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Paella player and Opencast


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Paella Player talk in the Opencast Summit 2018 in Vienna

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Paella player and Opencast

  1. 1. Paella Player and Opencast: Status, Features and Roadmap Carlos Turró @TurroCarlos Universitat Politècnica de València
  2. 2. Paella Player andOpencast: February 14, 2018 Valentine’s day
  3. 3. Paella Player • Opencast video player • Dual video • Media packages (slides, multiple language captions, other content) • Standalone video player • Legacy/Non-Opencast video player + Media packages • Compatible look and feel for end-users • Live Streaming video player • Dual live video streaming • Multiple transport protocol (HTML5, RTMP, MPEG-Dash, HLS) • Easy customization and localization • ECL, source code in Github
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Agenda • Updates and features of Paella Player • Opencast integration
  6. 6. Updates and features
  7. 7. New stable features • Moving from 5.0 to 5.2.11 (… and 5.3 soon) • Multiple video in iOS update • Configuration option to revert to the old system for slower iOS • New style. Moving from images to a Font • Multiple audio-only sources management • Use 16/9 aspect ratio as default for audio-only sources • Zoom plugin
  8. 8. New recent features • New plugin: Usertracking xAPI plugin (@dpeite) • New plugin: Usertracking Piwik plugin • Some work in the captions plugin (more work in accesibility needed!) • New plugin registration system for 5.3 • Automatic zoom using track4k • Pull request to track4K to export a .json file belmar-multiresolution
  9. 9. HLS is our recommendation for streaming • Improvements and bug fixes in HLS. • HLS streams in Safari for macOS now uses the native hls player. • HLS streams limited to one simultaneous stream on iOS, to prevent memory problems on old iOS devices (configuration tag) • MPEG-DASH not working in Apple devices • File-based Multiple quality support problematic
  10. 10. Paella & Electron • Electron is a a library to build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS • Paella 5.3 runs with electron electron <paella root folder>main.js • It could be a self contaned file with an installer
  11. 11. Use cases • Easier Debugging • Offline player
  12. 12. Opencast and Paella
  13. 13. Strategic direction • As today, Theodul won’t be developed further • Paella will try to fill Theodul’s place in the OC ecosystem • Focus in Opencast integration • Provide a stable environment for OC adopters • Provide features from Theodul • Community development & Issues management
  14. 14. Paella Team
  15. 15. Paella & Opencast up to OC 4.X • Two Github Projects • Paella: A standalone dual stream player • Paella-opencast: Bindings & plugins for using paella in Opencast • Instalation process • Clone paella-opencast • Configure paella-opencast • Compile • Drop the .jar bundle
  16. 16. Paella and Opencast 5.0 • License change to ECL • Opencast-paella disappears and added to the OC codebase • Paella 5.3 release • One configuration file per tenant (/etc/paella/<tenant>/config.json) • Update to the plugin API in the line of allowing external plugins • Working towards (like theodul) • Core in a bundle (will be paired with paella-standalone) • Plugins in different bundles • Use OC configuration files
  17. 17. Update in the Plugin system (only for devs) • Only if you have your own plugins and from 5.3 on • Using this method, it was very difficult to control the plugins life cycle, because Paella Player don’t know when the plugin is instantiated. • To improve the life cycle control, from Paella Player 5.3, the plugins are instantiated using a function that receive a closure as parameter • You will have to (slightly) update your plugins • el_doc/
  18. 18. Issues management • Error in Opencast bindings should be reported in Opencast • We are going to close paella-opencast • Issues for the paella core should be in the paella core site • We will move issues between sites and reference both • Paella team is dealing with the extra workload
  19. 19. Community development • We want to support community development of Paella • So we look for: • Freezing APIs • Having a clear(er) Roadmap • Supporting bugfixing • So, if you are looking to develop something in/for Paella • Please do so • If you want, we can chat about the best internals of paella for your use case • Make a pull request
  20. 20. Paella 6 (and beyond) Roadmap • Opencast integration features • Working towards N-streams • Disable a stream when not used • Updated StreamManager class in the video container • Better profile management • Low-hanging fruits • Language code from 2 to 4 letters (en -> en_us) • Refactor for accesibility • Specific projects (upon request)
  21. 21. @TurroCarlos Questions? Thanks!