @CoolBotOnEarth And check my whereabouts on SwarmApp Carlota Calderon
  13. 13. ¡GRACIAS! @CoolBotOnEarth