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  1. 1. 6943 Red Cedar Brownsville, TX 78526 Phone: 956-525-0775 Specialties Promoting a Safe Culture. Pipeline Integrity Gas Control DCVG/CIS Measurement Maximo/ERP Engineering Tools Microsoft office applications NACE MS Project DCVG/CIS Maximo Advantica Flow-Cal Carlos Zamora Manager and Leader in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry  Manager/Supervisor with more than eleven years of experience in the management for Natural Gas Pipeline projects. Professional Experience TEXAS GAS SERVICE COMPANY; STATEWIDE,TX Manager Cathodic Protection, 1/13 to Present  Responsible for development, forecast and management for Capital and O&M Budget for Cathodic Protection Statewide. Managed O&M and Capital budget for the State of Texas of approx. 7 million per year.  Responsible for safety, training, development and motivation for twenty CP Technicians and three CP Supervisors.  Responsible for managing daily tasks and job orders for company approved contractors  Responsibly for responding to T RRC and internal audits findings and ensuring that correction actions are implemented.  Experienced researching, identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing operational problems or situations and determining appropriate action/response.  Experienced researching and preparing project material and design specifications, contracts, agreements, budgets, and various reports, forms, and correspondence. TEXAS GAS SERVICE A DIVISION OF ONEOK; HARLINGEN, TX Supervisor System Protection 11/10 to 1/13  Managed all field aspects of the PC& M for distribution and transmissions systems. Approximately 315 miles of transmission and 2000 miles of distribution. These included ensuing all annual inspections for relief, valves, regulators and meters where inspected in an annual basis.  Responsible for daily operations in Cathodic Protection, Leak Survey and Excavation Monitoring.  Coordinated DCVG/CIS projects prior to hydro tests and also reviewed the DCVG/CIS data for possible Dig up Recommendations.  Managed O&M and Capital Budget of approx. $ 2 million per year.  Prepared Gas Control MOC for blow downs on a particular pipe.  Represent TGS with the RRC during State audits for the System Protection department.  Coordinated with internal and external departments on special projects like meter, valve and regulator replacements.  Demonstrated ability to supervise, direct, and/or delegate work assignments. Knowledge of personnel policies and procedures.  Experienced developing information and making presentations to groups and individuals on safety topics and company procedures.
  2. 2. TEXAS GAS SERVICE A DIVISION OF ONEOK; HARLINGEN, TX Measurement Analyst, 08/04 to 11/10  Analyze measurement system process and initiate any necessary improvements for processing volumetric data, increasing customer satisfaction, and/or reducing costs. Coordinate activitiesas needed to complete improvements.  Publish reports from different data sources for internal analysis and continuous process improvement.  Assure that data has been entered into measurement system accurately from field activities and from third-party measurement. Provide support for audits to assure compliance with Gas Information System Board (GISB) regulations.  Respond to and resolve questions from customers, regulatory agencies, third party integrators, auditors, employees, and others regarding various measurement activities, such as transmission of data and volumetric reports, in a timely and accurate manner.  Perform gain/loss balance reports on different pipeline and distribution segments.  Investigate and resolve gain/loss balance anomalies on the transmission and distribution system. RICH SEA PACK; Brownsville, TX Purchasing, 07/03 to 08/04  Responsible for purchasing tools and equipment for a food processing plant.  Responsible for establishing relationships and communications with vendors.  Managed and Purchase Order system for a food processing Company. Education TEXAS UTB, Brownsville, TX Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Workforce Management 2010 TSTC, Harlingen TX A.A.S Electro Mechanical Technology 2003 Awards Professional Recognition: NACE CP1 Certification 2013 Guest Speaker at the TGA conference in 2015 in Galveston and San Marcos Texas, topic in Atmospheric Corrosion. LinkedIn Carlos Zamora

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