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User derived videos in opencast. a first draft from upv


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A lightning talk about two use cases in Opencast. Creating a new video from a "parent" one and splitting a video in multiple ones for conference recordings

Published in: Education
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User derived videos in opencast. a first draft from upv

  1. 1. User derived videos in Opencast. A first draft from UPV Carlos Turró @TurroCarlos Universitat Politècnica de València
  2. 2. Objective ● We had some requirements regarding from teachers, and we solve it somehow ● Present our draft solution and get feedback ● Revise our thoughts 
  3. 3. Soft trimming ● Videos get published as soon as posible ● Teachers can trim and cut afterwards at any time ● Trimming and cutting is not destructive ● Data is stored in the Opencast annotation service (old, deprecated) Paella-editor (
  4. 4. Requested Use cases ● Highlights: As a teacher I want to have a new video holding only selected parts of the video (with the same ACL as the parent) ● Conference: As a teacher I want to have a set of new videos with selected parts of the video (with the same ACL as the parent)
  5. 5. Workflow ● Once the teacher finish to edit the new video ○ Push the button “Send” ● Data for the derived videos is saved in the annotation service
  6. 6. Workflow (2) ● A new Media Package need to be created for the new video but the editor can’t do that ○ The editor runs on the presentation node ○ Current logger user has no ROLES to enter the editor or create new MP ● A custom script check for new annotations for videos (cron script) ● This script creates a new MP and upload it to opencast for processing/distribute ○ Ffmpeg cutting the video ○ Planning to move to smil file, as per UCT advice
  7. 7. Conclusions ● Our teachers can make Highlights and Conference video exports ● A good workflow Teachers happy -> My Boss happy -> Me happy ● Not fully happy, because is sort of a ugly hack ○ Hoping to integrate the process into Opencast
  8. 8. Thanks! Questions? @TurroCarlos
  9. 9. Extra Slides Just in case Internet is not working ;-)
  10. 10. Editor button
  11. 11. The editor! 1 2 3
  12. 12. Derived videos tool
  13. 13. Derived videos tool